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    Sep 2003
    Sa mga tsikoteers dito na impressed kay Cong. Escudero, please be wary.

    I read in the news that he and Cayetano didn't really made any bills during their tenure in congress. They mostly made noise (puro dakdak hehe) and kept themselves visible to the public eye to look impressive. Apparently, it's working.

    Now for my 3 favorites:
    1. Roco - the best President our country never had
    2. BF
    3. Duterte

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    Richard Gomez kasi artista na atleta pa.
    Cesar Montano kasi magaling sumisid at naging Jose Rizal.
    Denis Trillo kasi crush ng anak ko.

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    May 2005
    for president?MAZDAMAZDA
    for vice?GLENNSTER

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    Jun 2006
    Bayani Fernando

    Manny Pangilinan(ok sya sakin at dami naitutulong kahit hindi pulitiko)

    Fidel Ramos(kung pwede sya tumakbo ulit)

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    Nov 2006

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    Jan 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by 7391N View Post
    Now for my 3 favorites:
    1. Roco - the best President our country never had
    alot of people say it's jovito salonga, even before roco came into the picture

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    Oct 2006
    1. Ramon Magsaysay - the best president we ever had. rock hard integrity, incorruptible, man of action, and has only the welfare of the people on his mind.
    2. Lee Kuan Yew - very good managerial style, a great visionary and a strict disciplinarian.
    3. Abraham Lincoln - tough, doesnt lose composure even when his country is on the brink of breaking apart during the civil war and he would be called "Honest Abe" for nothing.

    honorable mentions:
    Raul Roco
    Franklin Roosevelt

    1. Bayani Fernando - man of action, has some great ideas (although not all of them), thinks like an engineer(which he is) when planning for some innovative ways to improve metro manila, and also a strict disciplinarian.
    2. Juan Flavier - honest and humble
    3. Mar Roxas - what we need is a young blood with some fresh ideas, intelligent and hasnt been involved on any scandals or corruptions yet(as far as i know).

    honorable mentions:
    1.oscar orbos - a man of integrity, also has some great ideas especially during the time he was DOTC secretary. cons: not popular with electorate today unlike during the 90's
    2.joker arroyo - a very pricipled man cons: too old to assume the presidency, what we need is a dynamic president able to invigorate the citizenry.
    3.richard gordon - a man of action, astute administrator cons: has a tendency to be dictatorial especially during his time as mayor of olongapo (there is large different between a dictator and a strict disciplinarian. a dictator always looks up for his own good and his family while a strict disciplinarian enforces the rule and the law for the interest of the people)

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    Aug 2005
    1. Gordon
    2. Roxas
    3. reserve para sa akin

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    Jan 2006
    1. Bayani Fernando napaka pro active although I find some of his projects funny pero ang importante laging nagiisip on how to make things better hindi lang dada ng dada na dapat ganito dapat ganyan.

    2. Gordon

    3. Mayor Vi taga Lipa kasi ako pero baka may mga little known mayors/governors pa tayo sa ibang lugar na maganda ang ginagawa sa municipality nila na di lang ako aware

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