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    Oct 2002
    OT: may winxp SP2 na? stable ba?

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    Oct 2002
    OT: Meron, oks naman sa akin pero may horror stories yung ibang tao Download mo... 220MB lang hehe. Gusto mo gawan nalang kita ng CD tapos kunin mo sakin.

    Dun na lang tayo mag-discuss sa PC thread hehe
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    Oct 2002
    ang hirap namang isipin nito. You got to have all the compression and engineering required to come up with such technology.
    i think this is not possible, unless all telephone line are already FIBER OPTICS. its like bridging an elephant on a nylon wire!!!

    if this is not a scam, it is only a proxy software.

    sir PK alam ko may XP SP3 na ah?

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    Aug 2003
    sir PK alam ko may XP SP3 na ah?
    sa winXP sp2 pa lang meron.

    i cant believe madami pa din nagogoyo mga ganitong klaseng scam.

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    Jun 2004
    XP SP2 is the most recent available patch from microsoft. If you just want a partial patching of your OS then visit The site will determine your OS and check for available Patch based on your environment.

    2 MB on a dial-up connection is just an imagination. 19.2 kbps is the true async speed and 56 KBPS is just the variance of multiple data compression on both the receiving and transmitting known as handshake.

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    Sep 2003

    guys, JUICE is just a total HOAX .. wag na ninyo patulan dahin kino-collect lang ng ang mga email address ninyo hehe.. starting October 1 eh marami na kayo spam mail hehe

    i'm a programmer (di ako nagyayabang po) so i know the limitation of the dial-up line..

    the ZIP or RAR compression is still one of the best pa rin..

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    Jul 2004
    sa mga expert sa pc... ano po ang posible problem pag nagshot2 down ang pc?

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    Oct 2002
    nakaka akit sumali pero ayoko. sinasabi ko na lang sa mga tropa ko na balitaan na lang ako pag may dumating na na pera. iba un dito, pero ganyan din ung style. nakalimutan ko kung ano e.

    OT: pwede bang mag install ng sp2 kahit pirated? ayaw ma dl e. wala don sa mga available na updates. saka ung sp1 pano ko ma dl un. pirated os ko e. hehehe.
    sorry sa OT.

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    Oct 2002
    to sir glemaesj08

    does it happen when your connected to the internet and
    may error message ba na something like this:
    "NT authority
    save files, the computer will shotdown in 59 secs"

    go to this site:
    search for "worm"
    download the patch

    otherwise, be detailed about your problem, what was the last thing that will happen to your pc before it'll shutdown??

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    Oct 2002
    technically phone lines carry a max of 52kbps even digital but couple it with compression technologies being used like AOL [TopSpeed], Earthlink [PropelAC], Netzero [slipstream] it can accelerate your surfing BUT compromises graphics and downloads are not accelerated. v.92 modem gamitin mo para sulit....

    kung gusto mo ng mabilis, cable internet or dsl. at kung wireless, anything except netgear, trust me on this.....wala na ako sa starbucks, I do network testing now including hardware.

    Doc D.
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2 mbps thru dial-up internet connection, possible?