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    Jan 2005
    for NiMH batteries, deep drain them before charging fully again.

    for LiIon batteries, DO NOT deep drain them before charging. it'll kill the batteries prematurely, and could even cause them to blow up if they're sony batteries.

    heat din pala plays a large part in shortening the battery life.

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    Jun 2006
    Sa Festival Mall ako kanina. Ink Plaza repacks laptop batteries. 3 months warranty daw. Price depends on no of cells and voltage. Bring the battery for quote. 3 days daw to repack a bat.

    For battery care and FAQ visit It will tell you all you want to know about them.

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    Jun 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by hotwheels View Post
    use the battery the way you used your cellphone and charge it once the low bat shows.
    madalas kasi laging kasaksak sa on line power pag nasa office tayo. this is one cause to disharged and shorten the battery life.
    suggestion,if you are using on line power and laptop showed the battery is fully charged, try disconnect battery while using on line power.
    Do you mean remove the battery from the laptop?

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    Oct 2002
    On my laptop, Lithium ION batteries, I just plug the AC...meron auto shut off from charging yung laptop ko (NEO)...I don't have the overcharging problem. Pero definitely, I try to use-up the charge (until 10%) at least once a month.

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    Jun 2006
    Quote Originally Posted by userfriendly View Post
    Saan nakakabili ng laptop battery sa Pinas? Model ay HP Compaq NX6125.
    Try no po sa Shoppesville Plus sa Greenhills.

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    May 2005
    Try no po sa Shoppesville Plus sa Greenhills.
    sir tabong,magkano po doon ?

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