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    Jul 2003
    Yung automatic washing machine namin sumabog dahil sa power surge (see related thread on my laptop huhuhuhu). Nung mangyari yun, nakasaksak siya pero ndi naka-on.

    Nung una ko pinalitan yung fuse, nag-on siya tapos sumabog yung fuse nung pag off ko. Tapos pinalitan ko uli ng fuse, ngayon naman, sumabog agad pag saksak ko pa lang ng plug. Tapos pinalitan ko uli, parehas ng nangyari nung first time.

    Dun sa diagram sa likod ng washing machine ang nakasulat ay Fuse 230V~5A. so 5 amps yung fuse na binili ko.

    Same situation pala dun sa DVD player namin. Nung unang pinalitan ko yung fuse ok siya, then ngayon no power uli.

    Ano ba dapat ko gawin? Mukang tama naman yung replacement fuse na nabili ko. Yung isang TV namin na pinalitan ko ng fuse ay OK naman.

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    Oct 2002
    You might have a problem with the power in your area if you are having similar problems with other electrical appliances aside from the washing machine.

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    Aug 2003
    i'm no expert, but could it perhaps be the electricals of the washing machine itself? maybe something shorted out, or some component got busted?

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    Aug 2005
    Washing machine panels is susceptible to water ingress if not used properly. Water may have sipped through the panels thus causing electric circuits to be shorted. Try opening the wm panels and blow dry the components.

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    Jan 2008
    Using Voltmeter, measure/ monitor commercial power in the outlet..check and compare with the appliance specifications if operating voltage is within range. Ususally motorized appliances and some appliances using stepdown transformers have limited voltage tolerance as compared to appliances with switching-type power supplies w/c have wider tolerances (around 100~240VAC). Over/ undervoltage and incorrect frequency can produce current surge..

    Ask your neigbors if they encounter same problem..

    Report to Meralco if your getting below 190V and beyond 240V..

    Power surges usually happens during thunderstorms, heavy winds..Better protect using line-interactive UPS.

    Your washing machine could have build-up bad insulation over time because of exposure to power irregularities. Clean motor, check starting capacitor for leakage..Modern washing machines have complex power supplies for the controller..Better bring to electrician for checkup..

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    Nov 2005
    try to check the voltage output on those outlets where the washing machine and DVD player used to be plugged. if it's within 230V might be the fuse wasn't able to cut the surged and forced it's way to the unit/s. in short, shorted na nga.

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    Sep 2005
    Besides what others have already posted ...

    Check what kind of fuse you're replacing.

    You may have used the same Amp rating ... but if you use a Fast Blow fuse on an equipment which needs a Slow Blow, chances are you'll pop the fuse everytime you turn it on.

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    Jan 2006
    If your not and expert with electrical don't mess with it.

    It always states in the manual.

    Bring to the nearest service center. or call a qualified technician.

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    Oct 2002
    most electronic appliances have varistors for surge protection ... they do their job well

    but strong surges can damage them, causing them to short out and blow the fuse ... in many cases, removing the varistor from the circuit (and replacing the fuse) would restore normal operation (temporarily without surge protection until varistor is also replaced)

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    Apr 2007
    if the other appliances in your house don't have the same problem, baka shorted nga yang washing machine mo, bro. . .be thankful for the fuse is doing what it's supposed to do, which is to protect your equipment. . .pa-check mo sa qualified technician

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Bakit lagi sumasabog fuse ng washing machine?