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    Jan 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by yebo View Post
    draw dapat. manny should give back the $22M, he did not earn it this time.
    even if manny officially lost he would still earn the money because of their contract. what manny could do is to agree to an immediate rematch and maybe split the money 50:50

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    Jan 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by ChunkyLover View Post
    aaahhh.... but remember pacman can still change tactics...
    styles makes fight... it depends on how pacman would prepare for such a fight... XD
    I did not see much improvement from manny from the way he fought marquez before. old habits die hard.

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    Jul 2011
    psychologically pacman was demoralized as the tactics he had shown in that fight FIXATION sets in, he goes back to the old manny style of boxing... this is a result from a bad game plan for Manny as he caught unprepared on how to deal with marquez style or it came from subconsciously of manny's head as he remember that this guy know how to punch him very well Not like other fighters he fought.

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    Feb 2007
    With Manny's last night performance I hope FMJ takes the bait.

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    Dec 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by fjoseph View Post
    Just On my scent's, fairest results must be "DRAW". From 1 to 12, Marquez shows more confidence and intense than PACMAN.
    Despite of the results, naawa ako kay PACMAN, Whole MGM Arena Boo's him! Kung sa school lang ma boo ka, buond mundo pa kaya. :-(
    Baka naman mga Tsikano ang nag-boo... They have the numbers......

    Were you at the MGM arena?....

    Quote Originally Posted by nic View Post
    Ang problema, same style si Marquez & Mayweather- defensive, counterpunchers.
    Kaya boring ang laban ng dalawa,- hintayan ng hintayan....
    Panalo sana si JMM,- pero kaunti lang ang nainom niyang !h!.... :hysterical:

    Quote Originally Posted by tsupermario View Post
    I was rooting for pac to win by ko but as I watch the fight, I could not give pac the win. marquez's technique won over pac's power and speed. if pac would be fighting mayweather tomorrow, most likely pac would be in trouble.
    Puwede rin talagang 'match' ang style nilang dalawa.....

    Quote Originally Posted by yebo View Post
    draw dapat. manny should give back the $22M, he did not earn it this time.
    Gustuhin man ni PacMan bro,- hindi pupuwede kay Jinky! Ano sila, hilo?....


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    Apr 2003
    I think it's in the trunks. Pacman doesn't seem comfy wearing those dominantly blue trunks, he seemed to want to raise it several times during the fight but simply can't because he had gloves. Maybe he should return to either his red or white trunks.

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    Nov 2003
    Saw in the news this morning- 2 filipino sports analysts, namely Ed Tolentino & Ronnie Nathanielzs said that Marquez should have won the fight. They also had a poll on who the viewers thought won the fight. 500+ said Pacquiao, 700+ said Marquez.

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    Oct 2002
    JMM didn't do enough to win but he did enough for a draw...that's all to it. we can't take anything away from Pac, talagang kontra pelo lang talaga si JMM sa kanya and we don't need to blame PAC for this controversy. si Bob Arum and mga mafia ang may kasalan.. to a certain extent, this will haunt Pacman for all his remaining fights.

    it's all business/money, Arum and the boxing mafias will NEVER allow Pac to lose not until the fight with Mayweather materializes, that's what they are banking will be the biggest fight of all time and they will never jeopardize that. kailan pa ulit magkakaroon ng katulad nin PAC and mayweather. maybe not in our lifetime.

    and can you imagine if they let JMM win? baka magsara na ang vegas ang bumagsak ang economy nila sa laki ng odds na against JMM. the huge payout na ibibigay nila sa mga dehadista. another thing they will never allow.

    this kind of decision ang nagpapasira sa boxing kaya lalo sumisikat ang MMA eh. Arum was taking a potshot at MMA pero yun ganitong nangyayari sa boxing ang sumisira sa sarili nila.

    I just felt bad for JMM, he was chasing this fight for a long time then ganun ang gagawin, a draw is easier swallow. 116-112? ibang laban yata pinanood nun isang judge...

    saka total punches landed na nilalabas ngayon to justify the win. it's not the totality of the fight, mas mataas pa rin percentage ni JMM sa total punches thrown and landed. the compbox was just to record thrown punches but you still score a fight round per round.
    kung yun yun compbox score ang gagawin justification eh di huwag na lang mag score per round intayin na lang matapos then saka tingnan kung sino nanalo sa copmbox then automatic siya ang panalo..

    in the end the real winner again is Bob Arum...meron na agad press released na part 4...

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    May 2006

    Fresh pa sa isip ko yung laban kahapon then pinanood ko to, honestly, as a Pacman fan, I don't want a FMJ MP fight

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    Sep 2011
    Comedy talaga ito sa maywe. Pag tinamaan ng suntok ngingitian ka. Nakakagago eh. Pag pinanuod nga yung replay hindi makapasok si marquez kay floydie.

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