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    Jan 2003
    tatagal rin naman yan basta maingat yung may-ari.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kikkomann View Post
    ^^^ Anong programming ba ginagawa mo? Bad trip IBM WSSAD memory hog yan. Pramis.

    cobol/cobol cics.

    tapos minsan java, ok na rin sa akin ung hindi gaanong mabilis sa java para makita ko kagad ung bugs na nagpapabagal.

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    Oct 2002
    Pre, kung cobol/cics ang programming na ginagawa mo, yung bilis ay dependent sa 3270 connection. Kung gapang yung connection speed or response time ng OS/390, no use mabilis na laptop. Yung office laptop na ginagamit ko pang cics/cobol/eztrieve ,P3 128MB lang e.

    By the way, yung dad ko nagpapabili ng laptop. I managed to narrow down my choice between Dell & Compaq. Same specs, pero mas mahal ang presyo ng Compaq. Oks ba ang quality ng Dell? What would be a good choice in terms of durability, reliability & aftersales support?
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    Oct 2002
    saan ba ang service center ng Dell dito? and meron bang shops na nagbebenta ng Dell dito? parang wala pa akong nakikitang Dell laptops sa mga shops sa cyberzone sa megamall.

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    Jan 2006
    oo nga sir, wala pa akong nakikitang store na nagbebenta ng dell, anyway sir, dell is a good brand, yun nga lang medyo mahal kung i-ko-compare sa rival nya na HP Compaq

    yung mga murang laptop ok naman mo, lalo na yung ECS 220 and the new m31, ayoko lang yung 223 parang maingay yung exhaust fan nya at mabili pa yung 220

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    Mar 2005
    usually mga Dell-sellers, nasa mga office condo sa makati ang office. yun kasi dalawa naging dell ng dad ko as company laptop based sa isang makati computer corporate supplier.

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    Oct 2002
    I guess I'll go for Compaq (HP), at least they have an corporate office & a service center in Manila, unlike Dell who I suppose has authorized distributors only. I also checked Dell's website, they dont seem to have an 'official' presence in Phils. Sa SEA, Malaysia, Singpre & Thailand lang ang listed e.

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    Aug 2003
    any owners of 4 years or older laptops here? pakipost naman ung brand/models nyo.

    any twinhead owners here? anong ibig sabihin kung nagbi blink ung AC adapter LED pag pinaplug sa laptop?

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    Jan 2003
    Actually, worldwide there are only a handful of true notebook manufacturers that supply the branded marketers. For instance, Dell's suppliers include Compal and Quanta, among others. Dell's case of having multiple suppliers actually account for the inconsistency in the quality of its product lines.

    Oftentimes, a single model can be marketed under different labels, especially as inhouse brands (e.g. Villman's Viper series). MSI is a major supplier for this market segment.

    The booming market and Intel's efforts to standardize major components have resulted in the recent nosedive of notebook's prices. Still, notebooks hold a premium (in price) over comparable desktop models. And notebook components are not as upgradeable nor as repairable. But in terms of benefits (mobility, less clutter, LCD screen), they are actually cost-effective, especially the so-called generic, "older technology" (Pentium M, Centrino) models.

    Best bargains are still those offered by U.S.-based resellers that come with an international warranty. It would be a bonus if they have a service center locally. But generally speaking, notebooks hold up pretty well if they are not abused (excessive motion, cigarette smoke, etc.). If they are functional for the first month, they will usually go on functioning for years.

    I still have a TP560 from the late 90s and use ECS a928s (2002/03) for various functions (download station, test server, etc.). I buy both branded and generic labels depending on the situation. But I never buy the latest technology unless I come across a bargain such as the Acer Aspire 5672 (I got 2 last May at $1300 each from CompUSA). I usually buy one generation off - they provide the best value for your money, being well tested, relatively bug-free, and discounted.

    If going for a generic brand, a critical consideration is warranty repair. Make sure the warranty is at least 1 year parts and labor. Also make sure the LCD has no dead pixels especially in the center of the screen. If you don't plan to use Vista, the Celeron/Centrino/Pentium M offers the best value. Just make sure important features such as WiFi (esp. 802.11b/g), USB 2.0, modem, Ethernet are included. Also if you are heavily into graphics, an upgradeable graphics chip is recommended (don't settle for one that uses shared memory). Depending on your needs, a Firewire port, Bluetooth, and PC Card slot would be nice, too.

    Hope this helps.

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    Oct 2002
    Quote Originally Posted by nitrox View Post
    I guess I'll go for Compaq (HP), at least they have an corporate office & a service center in Manila, unlike Dell who I suppose has authorized distributors only. I also checked Dell's website, they dont seem to have an 'official' presence in Phils. Sa SEA, Malaysia, Singpre & Thailand lang ang listed e.
    Just an update...Instead of the Compaq, I settled for a Toshiba M100 laptop for my dad. Got it for around P40K.


    Processor- Core Duo
    Processor speed - 1.66 GHz
    RAM - 768 MB (Original RAM is only 256MB. promo is free upgrade to 512MB, but they forgot to remove the original 256MB) :D
    Hard drive - 80 GB
    Optical drive - DVD Super Multi drive
    Graphics - Intel GMA 950
    Screen size 14.1 inch
    2 years warranty

    Its good enough for normal home computing use.

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