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    Nov 2005
    *shuzzs - haha puros ellsworth moment gamit ng sabak boys kaya mahal not sure kung nagpalit na sila though

    havent been biking that long din, just started at 2004 nagustuhan ku lang talaga...
    regarding the 24 hr race, you dont have to push it hard naman, you can do your own pace, actually races like these will definitely increase your level, aku im not gunning to win sus madaming binting kabayo dyan ill do my own pace lang and besides now that im working weekend warrior nalang aku kaya pacing lang talaga ;)

    tamad lang kasi aku magpalit ng tires kasi minsan nagDH din aku but once ive finished my hardtail 2.1 nalang yun hehe

    ive ridden sta rosa a couple of times even bringing my gf riding there layo lang kasi samin kaya madalas maarat-montalban area kami, anyway im planning to ride uli dyan nagenjoy kasi gf ku sa biking haha

    *ian-rex - ok lang naman, you might use the 2.7 in the future, actually kung mataba rims mu even 1.95 tires will look fat, kung payat rims mu even 2.5s will look like 2.1s

    *FXT - from the picture, your fork looks like 100mm travel, travel adjust ba siya? the next lighter fork from the Black is the Scareb, now thats a pure xc fork, mas gusto ku black kasi masversatile, i mean you can do xc, dirtjumping, trail on it. if you have the lockout then much better for those ascents. tama lang yung 4in (100mm) para may konting travel when you decide to go rough and magiiba nga geometry ng bike mu kung mababa travel ng fork, try to look for a lighter frame, im using a giant xtc frame for my hardtail, gaan niya nasa 3 lbs lang ata, the Black is even heavier,
    will post pics pagnakunan ku na... tama ka, yung konting ounce is a big difference na, it will mean a second or millisecond +/- on your time

    *the-wildthing - hirap magrecommend ng shops kasi karamihan dun sa shops namention ku iba iba price, i mean for example: brakes might be cheaper at kings than detour but detour might be cheaper on frames than kings, id suggest going to shops that more or less specialize in road bikes kasi some of these shops are more concentrated on mtb, some shops that specialize in road bikes are joven (marikina), the other john wilkie, yung sa father na shop (marikina), velo city (cartimar), kings - not really much into but may mga riders ata si jane na roadies (quiapo), all tera (club650 libis)..anu pa ba... hehe try mu muna yung mga yun

    *silverbx986 - haha ayus yan, walang sinabi bike ni lance diyan hehe

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    Jan 2006
    eto naman mountain bike ko the weight is 7 kls. Suntour parts, shimano sealed bearing, the rim is deemax double wall. yung gulong nya MOB anlambot tumakbo.

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    Jan 2004
    if you're thinking about doing XC riding someday, opt for lightweight parts over looks. you'd be amazed how a few pounds or ounces can make a difference when you're huffin' and puffin' out there. take out unnecessary parts such as reflectors, etc. (unless you ride in teh city as well).
    actually, magaan naman yung MTB ko, bone stock lang e mabigat pa nga yung BMX ko. it's just me who weighs heavy. hehehe most of the time naman e nasa loob lang ako ng subdivision, pero i wander off to the nearby trails, pag may nagyaya lang. :D

    ok lang naman, you might use the 2.7 in the future, actually kung mataba rims mu even 1.95 tires will look fat, kung payat rims mu even 2.5s will look like 2.1s
    correct. post ko nga minsan mamaya yung pics ng MTB ko. payat yung rims ko, pero 2.7's really goes well with it. again, when i'm finished negotiating with my rim upgrade for my car. plan ko nga isang bagsakan na lang, palit ng rims, disc-ready hubs, disc brakes.

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    Jan 2004
    Quote Originally Posted by silverbx986
    here's mine...

    eto maganda. it weighs how much? 7gms?

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    Oct 2002
    bmw bicycle at 450,000 petot, saw this at rustan's mkt last year

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    Jan 2004
    dapat sa thread na ito, i-rename na e. "Of Mountain Bikes and anything related"... suggestion lang naman po.

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    Nov 2005
    hehehe 450k? bka may motor na yun haha

    anyway, the most expensive mtb is not made by bmw but by honda...
    i already posted this sa teamrage's site, some texts deleted--
    Honda's RN01

    - Built specifically for the high-adrenaline sport of downhill (DH to those in the know), mountain bike racing, in which riders hurtle down snowless black diamond-level ski slopes at ridiculous speeds, the bike features an honest-to-goodness transmission in place of the usual gears and derailleur setup. The guts of the transmission are a closely held secret. It's conjectured that it could be an extremely lightweight version of a continuously variable transmission (CVT). What is known for sure is that the transmission allows Honda's Team G Cross racers to switch gears in mid-air during jumps without the need to pedal, allowing them to maintain better balance.

    its been rumored that the RN01's gearbox is very muck kept secret that Honda engineers bring them in their sleeping quarters!

    Estimated cost of the RN-01 is about $75,000.00 (do the math!) if it "were" for sale.

    dinala dito yan before ng jap racers, bawal lumapit within 1 meter of the bike, only honda engineers can tinker with it and no one else not even the rider! lupet!!!

    BTW this bike is being used in the World Cup na by Greg Minaar

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    Nov 2005
    *RakataK - 7 kg?!?! thats around 15 lbs!!

    here's a partial picture of my bike taken by a fellow biker after a muddy downhill ride

    will post the whole picture pagnakunan ku na this weekend

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    Jan 2004
    here is my project MTB. nothing much at the moment though.

    Last edited by ian_rex; March 12th, 2006 at 10:52 AM.

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    Nov 2005
    Bibili na rin ako ulit ng bike ko, buti na lang I didn't dispose my riding gears - helmet, gloves, shoes, shorts, jerseys(although hindi na yata uso ito for cool freeriders, wehehehe), tools... Sa Cartimar ako lagi bumibili, last one sa ROSS. Assembling a Mountain Bike is already a pleasure. Riding brings you to a natural high. I miss the trails and the crashes hehehe...

    *FXT, nice bike! great fork nga! and an awesome 24lbs!

    *Miles, nice DH frame, saan ka nag DH? and that Honda bike, ano yun may VTEC? hehehe! with that price, I'll just get an EVO or a house. Grabe, I never thought they'll be using that for actual competition. Nakikita ko lang yan before sa mga MTB mags ngayon ginagamit na talaga, napag iwanan na talaga ako ng panahon. BTW, meron din pala yung Porche na DH bike.
    Always wanted to ride dun sa Sta. Rosa, kaso walang time nung may bike pa ako, lagi ako invite nila All-Terra pero di ako nakakasama. Sarap siguro talaga dun...

    *Ian_Rex, ganda ng bike mo, im a big fan of the triple triangle rigid frame ng GT, and that's exactly what im planning to get next. Kahit na pang free-ride, ehehehe, bili na lang ako ng magandang fork for the abuse...

    I wish I can join you guys when I get my MTB. The best talaga mag bike!

    - ride at a pace that will give you a smile on your face, so you'll come back next day to ride again!
    - always, always wear your helmet...
    - hydrate or die (hehehe)

    '...don't forget to have some "two-wheeled" fun!' - Brian Lopes

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