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    Aug 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by IIE View Post
    yun pong watt or comsumo ng ating pc is 12v po same ng 50w na incandescent light (bombilya) at maglalabas po ito ng 12v kung ang monitor mo is sa cpu naka load., if not 12v cpu + monitor. mahina lang po ang consumo ng isang pc. just an opinion.
    Sorry di kita maintindihan.

    Sa mga CRT monitors mahina na ang mga 60 Watts, depende pa sa laki and technology nito ang power consuption.

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    Nov 2005
    On the average itíll be 100WÖ monitor, power supply and other peripherals.
    To compare itís consumption, 20W compact bulb is less consuming than that of a 100W for a certain given time.

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    Jan 2006
    btw, those free power supply when you buy the PC casing doesn't really give the watts it claims to be.

    my first power supply toasted after using 24/7 for a month. then another just a week. kaya in my third, bumili na ako ng branded 350 watts and it's already running 24/7 for more than 2 years without any problems. with once a month cleaning maintanance.

    though new intel has lesser consumption and heat... so I guess those freebie power supply will be enough...

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    Jun 2006
    nice infos...

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Power Consumption of PCs