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    Sep 2005
    i think for delicadeza.. dapat mag resign na lang sya..

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    Mar 2006
    Quote Originally Posted by BoEinG_747 View Post
    pare ,sina Telan (A21) ,Yeo(Coke) at Sharma( Red Bull ) pa wala sa TnT Phonepals
    o nga noh. nakalimutan ko na sila

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    Oct 2002
    pba knows this... candidate pa lang sya as commisioner,,

    binalikan nga nya inquirer na nag print ng balita...

    syempre that time backer nya redbull, tapos ng maging commisioner, panay konsumisyon ang inabot ng redbull, eh next PBA president of governors redbull yata, sibak sya...

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    Mar 2006
    ^ang tanong dyan kung magtatagal pa ang redbull sa pba bro. ang balita ko kasi ay isa sila sa dalawang team na ini-aalok ang franchise nila sa harbour centre. of course, hindi po iyan confirmed pero baka may katotohanan din kung titiningnan mo iyong mga mind blowing player movements nila lately.
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    Sep 2005
    Board meets on Eala case
    By Abac Cordero
    Monday, August 6, 2007

    The PBA ethics committee headed by Rene Pardo yesterday tackled the disbarment issue involving league commissioner Noli Eala and decided to elevate the matter to the board of governors.

    “It’s a major issue. And we have all agreed to discuss it again next week,” said Pardo after the meeting which came four days after the Supreme Court disbarred Eala for adultery.

    Eala, who is scheduled to arrive today from Japan with the members of the Philippine team that competed in the FIBA Asia Championship, has not made any comments regarding the issue.

    There were talks, however, that some members of the PBA board are calling for his ouster. But even Pardo, of Purefoods, cannot confirm if there are indeed such calls.

    “The ethics committee, and the members of the executive committee, have agreed to endorse the matter to the main board of governors so that they can sit down and address the issue,” said Pardo.

    Also in the meeting that lasted more than two hours were chairman Ricky Vargas of Talk n Text, Tony Chua of Red Bull, Joaqui Trillo of Alaska, Ely Capacio of Purefoods and Mamerto Mondragon of Welcoat.

    Pardo said Eala will be invited to attend the board meeting scheduled this week.

    “The commissioner will be invited. There will be due process, and he will be given his day in court,” said Pardo of Eala, who became commissioner at the end of 2002.

    As the board looked for a replacement for then commissioner Jun Bernardino, the adultery case that was filed against Eala came up, but didn’t have any effect in his selection.

    Pardo said that despite the lengthy discussion, those who attended yesterday’s meeting were not really sure about the full repercussions of the commissioner’s disbarment by the Supreme Court.

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    Sep 2005
    nag resign na daw si Eala as of 3pm today.. sino kaya ipapalit?

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    May 2004
    Quote Originally Posted by Dvorak View Post
    nag resign na daw si Eala as of 3pm today.. sino kaya ipapalit?
    woaaa. mukang guilty.

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    Nov 2002
    yup nag resign na nga. napanuod ko sa news...

    regarding redbull palagay ko paalis na din sila sa pba kasi puro paluge sila sa mga trade nila lately

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    Sep 2005
    Noli Eala quits as PBA commissioner
    08/07/2007 | 05:09 PM

    Noli Eala has resigned from his post as commissioner of the Philippine Basketball Association, barely a week after the Supreme Court disbarred him for having had ***ual relations with a married woman, according to report aired by DZMM on Tuesday.

    Player agent Danny Espiritu, a friend of Eala's, said he was saddened on learning of Eala's resignation. But in a live phone interview aired on Tuesday over PTV's Teledyaryo, he admired Eala's voluntary resignation.

    "That's the best move... rather than waiting for the [PBA] board of governors to decide his fate," Espiritu said.

    Last August 1, the Supreme Court disbarred Eala whom it found to have "immorally" maintained ***ual relations with a married woman.

    In a nine-page per curiam decision, the high tribunal set aside a resolution of the Integrated Bar of the Philippines board of governors dismissing a disbament case against Eala.

    Instead, magistrates found that Eala, a married man himself, "showed disrespect for an institution held sacred by the law" and "betrayed his unfitness to be a lawyer."

    Eala admitted having a relationship with Irene Moje, then the wife of complainant Joselano Guevarra, but had insisted that it was "low profile and known only to members of their respective families."

    He also admitted personal knowledge about the certificate of live birth of his daughter with Moje.

    The SC ruled that it was "sufficiently prove[n] that there was indeed an illicit relationship between respondent and Irene which resulted in the birth of the child."

    It noted that Eala never denied having an adulterous relationship with Moje. What Eala only said, the SC said, was that he never flaunted their affair.

    "Without doubt, the adulterous relationship between respondent and Irene has been sufficiently proven by more than clearly preponderant evidence," the high bench said. - GMANews.TV

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    Oct 2002
    ano kaya masasabi ng mga basketball officials natin? hehehe

    Why not an Olympic gold in soccer?

    Last updated 02:11am (Mla time) 08/08/2007
    I watched with sadness as the Philippine basketball team lost to Jordan in the Fiba-Asia qualifying tournament held in Japan, thereby putting an end to our chances of making it to Olympics 2008. No offense meant to the players who have shown grit despite a brief preparation, but I do hope the defeat would finally knock our country back to its senses. True, Filipino athletes do not lack heart, but in basketball, it’s not all heart and not even all training that win games.
    Cage fanatics often say: “The ball is round, so anything’s possible.” True again, but may I add, the ball is also often up high in the air.
    My point? Basketball is unfair. In other sports (e.g., boxing), one at least gets to compete within his own weight limit, thus making his chances of winning dependent more on training and preparation. In basketball, there is no limit to players’ height and weight. Thus, even with all the training and preparation, a team composed of native Filipinos will still find it very hard to win against an equally talented foreign team composed mostly of near-seven footers. The outcome is not unlike a boxing match pitting a heavyweight against a featherweight. “No mas, señor!” as the Mexicans would aptly put it.
    The point then is that you cannot compensate with heart what you naturally lack in height. Not in basketball. Proof of this is, for almost three decades, we haven’t seen a Philippine team make it to the Olympics.
    The trouble is that because of our obsession to reclaim our “lost glory” in international basketball, we refuse to accept this reality. Instead, we have resorted to importing Fil-foreigners to try to win it back for us. Nothing wrong here except that in the process, we seem to have failed to give equal attention to the development of other sports where the Filipino’s typical small to average height but known agility and capacity for endurance are more suited and give us better chances of not only playing in the Olympics but actually bagging that elusive Olympic gold.
    My suggestion? Why not concentrate on soccer instead, another exciting team sport where quickness and endurance, rather than height, are the factors that win games. All over the country, there are countless Filipino kids who, once given proper training and support, could well become the next David Beckham or Ronaldo.
    If Iraq, with all its ethnic violence and troubles back home, could win the Asian Cup over the rich and perennial winner Saudi Arabia, I don’t see any reason why the Filipino soccer player -- given even just half the attention we currently give basketball -- cannot excel in this sport internationally. I do hope we all give this a serious thought.
    VIRGILIO S. BALANE JR., City Prosecution Office, Naga City (via email)

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