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    Quote Originally Posted by fortuner13 View Post
    Ronato Alcano (PHI) vs Efren Reyes (PHI)
    Jharome Peña (PHI) vs Steve Davis (GBR)
    Eddy Tyler (CAN) vs Ricky Yang (INA)
    Li He-wen (TPE) vs Rudy Morta (PHI)
    Lee Kun-fang (TPE) vs Jeff De Luna (PHI)
    Konstantin Stepanov (RUS) vs Marco Tschudi (SUI)
    Lee Van Corteza (PHI) vs David Alcaide (SPN)
    Wu Chia-ching (TPE) vs Wang Hung-hsiang (TPE)
    Pat Holtz (SCOT) vs Kevin Uzzell (GBR)
    Rodolfo Luat (PHI) vs Roy Apancho (INA)
    Ralf Soquet (GER) vs Yang Chin-shun (TPE)
    Vilmos Foldes (HUN) vs Luong Chi Duong (VNM)
    Thomas Engert (GER) vs Sandor Tot (SRBMONTE)
    Liu Cheng-chuan (TPE) vs Ryu Seong-woo (KOR)
    Chao Fong-pang (TPE) vs Fu Che-wei (TPE)
    Kuo Po-cheng (TPE) vs Marlon Manalo (PHI)

    walang taga USA ang naka pasok :groupwave:
    Puro pinoy vs pinoy naman nataon sa match-ups!!! After beating orcullo, Bata is facing Alcano. Then if he wins and Marlon Manalo beats his opponent, sila nag maghaharap... tsk tsk tsk

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    Quote Originally Posted by yuichi View Post
    yup...sino ka don?
    nice to see you snapshot ako dun!

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    Quote Originally Posted by fortuner13 View Post
    intersting story from inquirer on WPC event

    A truly royal exit for this pool addict

    NO EXIT can be more royal than this one.

    Prince Muhtadee Billah, heir to the Brunei throne, left the World Pool Championship venue late Tuesday night in a manner this country has never seen before.

    After formally bowing out of contention with a 5-8 loss to Francisco “Django” Bustamante, at least six motorcycle policemen, a bullet-proof Mercedes Benz, no less than four luxury SUVs and a convoy of over 30 cars whisked the prince out of the Philippine International Convention Center complex.

    The Prince has gotten so enamored with pool that there are reports he spends much of his time in Brunei practicing his strokes.
    what kind of strokes?

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    Mar 2003
    3 pinoys na lang natitira sa last 16 alcano, de luna and luat.
    goodbye efren na naman.
    nagagalingan ako dun sa vietnamese na next opponent ni de luna.

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    Aug 2005
    da best pa rin si bes prend efren....goodluck sa mga young's your time to show the world na kaya natin ito!

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    Sep 2005
    kahit tanggal na sila, ballons for idol efren and django for a gallant fight...
    talo nanaman sa pustahan. *weeep*

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    Nov 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by allenjo View Post
    nice to see you snapshot ako dun!

    hi snapshot! ....madalas ka sa venue? moneygames, nanonood ka?

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    Oct 2002
    Honeymoon couple flashed Bustamante out of World Pool

    Last updated 02:02am (Mla time) 11/10/2006

    Published on Page A27 of the November 10, 2006 issue of the Philippine Daily Inquirer

    FRANCISCO “Django” Bustamante fell prey to spectator rudeness on Wednesday.

    After charging back from 4-1 down, Bustamante was closest to catching up -- until his German opponent, Thomas Engert, got unsolicited assistance from a Filipino fan at the third row of the VIP section.

    Bustamante, second strongest RP bet after Efren “Bata” Reyes in the 2006 World Pool Championship, lost his bearing after being jolted by a cellphone.

    But don’t buy reports that it was the phone’s wild ringing that did Bustamante in.

    No. Bustamante was flushed by a lovey-dovey couple that flashed the built-in camera in their cellphone immediately before he could take a crucial shot at the one-ball.

    Bustamante, behind, 6-7, balked and frowned.

    Momentarily jarred, he heaved a sigh of frustration, bent and resumed play.

    Disaster! He did pocket the yellow one, but the cue ball, instead of sailing toward the top rail close to the two-ball, hit the jutting edge of the side pocket to roll back to where it started.

    Indeed, it could have been easy sailing if not for the dirty distraction.

    Django uncharacteristically missed his next shot, dropped the rack, and went on to exit from the power-packed tournament, losing 10-6.

    The girlfriend, pearl earrings matching her pearly teeth, got her desired portrait, with Django about to pocket a ball for background.

    Of course, the young couple, obviously on a honeymoon, felt sorry. But the great harm had already been done.

    Tongues clucked, there was hissing regret among fans behind the back of the pair that seemed buried in a dream world.

    Bustamante next rushed out of the floor and rearranged gears under a television beam. Yes, he said, he was having tough luck, his game was not as smooth, with the route often rutted -- (“Magulo linya, masama dating ng bola.”)

    He wanted to shrug everything off and say it was all in the game. But Django could not get over the distraction from the sideline.

    “Mahirap na nga, sinilaw pa (That flash bulb ruined everything),” he tried to explain.

    Not only that. Django could not get over the fact that the lovey-dovey pair appeared to be laughing at him after the incident. “Pinagtawanan pa nga ko,”” Bustamante shook his sullen head.

    Maybe organizers should first conduct a seminar on pool hall manners before hosting the next World Pool Championship. Recah Trinidad

    Copyright 2006 Inquirer. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

    wala talagang disiplina mga filipinos, I also read it somewhere na sobrang bastos daw talaga ng mga audience dyan sa WPC, cellphones ringin, tumatayo habang hinde pa tapos ang isang rack, 'coz I believe hinde ka pwedeng lumabas hanggat hinde tapos yun rack,

    nakakahiya tayo...

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    Jul 2005
    napanood nyo ba yung bad shot ni steve davis kagabi??
    imbes na 2 yung tirahin 3 agad yung tinira...
    first time ko nakapanood ng ganun... atleast nanalo pa rin sya...

    sayang si pena... magaling sana pero kulang pa ng experience...

    malas din ni efren kagabi... twice ata sumablay sa 4ball... natambakan tuloy ni alcano...

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    Aug 2005
    Schedule today

    Last 16 - (Race to 10)
    Table One
    David Alcaide (ESP) v Rodolfo Luat (PHI)
    Pat Holtz (SCO) v Wu Chia-ching (TPE)

    Fu Che-wei (TPE) v Steve Davis (ENG)
    Jeff De Luna (PHI) v Luong Chi Dung (VIE)

    Table Two
    Tyler Edey (CAN) v Liu Cheng-chuan (TPE)
    Ronato Alcano (PHI) v Kuo Po-cheng (TPE)

    Li He-wen (CHN) v Sandor Tot (SCG)
    Ralf Souquet (GER) v Konstantin Stepanov (RUS)

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2006 World Pool Championship