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    Oct 2011
    RUSH still showing today on the following cinemas...

    Power Plant 1 - 6:25PM / 9:05PM

    Robinsons Galleria 10 - 6:20PM / 9:00PM

    The Block 4 - 6:55PM / 9:30PM

    SM Sta. Mesa 10 - 8:00PM

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    Dec 2005
    The thing that surprised me the most was the engine's output sound. Besides speeding up 50m before any other driver, the Renault engine of the German's car grinded like no other French engines on track, neither like Mark's.
    Tunog ng makina ng iba... "mmmeeeeeooooooowwwwwww"

    Tuno ng makina ni SV..... "ppppuuuuuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr"


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    Oct 2011
    Renault to rename engines as Samsung in Korea

    The Caterham F1 Team and Lotus F1 Team cars will both feature Renault Samsung Motors branding during the Korean Grand Prix. The two Renault-powered teams have agreed to fly the flag of Renault’s Korean brand on a one-off basis at this weekend’s race.
    The Korean audience will have the pleasure of the seeing the Renault Samsung Motors name appear on the single-seater cars raced by Lotus F1 Team and Caterham F1 Team, as well as on the race suits of their drivers, at their home round of the FIA Formula One World Championship.

    This logo switch is for the Korean Grand Prix weekend only, and Renault branding will return to the cars’ livery for the Japanese Grand Prix.

    Renault Sport F1’s Marketing Director Olivier Gillet said: ‘F1 is a global sport, but it is also a perfect opportunity for markets to engage with their local media and clients. Renault Samsung Motors is a strong domestic brand with around 8% of the market share in South Korea, however this opportunity allows it to reach more eyeballs over a weekend and to associate itself with a fast-paced, competitive, high performing sport. The Korean GP is undoubtedly one of the premium events in the country over the sporting season, receiving hourly hits across TV, print and social media channels: in every sense, an advertisers’ dream. This rebrand is part of an extensive 360° marketing campaign within Korea. Local press, dealers and clients will visit the Korean Grand Prix over the weekend. It is unprecedented for us to change our branding, but Korea is also a very unique market. It goes to show how F1 is now fully incorporated into the entire brand’s marketing strategy”

    The Renault Group has been active in Korea since 2000 through its Renault Samsung Motors brand, which develops and manufactures a number of different models, including the SM3, SM5, SM7 and QM5.

    Source: F1 Technical

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    Oct 2011
    Korean GP - Star Sports / FOX Sports HD Live TV Schedule

    Oct. 4 (friday)
    9am - Practice 1 - Star sports only
    1pm - Practice 2

    Oct. 5 (saturday)
    10am - Practice 3
    1pm - Qualifying Race

    Oct. 6 (sunday)
    1pm - Raceday show
    2pm - Main Race

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    Sep 2003
    Singapore GP 2013 Vettel sound...when he lifts it at the corner.

    2007 Honda Barichello Traction Control sound...

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    Oct 2011
    Barrichello could race for Sauber at Interlagos

    Rubens Barrichello’s return to the Formula 1 grid – as a driver – could actually happen this season at his home race.

    It emerged late last week that the Brazilian veteran, who lost his Williams seat at the end of 2011, could be a surprize contender to race alongside the highly inexperienced Sergey Sirotkin at Sauber next year.

    But highly respected Brazilian correspondent Livio Oricchio claims 41-year-old Barrichello – the most experienced driver in Formula 1 history – could even race the Sauber at his home race at Interlagos for November’s 2013 finale.

    Oricchio say’s that Barrichello is currently not answering his phone.

    “He just sent a message saying ‘who knows’,” Oricchio wrote in O Estado de S.Paulo newspaper.

    Oricchio said that F1 chief executive Ecclestone answered “good” when told of the prospect of Barrichello’s return. (GMM.)

    Source: Barrichello could race for Sauber at Interlagos | Grand Prix 247

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    Dec 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by Monseratto View Post
    Singapore GP 2013 Vettel sound...when he lifts it at the corner.

    2007 Honda Barichello Traction Control sound...

    Thanks for sharing bro.,- interesting!


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    Nov 2010
    ^Yun ba yung crackling sound?

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    Mar 2013
    Vettel on Traction Control accusation.

    Sebastian Vettel Q&A: No-one likes getting beaten

    Q: Sebastian, there was a lot of hype about the Red Bull ‘traction control’ in Singapore. Can you explain the state of affairs?
    Sebastian Vettel: Well, of course, as everybody witnessed it worked in Singapore. We’d been working on it all Friday and Saturday, and yes, on Sunday it worked perfectly for the first time - when it mattered. I am sure for the races to come that we will be able to enhance the system even further - to profit even more.

    Q: Will that mean that from now on you will lap all your competitors?
    SV: Ha, probably not here in Korea, as the system is not that crucial here. But on other courses to come, my guess is that it will make a difference.

    Q: Isn’t it a fact that when a driver keeps winning, the others start to whisper that there must be something on the car, that they must be cheating, or something along those lines?
    SV: Everybody has the right to his own opinion - and to express that. And everybody can see with his own eyes what is going on. As for us, I think we take all these whispers with a sense of humour.
    Finger boy knows how to cause a storm.

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    Mar 2013
    To shed some light on traction control accusation.

    Red Bull’s traction secret revealed?

    In the wake of the Singapore Grand Prix, utterly dominated by the Red Bull RB9 of Sebastian Vettel, questions have been raised about whether the car is using traction control. This is highly unlikely and it is probable that those suggesting that the RB9 runs TC lack understanding of how such systems work, especially considering that all cars run identical TAG 320 ECU’s.

    However the latest issue of Racecar Engineering raises an alternative, legal and highly innovative solution for the RB9′s mid corner performance, which could also explain many of Red Bull’s reliability issues.

    It is theoretically easy to modulate the output torque and charging input torque to an electric motor/generator using capacitors, batteries, inductors and a feedback signal. Torque changes are instant and control is easy and legal.
    Now that sounds depressing to Mercedes and Ferrari.

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