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    Mar 2013
    Im playing far cry 5 now myself

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    Jan 2006
    Quote Originally Posted by EQAddict View Post
    Im playing far cry 5 now myself
    I'm not sure why some say it's similar to both Far Cry 3 and Far Cry 4. I mean the graphics definitely use the Dunia engine. But, to me, Far Cry 5 feels quite different from the earlier Far Cry games.

    I love it.

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    Jul 2007
    What is this fort night (?) that kids are addicted on? Can adults play it too?

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    Apr 2014
    It is basically todays version of counterstrike back then.

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    Jan 2006
    It sounds improbable. But, my character in Far Cry 5 (Hard difficulty) has been dying more than the one in STALKER: Call of Pripyat (Master difficulty) which is why I'm always finding concealment.

    I love gazing at the plant life in the game which is why my character always walks even though there are vehicles around.

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    Jun 2018
    Quote Originally Posted by tidus1203 View Post
    Meron ba dito (maliban sa akin) na mahilig maglaro ng videogames? You know Xbox 360 or PS3 etc...

    Me I like XBox 360 playing online with some college friends. I currently play Gears of War II and Fallout 3. Meron din akong PS3 pero di ko masyadong nalalaro since mas maganda games ng Xbox 360, pero iniintay ko yung Gran Turismo 5 for PS3.
    pubg and dota 2 kinaaadikan ko lately

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    Jan 2006
    I'm enjoying this game. But, I'm not fond of cutscenes. Good thing I can skip them, most of them, anyway.

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    Aug 2004
    Steam had all of Valve's Half-Life games on sale this week. Introduced my teenage son to the original Half-Life. Mura nang mura sa headcrabs And to think na maning-mani sa kanya ang Fallout 4.

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    Jan 2006
    We have a second road trip coming up. So, I'm getting in all the Far Cry 5 gaming I can before we leave.

    This reminds me of the hiking I did at the Tahoe National Forest when I was younger. Of course, Montana is in the Rocky Mountains region while Tahoe is at the Sierra Nevadas.

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    Jan 2006
    I love the aircraft in Far Cry 5. The helicopters seem the most versatile. But, they get shot down rather easily. Got the glass shot away here after passing over a cultist-held settlement.

Videogames anyone?