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    Aug 2007
    nokia 5220 XpressMusic pang globe to. 6 yrs na ang sim

    verzio SKii dual sim

    pang sun lang.

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    Oct 2002
    Quote Originally Posted by tidus1203 View Post
    I still feel di sulit ang iPhone maybe in the 20K's price range pwede na pero at 30K-40K its just too expensive when Androids are selling for less than 15K with a removable battery to boot... iPhone's just don't last very long battery wise baka di tapos araw mo low batt ka na while sa Android just in case you do run out the battery is swappable and you are full charge again...
    That's why I only get my iPhones from Globe

    wife's iPhone 3GS 16GB, 9K
    my old iPhone 3GS 32GB, 6K
    my new iPhone 4 32GB, 15K

    The iPhone 4's battery life lasts longer than the 3GS. In my so many years of using smartphones (O2 XDA2, XDA Mini, HTC Touch, Asus P505?, Samsung Omnia, and some of which I forgot), I've never bought an extra battery even if the phone's battery drain out in less than a day. So it's no big deal for me that iPhone's batteries aren't user replaceable.

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    Feb 2008
    Battery life kasi ang mahor complaint ng friend ko, medyo on the go kasi... He bought a thing that you clip at the back, yeah battery life increased beyond a day kaso it became bulky...

    In terms of Globe, I think you have paid Globe a lot of money over the years to be able to get an iPhone from them... My plan with them is the cheapest or was it the 2nd cheapest, I don't even know... Around P500 a month...

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    Oct 2002
    In the event that I need to charge my celphone, I always have car chargers in my car.

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