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    Dec 2007
    It's NCC all over again! :clap:

    I hope Toroman wakes up the tiger in each Filipino coach, so that we can regain our former basketball glory.

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    Oct 2002
    if the PBA board will not allow Aguilar and Giles to play with the Smart Gilas team in the PBA, I hope mag back out na lang ang Gilas at huwag na sumali sa PBA, punta na lang sila sa abroad at mas marami silang ma gain na experience doon.

    wala naman silang mapapala diyan sa PBA, contagious ang mga sakit ng PBA players baka mahawa pa mga national players natin na maging tamad at puro pa cute lang. then PBA rules pa ang gagamitin.

    bayaan na lang nila yun PBA na maiwan sa own small world nila na feeling nila sila pa rin ang best in Asia.

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    Nov 2008
    Quote Originally Posted by shadow View Post
    if the PBA board will not allow Aguilar and Giles to play with the Smart Gilas team in the PBA, I hope mag back out na lang ang Gilas at huwag na sumali sa PBA, punta na lang sila sa abroad at mas marami silang ma gain na experience doon.
    I think I already read this in the news. Na baka mag-backout na lang ang Gilas dun sa PBA.

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    Oct 2002
    Quote Originally Posted by james00112233 View Post
    I think I already read this in the news. Na baka mag-backout na lang ang Gilas dun sa PBA.
    can you post any link? I say very, very good move for them.

    bayaan na nila yun PBA, walang kwenta yan pang entertainment lang natin mga players.

    kalokohan yun sinasabi nila ng PBA na they support yun national team, kung hinde nila papayagan mag laro si Giles and Aguilar, eh para ano pa na sumali ang Gilas sa PBA kung kulnag din sila...

    f*ck the PBA and especially Lito alvarez of Burger king.

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    Nov 2008
    Quote Originally Posted by shadow View Post
    can you post any link? I say very, very good move for them.

    bayaan na nila yun PBA, walang kwenta yan pang entertainment lang natin mga players.
    here's what I read from

    [SIZE=4]Top pick Aguilar may end up with no team[/SIZE]

    09/24/2009 | 11:15 PM

    Controversial Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) rookie pick Japeth Aguilar may end up empty handed if ever he won’t come to terms with Burger King, the team which tabbed him as the top pick in last month’s draft.

    PBA chairman and Burger King team manager Lito Alvarez explained why.

    “We had an agreement with (the Samahang Basketbol ng Pilipinas) that they won’t give a contract offer to Japeth unless he has settled his issue with us," said Alvarez in a recent interview by GMANews.TV.

    “Actually, maski nga walang sanction na ibigay ang PBA kay Japeth hindi pa rin siya makakapaglaro sa Smart Gilas based on our agreement with SBP. If ever he won’t come to terms with us, wala siyang malalaruan."

    The PBA board has come up with a decision recently of barring the former Western Kentucky University player from suiting up with Smart Gilas in the PBA if he failed to reach an agreement with the Whopper.

    But Ricky Vargas, Talk N Text’s board representative to the PBA and SBP vice chairman, didn’t agree with the decision. He believes that as guest squad in the pro league, they should be given authority on choosing the players they want to field in.

    “The SBP should decide whether it still wants to play or not if the PBA continues to dictates to them who should play. Japeth is not the issue here. In fact, he is not yet a member of the team," said Vargas in a text message.

    Vargas urged the PBA to talk to the SBP privately to finally settle the issue.

    But a highly-placed source from the league told GMANews.TV that Smart Gilas is now contemplating whether to join the PBA as guest team in the Philippine Cup or concentrate on its series of lined up foreign tournaments.

    “Reading between the lines, malamang hindi na sila sumali if ever hindi palaruin si Japeth sa Smart Gilas," said the source who requested anonymity.

    Vargas also clarified that the 6-foot-9 Aguilar, who also saw action for the Powerade-Pilipinas men’s basketball team in the FIBA Asia Championship and the William Jones Cup, is not yet an official member of the Smart Gilas team.

    Alvarez and SBP head Manny V. Pangilinan, who also supports the Smart Gilas developmental team and the Talk N Text Tropang Texters in the PBA, are still in the middle of discussions to settle the Aguilar issue. – GMANews.TV

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    Nov 2008
    pero parang bumaliktad ang SBP ngayon....

    [SIZE=4]Alvarez wants SBP intervention to end BK-Aguilar deadlock[/SIZE]

    10/07/2009 | 10:43 PM

    Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) chairman Lito Alvarez is not losing hope in having Japeth Aguilar suit up for Burger King with only four days to go before the opening of the league’s 35th season.

    Alvarez said he believes the best solution to end this row is for the Samahang Basketol ng Pilipnas (SBP), led by Manny V. Pangilinan, to intervene and advice Aguilar to finally sign with the Whopper in order for him to play for Smart Gilas as well.

    Alvarez said SBP executive director Noli Eala sent a text message assuring that the SBP is the PBA’s ally and will support the league all the way.

    “Noli texted me and said kakampi niyo kami, so I am banking on his word that SBP won’t offer anything to Japeth unless he resolves the issue with Burger King," said Alvarez.

    Aguilar is Burger King’s controversial top overall pick in the last PBA rookie draft but decided to back out to pursue a career with Smart Gilas under Serbian coach Rajko Toroman.

    This delicate issue between Burger King and the former Western Kentucky University player is yet to be resolved with the season-opening Philippine Cup ready to open on Sunday, Oct. 11.

    But what surprised everyone during the league’s 35th season launching was the fact that Aguilar’s name was included in the roster of Smart Gilas, which will play as a guest team in the PBA, but the controversy added another twist when video clips of the 6-foot-9 cager from the draft and his stints in the Powerade-Pilipinas team as well as his highlight plays were deleted during the presentation.

    “I was surprised when I saw Aguilar’s name in the line up of Smart Gilas even though Burger King and the (SBP) are still discussing the issue," said Alvarez.

    Whether the young cager would come to terms with Burger King and pursue his PBA career, which would also allow him to play for Smart Gilas, or stick with the SBP-backed squad and face a stiff sanction from turning his back from the pro league remains to be seen.

    Alvarez said the best of both worlds, which Burger King offered, remains on the table and he has discussed that with Aguilar’s parents. - GMANews.TV

    “I had the opportunity of talking to the parents of Japeth and told them that why would Japeth pass up the opportunity of earning P60-million in his basketball career in the Philippines while playing both for Burger King and Smart Gilas?," Alvarez said. “It’s either double or nothing that’s his only choice."

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    Nov 2008
    dapat lang na ang Gilas ang maglaro sa Asian basketball tournament dahil wala naman kwenta yung PBA. Nagmayabang pa ang PBA na pagbibigyan daw ang Gilas. Mahangin talaga ang PBA.

    [SIZE=4]PBA to give way to Smart Gilas in Asian cage meets[/SIZE]

    10/08/2009 | 08:28 PM

    Enough of the old pick-up-system habit, it’s time for a more concrete program for the national basketball team to major Asian basketball tournaments.

    The Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) is now mulling the possibility of ceasing to send an all-pro squad to continental competitions and instead give way to a team assembled for the long-term such as Smart Gilas.

    “After the benefit game between (the all-pro) Powerade-Pilipinas and Smart Gilas, I was walking to the exit area going to the dugout along with Mr. Manny V. Pangilinan and I told him my thoughts about the game," PBA commissioner Sonny Barrios said during the launch of the league’s 35th season.

    "The game showed only one important thing -- that long term preparation is indeed much better than the pickup system of star players (from the PBA)," Barrios added.

    The Smart Gilas squad of Serbian coach Rajko Toroman whipped the unprepared and short-handed Powerade-Pilipinas five of Yeng Guiao, 98-69, in their benefit game Monday night.

    For Barrios, the game was a reality check that a pool of talents committed to play together for the long haul, and one that enjoys sufficient funding and training, is the ideal representive to the Asian Games and the FIBA Asia championship than a selection of PBA stars with crammed training.

    The PBA has been actively involved in the creation of the RP cage squad since 1990, when former senator Robert Jaworski's crew brought home a silver medal in the Beijing Asian Games.

    Ironically, it was the best-ever finish for an all-pro squad since the country started sending players in the elite tournaments nearly two decades ago. The 1994 squad coached by Norman Black finished only fourth in the Hiroshima Asiad, the Centennial Team of coach Tim Cone placed third in Thailand and the 2002 quintet of Jong Uichico in Busan was only good for fourth.

    Worse, when the PBA set its sights on the Olympic and World Basketball qualifying tournaments, the RP 5 fumbled against powerhouse nations in the region with coach Chot Reyes’ RP five placing only ninth in Tokushima two years ago and Guiao’s wards finishing eighth in Tianjin only recently.

    Under a memorandum of agreement between the PBA and the Samahang Basketbol ng Pilipinas, the local governing body for basketball, the pro league is tasked to handle the country’s campaign in the Asian Games and FIBA Asia tilt.

    But with Smart Gilas - an assembly of the brightest amateur stars bound to stay together for three years leading to the 2012 Olympics – already set up, the PBA feels it’s time to pass the baton to this pool.

    PBA chairman Lito Alvarez said several board members have already suggested an “exit plan" for the pro loop.

    Dati kasi may transition period pa ang BAP-SBP (early years of the national sports association for basketball). But since meron ng programa, it’s about time the PBA should think about the exit plan and let the SBP take care of forming up an RP squad which will train and play together for a long period of time. And I think Smart Gilas will be capable of representing the country," said Alvarez.

    Smart Gilas is also set to play as a guest team in the coming PBA season as part of its long-term preparations for the big task ahead. - GMANews.TV

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    Pumirma na si Japeth sa BK. Pero for one year lang.

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    Oct 2002
    yup! but I think na plan is Aguilar will play for a couple of games sa BK then will be traded to TnT then play for a couple of games then eventually he will be release to the Smart Gilas

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    mukhang malaki laki ang perang involve dyan kaya biglang napapirma sa BK.. tsk tsk tsk

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