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    Nov 2004
    Quote Originally Posted by kinyo View Post
    i would interpret "optimized for video" as having sufficient bandwidth for video signal transmission ... the NTSC composite video signal is normally 6MHz wide and for most RCA cables, even the cheapest ones, can carry the video signal for short lengths

    unfortunately, the cheaper RCA cables in the market are not really coaxial, instead the purported "shield" is actually a few strands of wire and helically wrapping the center conductor with lots of unshielded portions ... i believe this kind of cable will degrade the video signal over longer distance (>10 feet) and susceptible to emf interference, which could be the reason why you don't find them longer than a meter or two

    however, the RCA cables supplied by manufacturers of known brands are usually true coaxial are can be trusted to provide sufficient bandwidth for video

    expensive cables like monster are, imo, simply marketing hype and surely one could find lower cost true coxial cables that could perform just as well

    gold connectors? tell that to the marines! they are useful only for semiconductor manufacturing
    Thank you sir for the explanation. I couldn't have said it better.
    Lesson learned:Very cheap cable will do for short distances and the not so expensive cables are preferred for long distances.
    Advise: Do not buy expensive cables unless their freebies.

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    Nov 2004
    Quote Originally Posted by M54 Powered View Post
    next time na madaan ka sa Florida, chief

    although kung malapit ka sa Toronto...madadaan ako jan sa january
    Ayus! Nasa florida ako next year hehe. Too bad your not in SoCal, Ill be on holidays there starting nextweek.

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    Mar 2005
    meron na ba mga ganito product sa P'nas

    i saw a seller in another forum kaya lang limited stocks nya eh. saka may apprehensions din ako bumili sa kanya since parang grey marketeer

    ok sana price around 35k intro offer nya, around 20k cheaper than the korean 32" LCD TV

    sino nga ba yun parang distro ng AOC dito, gleek technologies ba or axis technologies. gusto ko sana tanungin

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    Mar 2005
    been browsing thru this special tech talk forum and I just came up with this idea

    why not setup a home theatre thread na puros computer brands and parts naman

    i just checked out glee electronics website and they are now selling

    37"/32" AOC LCD TV. AOC is a popular monitor brand.

    tapos add tambutsoo Mediagate Player

    buy a 320GB Seagate IDE HDD
    buy an altec lansing subwoofer speakers

    record all your movies, tv series, mp3s, photos from time to time with your home PC connected to the net.

    I have burned in like 22 DVD-R divx movies with 6 movies each. 6x22 = 132 movies. 4.3GB x 22 = 94GB lang. I have like 2 DVD+R of MP3 music or roughly a 1000 music each or 2000 music files = or 8GB.

    at 320GB HDD - 94GB - 8GB = 218GB free space more! and no more DVD casings, cabinets, jackets/bags to clutter up your living room! tapos swappable pa yun mediagate. pag naubos yun 320GB bili ka na lang ulit ng isa pa 320GB more.

    and you've got yourself a fully functioning media center/home theatre from computer parts/brands


    1. AOC 32" LCD TV estimated at 40k
    2. Mediagate 5k
    3. Seagate 320GB 5.5k (per pcx pricing)
    4. Altec Lansing Speakers 5k

    Total of P 55.5k lang.

    addl. costing or given na
    1 Home Computer P20k above
    1 PLDT DSL connection P900/mo

    what do you think? any other suggested configs. baka mag-setup ako ng ganito ah tipid in the long run. pati effort kasi di ka na tatayo para magpalit ng dvd. menu na lang with 320gigs of multimedia.


    wait may photo player pa. i can also view all our vacation photos in the TV and access by remote. nice. parang electronic album lalo na pag may guest sa haws
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    Oct 2002
    not to reprimand but posting this in the home theater thread would be appropriate.

    pero maganda ang concept mo. BUT the last time SONY had their sale - the SONY Bravia V 32" LCD comes with a free DVD/CD player and a matching 5.1HT sound system = cash cost is P55,000.

    the same lang sa costing mo.

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    Mar 2005
    share ko lang cut and paste from another forum MURA no?

    Panasonic Plasma
    50" P123,000 PV70 Viera
    42" P110,000 TH42PV600H
    42" P83,000 PV70 Viera
    42" TH42PV7H P73,000
    32" LX70 (LCD) P48,000

    Philips 26" 26HF5443/97 P33,000

    Sharp Aquos 32" P42,000

    Samsung LCD
    46" P153,000 M series Most Awarded
    40" P81,000 R81B
    32" P45,000 R81B
    26" P36,000 R71B
    19" P25,500 R71B

    Toshiba LCD
    32" WL66E P50,000 Regza
    32" A3000E P42,000 Regza
    37" A3000E P55,000 Regza
    42" A3000E P72,000 Regza
    47"WL68E P128,000 Regza

    32" LD9000 P59,000

    1 Year Warranty!!! Free Delivery within Metro Manila
    Contact #s 0927-886-87-26
    #(02) 800-35-62

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    Oct 2002
    ohoy, maganda pala talaga yung presyong kuha ko sa 32" Viera ko :clap:

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    Oct 2002
    Hmmm... mura yung prices compared to what the authorized distributors & dealers are pricing them. Baka smuggled or something.

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    Oct 2002
    malaki talaga profit sa electronics... some technique is to get the model 2nd to the latest...baka ganyan yan.

    in fairness mura nga kaso who would dare buy and share their experience if it was really worth it?

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    Oct 2002
    bagsak na talaga presyo ng 1080i at 720p sets ngayon. lumabas na kasi yung mga 1080p and Bluray is starting to gain a foothold as the next gen in video

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