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    Oct 2002
    [QUOTE=miLes]2.7 tires are too much for xc lang. 2.1 is just right, dont be influence by your bro's FR bike if you're not into freeriding, they're both different disciplines
    fyi your suntour wont make it past 3ft drops but its good enough for xc riding

    Depende sa suntour mo. at depende sa weight mo Suntour is coming back. And its tough and CHEAP Ive done some drop with it. no problem.

    Ive purchase 3 suntour forks already and they get the job done.

    A suntour fork can cost you P1500 to PP3000

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    Nov 2005
    suntour forks are good naman and it can take a lot of punishment and can even stand higher drops than a regular person's heart can take but ive seen a newbie break his new suntour fork (as in new, he just installed it the night before) on the AFP racetrack, he hit a very steep incline without pulling up so the fork bent inward and off he went flying

    you got 3 suntour forks right? 3 x 3000 can get you a very good marzocchi fork na

    im not saying na dont get a suntour fork, if your play is xc/trail riding then go get one because its a bang for buck fork and will perform almost as great as those more expensive forks. im just pointing out na you have to buy the right equipment for the right job, if you're into FR and DH then its better to invest in a more expensive fork because it'll be safer and more economical in the long run since it can soak up more punishment thus will last longer, anyway this is just my 2 cents... its still up to you who'll be the buyer and user ;)

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    May 2005
    nabuhay pala uli ang thread

    post na ng mga pics ng bike natin

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    Jan 2004
    Quote Originally Posted by shuzzs
    ianRex, miLes,

    You may try this visit and join this site:

    This is a very good discussion board for all bikers (MTB, FR, DH, Single Speeds, Road Bikes, etc.) here in the Philippines. If you are really interested in MTB, you will learn a lot (I know I did) and really enjoy this site. C u!
    this is what i'm looking for.

    miles: thanks for the advice. still figuring out how to squeeze more $$$ to spend on my bike. i'm torn between my two-wheeler and my four-wheeler! :D
    still newbie, i guess. been on and off riding e. used to ride bmx before.

    my objective is to create a very versatile MTB, sans the rear suspension. but who knows? riding MTB is like being a motoring ethusiast, you simply sink deeper into it...

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    Jan 2004
    boeing_747: when my project's done. pangit ng kulay na nakuha ko e... baby blue. hehehehehe.

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    May 2005
    Sir Ian_Rex: actually ganyan din case ko ngayon, papa make up ko muna pag natapos post na lang tayo mga tsikoteer na may MTB ..generic din mga parts ko dinaya ko na lang sa kulay or sticker.hehehe

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    Nov 2005
    *ian-rex no prob you can also look for second hand bike parts at those sites (pinoymtb and pcn) some are selling cheap bike parts, havent been riding that long din buti ka pa you started at bmx aku nill, wala went directly to mtb. you're right regarding sinking deeper into it, nakakaadict magupgrade kaya iniiwasan ku na mga bikeshops hehe

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    Jan 2006
    Quote Originally Posted by kimpOy
    for beginners punta muna kayo sa cartimar, for strolling along hindi naman kailangan dual suspension, a hard tail will do, also they are different sizes ng frame in accr\ordance to your height, lenght of legs etc etc...
    Full-suspension bikes are fun when going up and down side walks and elevated platforms.

    last December I saw some branded mountain bikes(The ones that I could remember was the hardtail Schwinn, Kona and GT)at one of the sports shops in Robinsons Galleria, not sure if they still have them. I don't remember the exact prices but they were somewhere in the P17K-P30K range. They already came with disc brakes and some had mid-range Shimano parts.
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    Jan 2004
    ang plan kong kulay is yung flat. army green or khaki. para rugged... hehehehehe. i still have a thing for those "fat tires" damn... the first time i saw my new-old bike its the tires that captivate me. but it has some drawbacks. read on.

    yesterday, after having built my MTB from dilapidated to somewhat its present state (which is 85% working by the way), i decided to give it a try. i went to the rink, which about 2-3 Kms, going around. well, at first i built my momentum, but as i shift to higher gears, well, it could go fast but for a long time. mainly the tires, i guess. too much traction. then the hubs, i have to repack those hubs. and my bottom bracket/crankset is kinda wobbly... but then again, the restoration is still undergoing. i might buy a tire whose width isn't as wide as 2.7, perhaps 2.5, but might consider 2.3... still depends on the budget... :D

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    Mar 2006
    Ian, Miles,

    The wider the tires, the higher the traction. That is why road bikes or "racer" bikes have thin tires. As for mountain bikes, if you plan to use it on roads, I suggest you get the 1.95... this is more faster in paved roads and can still be used on dirt roads or trails. Oh, other factors with the tires are the knobbies and the compounds (bike tires also have soft and hard compounds).

    Prices of good but cheap tires are about 300+ and up.

    Anyway, what the experienced biker would normally say to newbies... use what you have... replace what is broken... And in time, if you already know what discipline (cross-country , dirt jumping, Free Ride, etc.) is for you then save money and buy the appropriate bike.

    Oh. yes. the upgrade virus will definitely get to you. It's just like with cars. although much cheaper kaya nakaka-enganyong mag-upgrade ng bike.

    Oh... Quiapo is a cheaper that in Cartimar. I suggest buy at Cycle Art (look for Lyn) and King's (look for Jane). These bikeshops are beside each other and is located at the overpass (pedestrian) at the other side of the Quiapo Church.

    Ride on...

    BTW... if you happen to log into PMTB (PinoyMTBiker), don't hesitate to ask and indicate that you are a newbie. A lot of people will welcome you and your questions. Hope to see you there. I also use the same handle there: shuzzs.

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