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    Aug 2003
    nmtin:UAAP officials already knew about it and they just admitted it before it went to the press/public.
    ang tanong ko lang, kung alam na ng uaap, why didn't they *do* anything immediately? nagkabahid - pulitika tuloy ngayon

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    May 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by creepy
    Masisibak kaya si Franz Pumaren??
    dapat wag na niya hintayin ..kusa na lang sia mag resign ..ang plano ng DLSU mag karoon ng revamp sa basketball program nila ..since sia ang head coach nang MBT at doon pa nag ka roon ng anomalya..for delicadeza na lang ....
    unahan na nia(Franz) mag quit

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    May 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by BoEinG_747
    i heard may player pa dati ang eagles na nag cum laude "Paul Tan chi " po yata iyon .at meron din sila na nasa deans list si Chris Tiu ata not sure lang po ibang school wala yata ako narinig na ganito sa Ateneo lang
    Diba si badjie ay 24 or 25 yrs old na? Bali ka batch sya nung pinsan ko , who graduated 2 years ago. If my memory serves me correctly, he was frm ateneo hs, then he went to PSBA then back to ateneo. May mga bulung bulungan daw na merong mga "alam mo na" na nangyari sa alumni kaya sya nakabalik. THis is chismis came from an atenean ha.

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    Feb 2005
    Kaya siguro gusto ng iba 3 years e para may chance sila maka-grand slam. Cge miski pa five years para mas malaki chance nila!

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    Aug 2005
    Putris naman DLSU pati basketball dinadaya nyo? green blooded la sallian pa naman ako. football na lang kami dito sa bacolod.

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    Aug 2003
    Quote Originally Posted by badkuk
    i think me lumabas ngang ganyang balita about a particular dlsu player...something about being given a condo/house and lot for joining the team
    eto yata yung chismis at the time bj manalo suited up for la salle instead of going to ateneo despite him being a member of the champion ateneo junior team. condo+car daw courtesy of well-heeled dlsu alumni.

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    May 2005
    MUKhang ..malayo pa masolve ang case about the La salle UAAP scandal malabo ang naging resulta ng investigation ng DLSU..they were sayin the culprit are Raul Lacson and Manny Salgado...but the two La Salle officials were claiming that their name are clean...mukhang may pino protektahan na bigatin tao ang management ng DLSU..

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    Nov 2002
    I've heard rumors that it goes to the very top... I won't name names, but it's the main benefactor of dlsu basketball.

    Raul Lacson, by the way was called upon by Pumaren to help the team, since they are good friends and I know this guy loves his school that's why he agreed to help. Unfortunately he was expendible, just like Salgado. I smell something that stinks.

    Did anyone of you notice that former DLSU players who were under Pumaren are mum and not even defending their college coach. Cardona, Wilson, Cortez, Allado, Jose, Manalo...

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    May 2005
    La Salle coaching staff to be axed?

    Are heads about to roll at La Salle?

    A reliable source yesterday said school officials are now seriously considering a revamp of the coaching staff as a result of the raging player eligibility controversy.

    "When someone said last week that Ďheads will roll,í it was indeed bound to happen," said the source, adding that news of the revamp had started to circulate within the school community.

    "It looks like itís going to happen. And it seems that itís (revamp) the only thing that was left hanging during the press conference," said the source.

    "The bigger names in this controversy have yet to come out. And it seems that La Salle officials had the revamp in their minds when they said they will continue investigating," he said.

    La Salle admitted last Oct. 12 that it had fielded two ineligible players over the last couple of years and was willing to forfeit and surrender the championship it won over FEU in 2004.

    Last Wednesday, La Salle staged a press conference that only confirmed everything that had come out of the newspapers.

    They identified Mark Benitez and Tim Gatchalian as the players who used fake documents to gain entry into the school, and added the names of statistician Raul Lacson and former assistant team manager Manny Salgado as those probably behind the offense.

    Lacson and Salgado have both denied any involvement.

    They said they werenít even informed by La Salle officials that their names would be mentioned in the press conference.

    Head coach Franz Pumaren said he was informed of the discovery of the player ineligibility case during the recent UAAP finals where La Salle got swept by the FEU Tamaraws.

    The public perception is that there are bigger names from La Salle that are truly behind the mess that has rocked the foundations of the institution.

    La Salle is now facing the prospects of being banned from the UAAP. ó
    ************************************************** ***************
    eto talaga dapat nila unahin ..
    ang palitan buong coaching staff ng MBT ng La Salle ..
    imposible wala alam ang ibang officials diyan
    at bakit dalawa lang involve (Lacson & Salgado)

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    Sep 2003
    Kawawa naman ang La Salle. Lumaki na yung "sunog".

    Yung initiative nilang malinis ang UAAP basketball, nag-back fire sa kanila. I'm very sure na meron ding ibang schools na gumagawa nito, pero tahimik lang sila.

    Sana tumahimik na lang siguro ang La Salle. Naging national issue na ito.

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Cardona also under fire in La Salle fiasco