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    Feb 2007
    m16 in the blackmarket here in mindanao is around 35-45 price range. baby m16 can go as high as 60t. but somebody here said m-4 carbine at 100t. mura na yon. price range kasi nyan is 200-350t. just get the right connection and u can have it. hehehehe

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    Oct 2002
    just make sure your security guards can shoot

    dokleng with an M16 = innocent people get

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    Oct 2002
    Quote Originally Posted by oldblue View Post
    tsk tsk talagang mahirap pala magdala ng mahaba, kailangan magsanay ako ng dalawang kamay with each pistol

    hehehe ala Billy the Kid...... magsanay ka na ring mangabayo.....

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    Jan 2003
    alam ko variant ng m4 at m16 available sa pinoyguns. maganda sana ang ak variants lalo na yun mga bagong versions, problem lang siguro is parts and ammo. unlike sa m-16 madami sa crame

    Sa golf course nung relative namin m16s saka m4s din hawak ng mga security guards. dun naman sa waterwood naka m16 din saka uzi gamit ng security guard. may nakita din ako sa qc naman naka hk na mp5k yun guard.

    wala na kasi ako kontak sa mga kakilala ko bro eh! I could refer you sana kung brand new unit gusto mo. medyo duda ako sa 2nd hand kasi, baka may bahid pa ng dugo yun unit and mahirap kumuha ng maramihan kapag 2nd hand.

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    Dec 2003
    burst fire lang para di lakas recoil

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    Oct 2003
    how about an ak-2000? ak-47 design with a 5.56-mm ammunition.

    pero for PNP personnel lang talaga pwede ibenta.

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    Jan 2007
    hire nyo nalang yong black water.kumpleto gamit pa mga yon

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    Oct 2006
    Sir kung M-16 din lang ang gusto nio why not try FERFRANS of CEBU they do custom mods on M16 rifle family.. their Ferfrans SOAR is the weapon of choice for the PNP SAF, some PMC's in IRAQ, SWAT teams in the US and some US marines chose to use their mods on their M16A4 and M4's... they are reliable and easily controllable when firing..

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    Oct 2002
    naku, naka Uzi na security guard? that's even worse for someone responsible for building security.

    Uzi = super high rate of fire, super inaccurate. if you ever had to use one in a crowded room (e.g. bank holdup situation) you're almost guaranteed to hit people other than your target.

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    Jun 2006
    Specially since those guards cant shoot straight.

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