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    new from g-shock. classic square design with MIP display, heart sensor and solar powered. gray/cyan looks nice

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    Quote Originally Posted by dr. d View Post
    vacuum tubes!
    worth their weight in gold!
    there was a time, they were reasonably priced... back when transistors were still young... the 60s and 70s...
    some aficionadoes today swear the sound of de-tubo is something solid states can't copy...
    Fascinating to watch the glowing tubes doc.

    Vinyl is something you will enjoy hunting around for discounts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jojopad View Post
    For the veteran Seiko watch owners here, do you mod your watches like replacing the straps with hybrid leather+rubber types or getting a new bezel?
    All my seikos are still on steelies. But I've once opened up a case of a Seiko 5 and removed the movement to clean the inner side of the crystal.

    I’ve replaced the straps of 2 of my g-shocks though. I slapped on a NATO strap on my gw 3000 and a parachute strap on my riseman. I had to buy strap adapters for those from Indonesia pa. Walang gumagawa via 3d printer sa atin apparently.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dr. d View Post

    dad left us an SX-990, but its knobs are all frozen from non-use. it comes with a pair of 12 inch woofers, midranges, and tweeters of olde.
    perhaps it's time to resurrect the thing.
    anyone recommend a shop or person?
    Check out Pure Digital Concept along West Ave., QC:

    Google Maps

    If you're looking for a good forum for audiophile and home theater stuff, PinoyDVD is the place to go. It's been around for almost as long as tsikot.

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    The Cadisen C8212M is a mechanical chronograph that won’t break the bank | VISOR.PH

    In chrono mode, the Cadisen can measure up to 30 minutes, with the three-o’clock subdial displaying the elapsed minutes. The nine-o’clock sundial displays the running seconds in standard timekeeping mode. The watch retails for around P8,750 in online shops such as Lazada and Shopee.

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    cousin of the seagull 1963?

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    the price is palatable.
    china watch.
    googling gives a mixed bag.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TopEngine View Post
    This beautiful timepiece is with me for the last 3 months and I love it.

    Attachment 44243


    Last month, I acquired these 2 beautiful white dial timepieces for my wife and a daughter's graduation gift, a Rado Captain Cook 37mm with 80hrs PR and a Tissot Seastar 1000 36mm Swiss Quartz.

    But prior to that, I'm already looking for a beater/everyday watch. Hamilton is popular of their Khaki Field watches, it has the Heritage back in WWI and WWII military watches. So after 2 weeks, I went back to my AD and acquired this Khaki Field Mechanical black PVD watch . I was adamant last time because it's mechanical, but as they said, it's good to have connection to your watches. I love handwinding (5-7 rotations) it 2x a day. It's now my most worn watch.


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    Monitoring 3 timezones

    Bezel - San Diego
    GMT hand - London
    Min & hr hands - Home

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    Quote Originally Posted by c_cube View Post
    Monitoring 3 timezones

    Bezel - San Diego
    GMT hand - London
    Min & hr hands - Home

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    how's that compared to the new Longines Zulu 39mm GMT watch?
    Edited: by the way, could you take that red band out? it's unclassy just wear it to your right wrist if you can't resist.
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