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    Nov 2002
    soya has really a lot of benefits, and taho taken moderately, even daily, like half a cup a day has a lot of good thing that could do to our body, however be wary of it if you have and elevated uric acid level, reduce the amount of sugar as well.

    i just learn from someone that the uric acid content of soya basically centers on the husk, so request for a husked soya instead,prior to processing, this will also hold true to bean products as well, like sitaw, monggo,im not sure if this is a fact or not...

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    Mar 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by ownertype View Post
    I remember before yung issue sa taho na meron plaster of paris siya. Totoo ba to?

    I'm afraid there is some truth to this. They mix in a little to keep the Taho from disintegrating. Napakaselan kasi ng Taho. Mayugyog lang ang lata, durog kagad laman... Some Taho stores use gelatin to keep the Taho's form, which is much better. You'll notice that their texture is a lot different from that ones that are "lako".

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    Nov 2002
    is it really plaster of paris they are using??? o think its an additive or a reacting agent for the boiled soya to coagulate.

    sure ako sa buko juice na nilalako sa tabi tabi, they put in ice, sugar, real coconut water, and liwayway gawgaw<this will add color and the tatste wont differ much, this is cheaper than the buko flavoring, just a little amount will do, try it,put a little liwayway gawgaw on a glass of water add sugar and ice, the water will be partially cloudy, the add some real buko water, the taste wont really differ, i got this from the vendor way back in high school, i think they are still using that technique till now

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    Jan 2006
    Quote Originally Posted by NazQ View Post
    hmmm... side effect ng taho sakin:


    lol, sobrang violent pala effect ng taho sa 'yo, hehehe

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    Nov 2002
    Ako naman walang sago and extra spoon of arnibal. Heck, you're gonna torture yourself without the sweet thing. It's a matter of balancing your physical and mental health. Palayo ka nga sa diabetes, masisiraan ka naman ng bait.

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    Jan 2006

    quite ADDICTIVE!!!...

    ...masarap kasi!!! (advertisement daw, hehe!) basta kung saan kasi ako nakakakita na naglalako umaga, hapon, gabe,.. talagang bibili ako, hehe! Less arnibal para di saket sa lalamunan!

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    Dec 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by uls View Post
    soy has phytoestrogen. estrogen is the female hormone.

    In males, estrogen intake can lower testosterone level.

    That's why soy protein is not the protein of choice of body builders. whey protein is.

    That's why soy milk is more recommended for females than males.

    Delikado ito ha? Baka tubuan ng (.) (.) ang palaging umiinom ng taho......

    Pero okay ba ito para hindi maging super-active ang iyong testosterone production?


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    Oct 2003
    does anyone know how sidewalk taho is made? like what the process is?

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    Oct 2002
    Hmmm... buti na lang 2x a week lang ako mag taho.

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    Oct 2002
    how about replacing the arnibal with tabasco??

    miss ko na ang taho

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