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    Aug 2005
    sino next?

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    Oct 2002
    2slow... on the clock!

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    Oct 2002
    Mukang di ako abot tonight ah!

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    Jan 2005
    go go go!

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    Dec 2003
    ambagal...kala ko makakapick uli ako tonight :crying:

    sana available pa si RJ n Kaman

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    Jan 2005
    si commish na pala up next.

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    Dec 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by pajerokid View Post
    It's soooo unbelievable that Carmelo got picked in the THIRD round!!! Lahat ng sites list him as a solid first rounder. If only LBJ were a GF, i'd have gotten Melo!

    i looked really hard * melo, but i already had dirk and vc (similar type players as melo), so i went for more defense, which is probably a reach. swerte ni ungas, pick of the draft na siguro yan.

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    :gayfight: men on the clock! gogogo!

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    I don't think Melo is first round material, his offensive stats are great, but he lacks in the defensive stats to put him in the 1st round. It boils down to your needs.

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    Oct 2002
    Here's my unsolicited analysis of your league's Round 1 & 2 picks.

    Picks 1-6: These are no-brainers really... depends on who you want to build your team around.

    Pick 7: Wade, this year's ultimate high-risk high-reward player. Though personally, I see him coming back strong after his injury.

    Pick 8: Nash, a bit of a stretch really. Though the price to pay for one of Phoenix's Big 3 is currenty very high.

    Pick 9: Amare, another overpriced Suns player. Though with the absence of Elton Brand, you don't have much of a choice though there are still slightly better players out there.

    Pick 10: Gasol, the slightly better player that I'm talking about. He'll be huge this year with the addition of Conley & Navarro.

    Pick 11: Yao Ming, a bit early in my opinion. His missed games over the past two years are very worrying and isn't surprising for a 7'6" player.

    Pick 12: Pierce, the biggest reach for this round. He's not the first option anymore and he's also coming back from injury. Though hopefully he'll have a better %s and lower TOs.


    Pick 13: Duncan, a solid pick considering that he did post remarkable numbers last year despite his age & lingering injury.

    Pick 14: Kidd, a little too early though the allure of triple doubles all year long is very tempting. Pairing up with Yao offsets his fg% weakness.

    Pick 15: Josh Smith, I love this pick! Moreso the Gasol pairing!

    Pick 16: CP3, solid pick. Compliments Amare's lack of assists.

    Pick 17: Camby, a bit too early. I'm not optimistic that he'll be able to post 70 games this year.

    Pick 18: Dwight Howard, good combo with Wade. Forget about TOs!

    Pick 19: Bosh, another solid pick. That p.s. injury is just for show for him to skip the FIBAs and rest his foot some more. Book him for another 20/10 season.

    Pick 20: Iguodala, nice pairing with Shawn Marion. Would love them both in my team. Though if not for the earlier Marion pick, this would have been a reach.

    Pick 21: Vince Carter, a good pick though his declining defensive stats are a concern.

    Pick 22: Boozer, too early really but good combo with Kobe.

    Pick 23: Deron, wow... 2nd round? I'd say he's the biggest reach for this round.

    Pick 24: Jermaine O'Neal, IMO - might be too early given his health issues.

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