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    May 2006
    Quote Originally Posted by CoDer View Post
    Ilang taon ba tong kausap ko?
    Matanda na yan pero wala lang isip

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    Oct 2006

    [ame=]Mayweather Ortiz Knockout REAL VIDEO - YouTube[/ame]

    Damn, son! Where'd you find this?

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    Sep 2005
    di ko lang talaga maisip yung score nung isang judge na 116-112.. wonder what fight he watched.. i dont think Manny won 8 rounds..

    anyways.. here's the stats daw..

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    May 2006
    Malaki lang talaga expectations ng karamihan kay Pacman at isa pa yung mga suntok na lang lagi ni marquez ipinapakita. pag natapos nga ng isang round kampo pa rin ni JMM ipinapakita isang beses lang yatang ipinakita kampo ni Pacman.

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    Oct 2002
    good fight! been waiting for Pacman to have a good fight cause his past few fights were boring.

    maybe time for both of them to retire? both are rich already. they have family and kids. Mas prone to injury pag mas matanda na diba

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    Oct 2002
    Columbian sports club. Waiters snub you. Mahal food nila.

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    Jul 2011
    Quote Originally Posted by keithdb View Post
    disappointing fight. if pacman cannot KO or kahit man lang knockdown marquez, I think his chances in beating mayweather are not that good.
    remember mayweather had a hard time putting coto and delahoya down...
    but pacman ruined them...

    styles makes fight... dumedepende nalang sa tactics yan ng bawat boxer on the day of the event...
    it would be a good fight....

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    Jan 2010
    I watched the fight and, just to get this clear, I am one of Pac's biggest fans and a practitioner of boxing myself.

    That being said, the ring generalship of Marquez was evident in this third fight. Compubox numbers may state that Pac landed more punches, but Marquez landed the more telling blows.

    There is another side to the decision, though. As a challenger, Marquez should've convincingly beaten the champion to become one himself. But for me, it should have been a draw. If there was a deserving winner who was able to execute his gameplan and frustrate his opponent better, it was Marquez.

    Being a big Pac fan, I want a fourth fight. And I hope and pray that Manny beats him beyond doubt that time.

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    Oct 2002
    i agree with the numbers, it was close but Pacman managed to win the match narrowly

    however, when the odds are way too much against you (everybody is expecting a knock down if not K.O), reaching 12 rounds with all your might, moving forward and counterpunching, could very well earn you the audience respect and awe ... and Juan did it!

    in more sense than one, it was also a victory for Juan

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    Jan 2010
    Unlike most boxing pundits, I wasn't expecting a KO victory. What I was expecting was a very close fight. I've always believed that Marquez had Pac's number, he knows how to accurately time his movements and shots.

    Notice how, instead of running backwards, Marquez lunges forwards to throw off Pac's timing and flurries. As a result, Manny wasn't able to get into a good rhythm, really.

    The fairest decision (for me) would've been a draw.

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