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    Feb 2006
    good luck kina bata n company. sana all filipino ang finals

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    Aug 2005
    EARL STRICKLAND should be Disqualified in this tournament....... YABANG TALAGA NG P#$*%.....

    NEWS fron WPC website

    DAY 1 - Nov.4

    Volatile Earl In Trouble Again

    PERENNIAL fire-cracker Earl Strickland blotted his copy book once again as he folded against Frenchman Vincent Facquet in an opening day group match defeat at the 2006 Philippines World Pool Championship the PICC in Manila.

    The final score ended 8-4 in favour of Facquet was the final score but it was the way the match ended that was typical Strickland , a three-time World Champion, who hails from South Carolina.

    His off-the-wall behaviour has become a regular feature of the WPC and he was out of sorts against as the Frenchman opened up a lead down the home straight.

    He started muttering under his breath and fidgeting to Facquet’s clear annoyance. The Frenchman, not to be outdone, responded in kind and eventually referee Nigel Rees called both players together and ordered a halt.

    However, ‘The Pearl’ continued to fiddle with his cue case while Facquet was playing and referee Rees issued a final warning. Strickland asked whether he could concede the final rack before saying "I don’t care, I’m out of here."

    With a defeat in his first match, Strickland now faces an uphill struggle to make Wednesday’s knock out stages.

    DAY 2 - Nov.05
    Chen Files Protest Against Strickland

    THERE was more controversy this evening at the 2006 Philippines World Pool Championship as America's Earl Strickland again landed himself in hot water following a prolonged bout of boorish behaviour in his Group 17 match on Table 3 against Chen Ying-chieh of Chinese Taipei.

    Strickland was the eventual winner by an 8-6 margin but the talking point was the American’s unsportsmanlike actions which boarded on the outrageous. A large crowd gathered around the outside table at the Philippines International Convention Center and Strickland certainly did not disappoint them.

    Highlights included throwing his cue to the ground following every visit to the table, audibly swearing to the audience and threatening to hit his opponent over the head with his cue when Chen refused to shake hands at the end of the match. Strickland's behaviour clearly affected his opponent and Chen signaled his displeasure by refusing the customary hand shake at the end of the match.

    Following the game, Chen and the Chinese Taipei delegation submitted a written protest which is currently under investigation by the World Pool Association.

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    May 2006
    Dapat kay Earl mabigat na parusa para magtanda...

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    Sep 2003
    Style ni Strickland BULOK! Ginagawa nya yan para ma-distract ang concentration ng kalaban.

    Gawin niya kay Efren o kay Django yan, baka kuyugin siya sa labas ng PICC.

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    Sep 2003
    Pasok na pala si idol Efren sa Round of 64. Tinalo niya si "Tiyo Pancho" ng Indonesia.

    Keep it up Efren!

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    Dec 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by chua_riwap View Post
    Pasok na pala si idol Efren sa Round of 64. Tinalo niya si "Tiyo Pancho" ng Indonesia.

    Keep it up Efren!
    Yup, not a good start for Bata. But, here's hoping that his game peaks going into the crucial matches of this tournament.

    Go! Pinoy TEAM! Go!


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    May 2005
    Even during the 1st day saturday Earl was his usual crazy self. I was watching yung match niya with Facquet and he was ranting like hell sa audience pati na yung ref and the players. He was given 2 warnings by Nigel Reese pero ayaw pa din tumigil until nag concede si Earl sa last rack.

    Eto pumuslit ako ng pics...kabado ako at baka makita ni Earl. Baka batuhin ako ng tisa hehehe

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    May 2005
    Muntikan na naman kundi lang nag concede...buti nung tinira yung 9 eh concede na si Apancho.

    Anyway, update lang sa mga pinoy na nakapasok

    De Luna

    To be decided today:

    "Waiting for Next Year"
    Alcano - sayang siya...he was a darkhorse to win this

    Meron pang iba eh...dag-dag ko na lang mamaya.
    Some of the big guns are also eliminated:

    Rodney Morris - shocker of Day 3
    Mike Davis
    Niels Feijen
    Alex Lely
    Tony Drago

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    May 2005
    Not a good start for Champ Efren but let's just say that all the butterflies in his stomach were running at 200 mph hehehe. It's not easy to be on a TV table when almost all the Filipino Fans are expecting you to get to the first match palang ni Champ yun.

    Here is a pic of me with Champ Efren right after he lost to Crosby. Nagdalawang isip pa ko kung magpapapicture ako kasi he really looked dissapointed with the loss. Naawa talaga ako sa kanya but after our picture i just told him "ok lang yan kaw pa rin idol ng lahat"

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    Apr 2005
    mga sir sino po ba ang rank number 1 ngayun?

    Sana nga all filipino ang finals...

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2006 World Pool Championship