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    Feb 2004
    very good idea

    problema lang i live in gen. santos city

    actually, we do that here in Gen. Santos when we have a chance. beer, dinner and a good F1 race. shoot na yan


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    Jun 2004
    When all goes wrong:
    Bridgestones take time to heat up.
    Michelin fade after a few laps.
    More or less only one lap difference for their tyres.
    Forget tyres, its back to the driver.

    I prefer Dunlop FM901!

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    Feb 2004
    very good point about the points system.

    like on the PGA tour, in the race for the money title, and of course congruently based on each tournament winnings, the winner gets double what the runner up gets. pwede kaya yan sa F1?


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    Jun 2004
    I completly agree the points system sucks.
    Same as re fuelling, one lap qualifying, IRL, Star Sports commentators Steve Slater and Collette Wong etc.

    I wonder what MS thinks about Jean Todt have a girlfriend who is better looking than Mrs Pudgy Wudgy?

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    Oct 2002
    Originally posted by brg998uk
    I guess you guys are all in the 20-25 age range?
    If so, you would not remember when a young MS won a race against a field that included a few world champions and people instantly began talking about the end of Williams Renault or Senna dominance?

    There is no denying Ferrari reliability.
    The important fact is that finally a Merc engine held together and the one driver that has enough raw skill to use it, did.

    No it is not too much, i am not going to run naked along Edsa but i will bet that anytime Kimi has a reliable car he will beat Shumacher in a head to head. Either of them.
    It's the dawn of a new era, and i for one hope that Kimi does not dominate as i hope at least 3 or 4 other drivers will be pushing him every race.

    I am very lucky, i have met many drivers including Kimi who has something the others do or did not have. You can sense a absolute single minded purpose that is almost scary.....hopefully he will wait a few years before he has children and does a Mika
    no, i remember the times when MS suddenly started holding his own against Senna, Mika et al.

    i don't think anyone here is doubting Kimi's talent and potential, but your statement is like claiming young Lebron James is already better than Michael Jordan ever was.
    i will bet that anytime Kimi has a reliable car he will beat Shumacher in a head to head
    so, by your logic - every time Kimi finishes a race, he will most certainly finish ahead of Schumacher? :D

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    Oct 2002
    basta magaling talaga ang Ferrari at si Schumi, tapos!!!
    lets not make things complicated.

    but am still shaking my head pag nanalo sila, do you guys agree na boring ang race pag sya ang leading ng mga 10 secs or more.

    Am an avid fan ni Mika, ngayon si Kimi
    and am happy he won at Spa, reminding the Reds that they are still humans.

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    Apr 2004
    i wish MS and Kimi to drive for one team and prove themselves how tough they are...

    Wish ko lang...

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    Jun 2004
    M54 - Yes, lets see if my logic is correct!
    effone - dream on, i will dream as well because it will never happen. If only, i would pay anything to see it, even if it was just a cart.

    Everyone ready for the shumeisters message later today? Is he thanking Ferrari or running away from Kimi???

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    Jan 2003

    I agree with your analogy on Kimi/Lebron and MS/Jordan. Everyone ata agrees that Kimi is one helluva driver. But I don't think that this is basis enough for anyone to say that Kimi is better than MS.

    Hell, even the official F1 Magazine and its counterpart F1 Racing as well as respected F1 writers such as Martin Brundle and Matt Bishop rate MS higher than Kimi. And these are highly credible sources - at least more credible than most of us here.

    I don't think it's right on saying that Kimi is better than MS based on two victories. The amount of data/wins/victories are simply not enough to reach such a unanimous conclusion.

    Head-to-head comparison? Last year, MS won 6-1 based on race victories. And he didn't even have the best package available to him. BMW had the best engine, Michelin teams had the best tires and Renault had the best launch control. Including this year, its 18-2. And as far as I'm concerned, the evidence of success is based on race victories and not speculation. Actually, if we base it on speculation, then MS should even be further ahead since during the late 1990's, McLaren had the best package in terms of Car and Engine. But Schumacher almost beat them twice even though they clearly had the inferior package ( data coming from Formula 1 archives and my memory ) And if we speculate further, MS was on a roll when he crashed out at Silverstone. Everyone including Ron Dennis agreed that Ferrari was the team to beat that year. Muntik nga nanalo si Eddie Irvine sa Drivers Championship eh.

    Also, the fact that Kimi had a .4 second difference in a single lap is misleading since Ferrari stopped developing their car/chassis/engine two races ago. That is public knwoledge. Jean Todt went public with that fact stating that they were now developing their 2005 Car. The only significant development would be tires and a few aerodynamic enhancements. And as they say in Formula 1, staying still is moving backwards. Let's not forget that when Ferrari was still developing their current cars, around 2 races ago, they were a full SECOND quicker than anyone else.

    But this does not discount the fact that KIMI is a great driver. I think he's a natural, actually, but saying that a driver with 2 victories is better than a driver with 75 is something too absurd to consider, much less believe.

    I think ( take note of the word I, as in me only, as in my own opinion, THINK ) the proper thing to assume is that Kimi is a great driver who has the potential to be the best ever ( time will tell ) but at this time, compared to Michael, he is a step or two below.

    My .02 guys!

    BTW, for me, ang MAGALING na driver ay si David Coulthard! Pucha, iba-iba yung chicks niya palagi! Once nga, iba yung kasama niya sa qualifying and sa race day! Monaco '98 or '99 ata yun. Lupit ni Dabid!

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