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    Oct 2002
    mga peeps , sino sa inyo may hilig dito ? anything from action figures , movies , comic magazines o collectibles ? may napanood kasi ako na movie nito at ganda , sabi nung kaibigan ko matagal na daw ito .

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    Oct 2002
    well, i only like building the model kits, but i don't know the story...

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    Oct 2002
    I have one of the magazine series. I was even able to catch its anime on cable... to bad it was in Japanese but at least I know the storyline when I watched it na.

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    Oct 2002
    are they around since the 80's ?

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    Oct 2002
    i think so.

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    Jan 2006
    speaking of anime and gundam,
    tingnan nyo kung anong nahalukay
    ko sa baul na thread! hehehe.
    2002 pa pala ito. buhayin ko

    who here collects gundam models
    and what are your gundams?
    i'll start first -

    MG Sazabi
    MG Kampfer
    MG Zaku II Johnny Ridden
    MG Rick Dom
    MG DOM
    MG Gundam Wing ver KA
    MG Gundam MK II

    the DOM is my favorite
    because of its individual
    fingers. the sazabi is so
    big and heavy (same
    price as the Gundam Ex-s)
    but there is little poseability.
    i'm saving up for a perfect
    zeong, the biggest MG set
    which is almost as tall as
    some perfect grades.

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    Jun 2005
    1979 o 1980 pa lang napapanuod ko na yan sa HK

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    Dec 2007
    The first "Mobile Suit Gundam" series aired on April 7, 1979, and it's still the driving force for model kits and toys. (Personally it's still one of my favorites in all 11 of the Gundam TV series aired so far.) God knows how many kits and toys of the RX-78-2 Gundam have been made by now...

    As for kits, my absolute favorite is the MG RMS-099 Rick Dias, in its original dark blue and deep brown colors. Individual fingers, unbelievable posability for its size/bulk, and a ruggedly handsome, "military hardware" look. The last truly great Master Grade kit, in my opinion.

    I'll post pictures of my collection later.

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    Sep 2004
    Quote Originally Posted by laracroft View Post
    the DOM is my favorite because of its individual fingers.
    Same here; I'm not too fond of MG kits that have interchangeable manipulators. Having poseable individual fingers speaks highly of a kit's engineering, IMO.

    Save for my MG Dom, most of the models I collected were in 1/100 scale; the HG Deathscythe was the very first Gundam model I bought. Then I eventually added the Heavyarms Custom, Altron, Wing Zero Custom (special operation type) and the God Gundam. All in 1/100 scale. I also had several SD Gundam figures, such as the RX-78-2, the Wing Zero Custom and the Re-GZ Custom. Hindi ko na nga mahanap yung mga yun simula nung mag-asawa na ako.

    If there were mobile suits in real life today, I'd still go for the MS-06S Zaku II. No beam weapons, it just takes a heat hawk and a lot of guts to use for melee battles; old school kung old school. Not to mention it's oddly cool, being a signature suit of Casval Rem Deikun aka Char Aznable. And probably a Dom for extra mobility. All I need are two more comrades piloting their own Dom units, and we can execute our own Jetstream Attack.
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    Jun 2007
    ^ Amen. Astig talaga yung Zaku (pero gusto ko yung green na standard na color). Macho ang dating.

    Pero ang favorite ko talaga yung Zeta Gundam. Nababangisan ako sa itsura. Saka nagtratransform pa. Meron akong 20th anniv. na special coating ng Zeta.

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