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I had a quick early morning spirited drive against an STi using my XT on Aguinaldo highway before.

I was the one in front, i can't gap him but he can't overtake me either. It was like a touge battle for maybe around 10 minutes. Sadly, i have to take my exit and slowed down for him to pass. He then flashed his headlights at me, which i did as well when he passed me acknowledging the fun and mutual respect we both had for each other.

He needs to extract every horsepower he can to pass me, and me on the other hand, need to use every single 230 horses i have to prevent him from passing me.

My point is, horsepower figures do not mean much in real world driving. Unless it's a straight open road in which the higher hp car can go flat out, we with the lesser hp cars can definitely give him a run for his money. hehe
True. That's because most manufacturers only advertise the peak hp/tq values. It would help if we can see the power curve so we'd know what the power looks like across the entire rpm range. Then factor in the weight + transmission to closely predict which car would have an edge. But then again, dyno sheets mean very little unless they're done in the same exact location/day as there are many variables that may affect the results.

Also some German brands such as bmw and audi often underrate their engines. Nissan, for instance, the first time I saw them underrating their engine is with the VR30DDTT - except maybe for the skylines but that has a different story back then. It's actually good to see they're expanding this TT v6 to the nissan line up starting with the upcoming Z. That'll go head-to-head with the current "zupra." Honda will soon release their TT v6 starting with their acura line. Technically, they have one but in NSX. I doubt they'll put that on their mass-produced models. They're running a little late in the TT game btw.

The STi is quick but not really that fast on straight. It's better suited on track though.