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    Dec 2004
    ^ I personally have my T9 dictionary on Filipino (tumatanggap ng salitang Ingles, so win-win heheh), kaya laging perfect spelling ang mga text messages.

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    Dec 2003
    wer na u? d2 na me?

    hehehe nakakabobo talaga pag nasanay ka na sa text ng text.. buti nalang may other network alternatives na para maka calls nalang.. nakakatamad na paminsan mag text ng magtext eh..

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    Mar 2006
    Those messages in unofficial shortcut text is really one of my pet peeves!

    When I send messages, I always complete the words so there is no misunderstanding.

    When I get messages in shortcut text, I usually say that I can't understand what they're trying to say and to properly send the message again.

    One time in an elevator, I overheard a guy telling his companion that since he's been using shortcut text he no longer knows how to properly spell words. Twit.

    As for PDAs containing your contact numbers and what not, how is that different from having one of those personal directory book thingies and the age old filofaxes?

    The concept is the same except that evething is digital and you can store a lot of stuff without your PDA getting thicker everytime you put in something new.

    I aggree with Alpha_One in that these gadgets just make stupidity more apparent.

    It's pretty much the user and not the gadget.

    Just my 2 cents.

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Mobile Phones Are Making Us Stupid