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    paku3: Thanks...

    1) Tried that, doesn't work... Even direct connection sa modem di nagproprompt yung Add New Hardware wizard sa Windows ng Acer, unlike sa Dell where kung ano sinabi ng user's manual, nangyari lahat. Sa Acer, di nya madetect kahit yung cable modem. Gumana lang internet when the LAN went through the router.

    2) Try ko ulit to thanks.

    3) Hmm, will try that, will have to read up about it coz I have no idea how to do it even if I know what its supposed to do hehe.

    4) Latest firmware na po.

    Eto po yung NetGear router ko:

    At eto yung cable modem

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    some things you could also check:

    1. first make sure that the Wifi of your Acer laptop is indeed powered on. I once had an issue with my laptop that couldn't connect then I found out that I accidentally turned off its Wifi.

    2. after making sure it's on (the Wifi), you could follow other people's advice on going to some public Wifi hotspot to check if the Wifi is indeed working on the Acer laptop. If it doesn't, chances are your Wifi is busted. If it does, go back home and try to connect to your router again.

    3. if, at home, you still can't connect, it doesn't immediately mean that the router is defective. you mentioned that your router is "secured". this should mean that WEP or WPA is activated on the router which is why you can't connect. Read the manual for the router on how to check at the security settings and check if any passwords have been implemented to secure the network.

    4. if no WEP or WPA has been activated, you should then try to assign a static IP instead to your Acer laptop. check the wireless network settings of the Dell laptop and take note of its IP address and Gateway. If, for example, its IP address is "" assign "" to your Acer laptop. Press tab twice to assign subnet and to proceed to Gateway field. Then just copy the Gateway address (IP of the router) to the Gateway IP field. If you can also get the DNS settings from the Dell laptop it would be better. You can do all these at Control Panel>Network Connections.

    hope it helps.

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    Hello, just to update you guys... I tinkered with the Acer and router settings all night and I was able to activate the WiFi connection with the Acer but the Dell lost its connection, so I made a conclusion that it could be an IP issue. I gave both devices an IP address and boom it worked hehe.

    Thanks for all your help

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Wi-Fi Noob... Need help fast.