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    one of the best races ive seen! galing ni kimi!

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    Quote Originally Posted by squala
    You have to take into account that Renault are fighting against McLaren very closely for the Constructor's title, so it could be that Fisi opted to finish safely than take the risk of wiping himself and/or Kimi out on the final lap and score nothing. And if you noticed in Brazil, Alonso simply let Montoya pass him just to make sure he gets the Driver's crown. No one knows, he might crash out, get injured for the rest of the season and lose the championship.
    Alonso was obviously cruising that race, but Giancarlo was visibly shaken when Kimi caught up with him. He was defending left and right, almost desperately. I thought he was going to crash at one point, as he almost overcooked a corner (can't remember where) while trying to defend. And on that last lap, a slight twitch from Kimi sends him veering wildly down the inside line to try to defend the corner. Brilliant psyche out from Kimi, poor defense from Giancarlo.
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    Ang pagbalik ng comeback...

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2005 Japanese GP