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    Nov 2002
    kaya mabenta ito kasi sa price talaga no doubt..

    as for the flavor masyado siyang diluted compared to the imported bottled flavored teas..

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    Oct 2002
    I like the plain green one.

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    Oct 2002
    hmmm. i really don't know about the product. it could be advertised as such na meron syang green tea extracts but in reality, baka mas mataas pa rin ang sugar content nya kesa sa GT extracts.

    mag cocoke light na lang ako...

    sorry po..... just speaking out my mind.

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    Oct 2002
    Huwag lang sobra, ok naman siya. Recommended yung green and yellow kasi hindi masyadong matamis.
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    Apr 2004
    peach, apple and lemon flavor are the best. sarap lalo na pagsobrang lamig

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    Dec 2003
    pnaka safe ang green cos walang flavorings at di sya matamis, may pagka neutral lng lasa nya

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    Oct 2002
    Yes the sugar is quite high on C2, (hence the notion of it helping you lose weight is stupid)... But green tea itself has very low caffeine, unlike dark tea (which still has less caffeine than coffee).

    Teas come in 6 basic types: black, green, Oolong, white, flavoured and herbal.

    Black Tea: Made from leaves that have been fully oxidized. This process does remove some of the beneficial compounds but many are still left. This is what many people drink of which the most common is Orange Pekoe.

    Green Tea: Made from leaves that have not been oxidized. Leaves are whitered or immediately steamed to kill the enzymes then rolled and dried.

    Oolong Tea: Made from partly ozidized leaves combining the qualities of both black and green teas. Popular in China, Oolong translates as "Black Dragon".

    White Tea: Rarest in the world, white teas are picked at daybreak in 4 provinces in northeast China. They are expensive and hand sorted to provide a mellow tatse.

    Green Tea Types

    Gunpowder: most popular of the green teas, each leaf is rolled into a compact pellet and provides a fragrant, sweet tea.

    Dragon Well: grown in China, is considered to be one of the finest green teas around

    Jasmine: a blend of Jasmine flowers and green tea leaves makes for a fragrant cup. There are various types including one type that is rolled into silvery balls tied with a string. When placed in hot water they open up to look like flower blossoms! Yin Hao is China's best and most expensive Jasmine tea.

    Sencha: the most popular in Japan and is usually deep-steamed to reduce the bitterness.

    Genmaicha: made by mixing rosted rice with Sencha tea making for an interesting visual display and a very rich flavor.

    Gyokuro: the most highly valued Japanese tea.

    Mattcha: powdered version of green tea used in the famous Japanese tea ceremonies.

    White tea: already discussed, white tea is essentially a green tea variety.

    Flavoured Tea: These are real teas blended with fruits or herbs. "Tisanes" such as chamomile, pepermint or nettle are misnamed and do not contain one tea leaf.

    Herbal/Tisane Teas: Do not contain any tea leafs and are technically not really teas.

    Green tea does enhance thermogenesis (yung totoo ha, not those stupid powder drinks and low quality ones - which, i believe is what C2 has... Mahal ang high quality green tea/extracts.) but C2's claims are bogus.

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    Oct 2002
    theveed, am i seeing things right? gunpowder?

    basta ako, what i do is to drink pure green tea leaves, which i get every three months in shanghai, boil it, and drink the extract. walang sugar. hehehehe

    to add on to theveed's article, drinking green tea extract capsules is better in increasing thermogenesis than drinking these kinds of stuff or drinking low quality green teas.

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    Dec 2003

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    Oct 2002
    thermogenesis: Generation or production of heat, especially by physiological processes...

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