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    Oct 2002
    for me there are two circuits where a driver is judged. it is in these tracks where the men are separated form the boys, and when a driver doesn't perform well here he will be off my "book". these tracks are spa-francorchamp in belguim (which sadly has departed our current calendar) and suzuka in japan.

    in 1998, 1999, and 2000, we've seen the best epic battles in current formula 1. it was the rivalry of mika hakkinen and michael schumacher that has caught everyone's attention. many people in both the paddock and the press say that hakkinen is the only driver at that time who can challenge schumacher on a race-per-race basis. even schumacher has admitted this and has always expected something from hakkinen.

    in these three memorable years, the championship was always down-the-wire at suzuka. it was always in suzuka where it was the pressure cooker for both of the drivers. the chips were down and qualifying was always down to the last thousandth of a second for the two drivers in this track. in 1999 it was eddie irvine who was challenging for the championship but was clearly off the pace, and schumacher back from his injury in silverstone the same years was poised to give hakkinen a tough race. so effectivley it was a schumacher vs. hakkinen battle.

    to those who ave witnessed these three wonderful years, who do you think IS THE MASTER OF SUZUKA?

    i vote for mika hakkinen. it may be a biased opinion, but all i can say is that mika has performed consistently well here. he has always finished not just in the points, but also in the podium here including at mclaren's twilight years of 1995 and 1996.

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    Oct 2002
    I recall 2001.. The Ferrari then wasn't the fastest car on the grid (that was williams) but schumi set the pace 1 second faster than anyone else, and made everybody look absolutely ragged. Afaik Mika was in that season too, and mclaren were still competitive. That season alone shows how much he fell, hence he's definitely not getting my vote.

    The only times Hakkinen won Suzuka were 98 and 99, years he won the championship. Schumi won it in '95 with the mishandling Benetton, in 97 with the clearly sub-par Ferrari, and from 2000 to 2002.

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    Oct 2002
    mr smooth mika hakkinen
    but that's an amatuer-ish vote

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    Oct 2002
    All of their Suzuka race results... Let the races be the judge =)


    Michael Schumacher
    13 Oct 2002 Suzuka 1st 1st
    14 Oct 2001 Suzuka 1st 1st
    08 Oct 2000 Suzuka 1st 1st
    31 Oct 1999 Suzuka 1st 2nd
    01 Nov 1998 Suzuka 1st Retired: Puncture
    12 Oct 1997 Suzuka 2nd 1st
    13 Oct 1996 Suzuka 3rd 2nd
    29 Oct 1995 Suzuka 1st 1st
    06 Nov 1994 Suzuka 1st 2nd
    24 Oct 1993 Suzuka 4th Retired: Accident With Hill
    25 Oct 1992 Suzuka 5th Retired: Gearbox
    20 Oct 1991 Suzuka 9th Retired: Engine

    Mika Hakkinen
    14 Oct 2001 Suzuka 5th 4th
    08 Oct 2000 Suzuka 2nd 2nd
    31 Oct 1999 Suzuka 2nd 1st
    01 Nov 1998 Suzuka 2nd 1st
    12 Oct 1997 Suzuka 4th 4th
    13 Oct 1996 Suzuka 5th 3rd
    29 Oct 1995 Suzuka 3rd 2nd
    06 Nov 1994 Suzuka 8th 7th
    25 Oct 1992 Suzuka 7th Retired: Engine
    20 Oct 1991 Suzuka 21st Retired: Spun

    Mika Hakkinen has been off the podium, and incompetitive several times even driving for McLaren who have always had a competitive car. M.Schumi has never finished lower than 2nd.
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    Oct 2002
    Now, just for some perspective here are Ayrton Senna's Suzuka results...

    Ayrton Senna

    24 Oct 1993 Suzuka 2nd 1st
    25 Oct 1992 Suzuka 3rd Retired: Engine
    20 Oct 1991 Suzuka 2nd 2nd
    21 Oct 1990 Suzuka 1st Retired: Accident With Prost
    22 Oct 1989 Suzuka 1st Retired: Disq:1st-Push Start
    30 Oct 1988 Suzuka 1st 1st
    01 Nov 1987 Suzuka 7th 2nd

Master of Suzuka - Mika or Scumi?