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    Jan 2007
    Walang kadala-dala, the word IGNORANT applies,excuses no one,like a virus most especially to GREEDY individuals...hope hindi lalabas ng bansa ang mga perang ito.

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    Oct 2002
    Remember Forever Living in the old
    Scams, scams everywhere...
    Once one scam is shut down, a new one reappears.
    These scams feed not on the gullibility and ignorance
    but largely on GREED.

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    Jun 2007
    well these rich people who got gypped does not deserve being rich at all..

    they should have studied first the investment before putting their money in it..

    they should have studied the company first before putting their money in it..

    even poor investors know that..hehehe..

    there are only 2 types of investments worth investing.. bonds and stocks.. other investments are either too risky or too complicated..

    remember, if you don't know the investment then don't invest..

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