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    Jul 2003
    sir jedi, W800i pwede niyong kunin if may credit card kayo ng up to 1 year na hulugan hehehe... sa abenson pero yun nga 30K ang price..

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    Oct 2002
    amen to that...

    Quote Originally Posted by theveed
    sakin eto lang, kahit anong provider...

    services offered to prepaid is head over heels better than what they offer to post paid, daming di pwede sa post paid, di kasali sa promo etc...

    labo, mas madaming benefits sa "fly-by-night" sales kesa sa nagcommit.

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    Jan 2005
    improved...a bit. pero dalas ako text, so haven't tried using call.

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    Nov 2002
    Text is ok as far as I'm concerned. There are still some problems in calling, but greatly reduced compared to before when it was nearly impossible.

    I also suggest a 5 or 10-second anti-flood for sending 2 consecutive SMS containing exactly the same text, so as to eliminate occasional lag once and for all. Sun-Sun texters tend to send the same message twice to assure receipt.

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    Sep 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by pissword
    sir jedi, better if you have another number, either a smart or globe pa rin, d pa sobrang reliable ang sun, although ok naman na siya minsan lang pag emergency mahirap.

    btw, alam niyo ba na ang GLOBE UNLIMITED TEXT eh pwede pala sa postpaid, kainis..bago ko lang nadiscover
    Bad trip lang sa Globe is that you may only avail of the Unlimited Text promo AFTER you consume all your free text AND the Unlimited Text promo is only Globe to Globe! Eh yung free text sa plan, kasama Smart and Sun. Pero ok na din naman, especially kung Plan 500 ang gamit mo.

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    Aug 2004
    Quote Originally Posted by jedi
    nagdalawang isip ako kanina nung nasa SUNshop ako parang mas gusto ko na ang w800i and just buy an openline unit

    ngayon may panibagong tanong na naman ako dito
    try SEMICON at SM malls... w800i-29k, k750i-24.5k.. both openline and with 1year warranty..

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    Nov 2005
    to all sun cellular subscribers..

    baka ur interested to share your good/bad experiences with sun.
    please contribute here:

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    Sep 2002
    Customer service ng frontliners sa Megamall branch is good.

    i usually pay in advance, once I forgot to settle the bill on time (read late 3 days) and service was disconnected. After I settled the bill, it took 5 days to reconnect.
    In comparison, when I was out of town and let my globe bill go unpaid for 2 mos, it was not even disconnected. how can sun expect to get new clients or even maintain existing ones when they cannot take care of them?

    applying for a new line is too complicated. at one point i had 4 lines, all of which are paid in advance except for that one instance. when applying for another line, ahat na naman ng requirements kelangan ibigay?! im still the same person, with the same everything. after fulfilling requirements, it took more than a week and still no line, so cancel na lang. Just waiting for contracts on current lines to run out and will cancel most if not all of our lines.

    sayang, because i really wanted to support the new player in the industry. Pinilit ko pa yung company na kumuha ng sun lines in the beginning.

    (whether this is an improvement or not, i think it's more of a slide)

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Sun Cellular nagimprove na ba?