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    This season is proving once again of the speed skills of Kimi. Ingat sila dyan.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ry_Tower View Post
    This season is proving once again of the speed skills of Kimi. Ingat sila dyan.
    If only Kimi has RB8, but then again the car is so fast that he might end up wrecking it or paint the wall with it.

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    2012 Korean GP Qualifying Results

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    Double DRS does nothing during the race... And will only npbenefit RBR if they are int he position to overtake a slower car. If Alonso and Hamilton can jump Vettel at the start, they can probably catch Webber.

    Interesting. Nobody else seemed interested in Double DRS as Brawn showed it to be useless during the race, but Newey saw it as an opportunity to ensure his front-running car would get uncontested poles.

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    Here's Newey's pragmatic take on a double DRS rear wing:

    This drawing shows all the major components of the new double-DRS rear wing recently introduced by Red Bull. Technical chief Adrian Newey has reinterpreted the thinking behind Mercedes' F-duct front wing, but with a much simpler system. The activation is the same - when the DRS is opened and the flap moves up, it opens a hole (where the narrow, curved grey piece is on the inside of the endplate) to channel air through the endplate. Unlike the Mercedes, however, the airflow doesn't go to the front of the car but simply down the inside of the endplate and out past the lower beam wing, shedding drag. It exits in the 15cm central section where there are no rule restrictions on the wing.</p>

    What I'm honestly interested in is RB's new front wing:

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    The race today will be between two RB8. For sure Webber will try to slug it out with Vettel.

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    Congrats to Vettel. He now leads the championship by 6 points.

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    HAHAHAHA I find it really amusing that PSY was the one to wave the checkered flag.

    Congrats for the first Red Bull 1-2 of the season!

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    Buti Seb didn't do the gangnam dance after he won the race...

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