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    Quote Originally Posted by cutie42 View Post
    [SIZE=2] i think the prices of lcd in other countries are lower than pinas because they go for the plasma and di na uso don lcd. as for the 0% interest , FYI, read the cardholders rights and it says it is illegal to post a different price for card purchase and can be penalized under the law.[/SIZE]
    Sa pagkakaintindi ko nilulusutan nila ito dahil iisang price tag lang ang nakadisplay sa panel nila so technically wala silang vinaviolate na law. Hehehe. Kasi dati diba may nakalagay Cash price / card price.

    Go and check out for yourselves peeps! Wala pa po akong nakikitang shops na nagooffer ng true 0% interest. True 0% interest = kulitin ang sales about the price if you're going to pay in cash then compare it sa price tag na nakadisplay kung parehas. :D

    Btw, you guys may want to look at this article in INQUIRER Blogs.

    The truth behind 0% interest promos
    Posted under Money Myth Busters, Millionaires, credit cards

    A finance professional last week told me he had a great tip for MoneySmarts. He said the 0% interest rate promotions are a sham. Yep — a clever cover up, a daring deception, a trap for the millions of unsuspecting shoppers in this great big mall of a country.

    Unfortunately, he declined to be identified, but he was willing to explain all the details. So MoneySmarts went money myth busting to find out if his claims were for real.

    Hot glue gun stuck to the end of my nose! I was surprised how easy it is to make money in this country. Here is what I found.

    If you are like me, you go shopping at least once a week. Or at least go window shopping. You find that as you browse the shop windows, your eyes constantly stray to digital cameras (the hot craze right now), laptops (I especially like the razor-thin ones because I’m hardly 5 feet tall and lugging around more than two kilos of computer equipment is not my idea of a good day), plasma television and aircondition units because of this terrible summer heat.

    These are by no means cheap items. But hey! There’s a 0% interest installment promo and all my three credit cards are accepted!

    Now, here’s the deal. Swiping a credit card removes the pain of having to fork over a huge amount of money and it is very convenient. But we have been told hundreds of times not to use the credit card just to look good because the interest will kill us. Well this time, there’s no interest to pay. So why not jump at the chance, right? Sounds like a great deal.


    The Canon 400D camera cost P48,500. Its interest free if you pay for 12 months. The monthly payment is P4,042. Cut down to monthly bite-sized pieces, it doesn’t look too painful. Then I asked the clerk, “What if I don’t want to pay by credit card? I want to pay in cash.”

    “Mam, its P44,950 if you want to pay in cash,” she says.

    Technically, there’s no violation of Administrative Order 10 issued by the Department of Trade and Industry, which put a stop to the practice of putting a card price and cash price in one price tag. But if you pester the clerk in a nice manner, he will tell you that he can give you a discount if you will pay in cash.

    So, is the 0% interest for real? MoneySmarts concludes the nice round “oh” is just a figure, often in red, to catch people’s attention. The interest has been included in the price already. If I pay P4,042 a month for that Canon 400D, I will be paying 12% interest on this installment promo and not 0%. If I pay in cash, I would save P3,550 – that’s almost 2 gigabytes of additional memory for the camera.

    If your aircondition unit at home is up for replacement, then go for the deal because the 12% interest is much less than the regular 42%. But don’t let the deciding factor be the attractive “0%” deal, because it ain’t what most people think it is.
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    if you have a friend working in a bank issuing credit cards, you can ask them. i know there's a small factor rate even if it's posted zero interest. but it's minimal compared to regular rates. i've tried it in my cards and availed also of the discount that they are offering to cash purchases. and 0% interest is available only to cards issued in the phils.

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    Actually, I'm not talking about cash/credit discounts discounts or mere price differences in the less than 10% range. I just canvassed for LCD TVs recently and the cheapest locally available ones go for about 60K pesos. And yet sa reputable stores sa US (over the net), may makikita kang 500 USD TVs of the same size! At 45 to 1 that's 22,500 vs. 60,000 pesos!

    Yun nga lang pag nag-import ka, tatagain ka nung mga buwaya sa customs!

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    What I want to know is bakit yung mga LCD TV dito kalahati lang ang presyo sa ibang bansa !?!?!
    Quote Originally Posted by Reypal View Post
    lahat kasi imported na yata . wala na sigurong gawa dyan sa atin. kung meron man, di sya yung volume production kaya mahal. 1-2 years from now bababa din price nyan
    Actually, kung imported dapat mas mura, considering na nag-aapreciate ngayon ang peso. Nasa 45 na ngayon to US$1. Kahit isama mo na ang taxes and duties, hindi dapat ganun ang price.

    I'm more inclined to think that its because manufacturers and retailers want to maximize profits. But eventually, bababa din yan

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    if you want to import para mas mura lcd mo, idaan mo na lang sa door to door para walang tax. it's the simplest and cheapest way to import.

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    In 2 years time ang sagot dyan, todo bagsak ang prices ng TVs. Kasi a lot of countries are gonna switch to digital/hdtv signal. US is scheduled to end all analogue broadcasts in 2009 (February 17, 2009).

    So ung mga digital TVs/HDTVs ang magiging standard.. well if you still wanna watch network tv/broadcasts sa states. Ang result.. HDTVs will be cheaper as well as analogue TVs in countries like ours.

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