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And as for the brouhaha over Pedro del la Rosa allegedly saying something to Alonso (and vice versa) about that Mclaren spying fiasco it turns out that its all pure and simple fiction. That story ( which turned out to be fake) was concocted by an Italian journalist Pino Allievi (Why am I not surprised )


Wow is the FIA so incompetent that they fell for a story like that???!!!
Bro., actually the FIA didn't. The Italian writer made a spin of a story out of the new evidences supplied by Ferrari (and others) in a 166-page document.

So, let's wait until tomorrow for the verdict. Note that this will be a reconvene and not an appeals court, as originally scheduled. Whew! the plot thickens.

I'll post the news clip in another thread as it's OT here...