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    ^compare niyo experience ang qualification ni ERAP wala panaman lahat iyan sa list mo

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    ^^ di na dapat isama yung mga na-impeach na. nuisance lang yun. at saka dapat di na binibigyan ng chance yun.

    peace bro.

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    there will always be rewards for those who will win whatever race he entered.... and losers will always lose something
    Like what? pride? ego? not unless kamag anak mo o employer mo yung mananalo? Bigyan mo ako example na mapapalanunan mo pag nanalo ang napipisil mo na incompetent na kandidato?.

    we are all going to lose kung incompetent ang mananalo? so are you basing your success in life sa mananalo sa election? If that is how you see things eh kawawa ka naman.... masyado ka naging dependent sa mga kandidato natin kagaya ng mga masa na masyadong umasa sa gobyerno para sa kanilang ikaaasenso.
    Kahit anong gawin mo kahit successful o hinde, apektado ka ng desisyon ng lider, halimbawa, negosyante ka, laging may rotating brownout patay negosyo. Ang haba ng pila pag nag babayad ng buwis, hindi man lang maayos at ma computerize yung proseso, tapos yung pinapasweldo mo sa gobyerno walang ginagawa. Naghamon ng giyera yung presidente mo sa china. Hindi niya ma control ang pulis at militar, laging may coup, bumagsak ang economiya, o nadamay sa dubai, greece crisis, hindi alam ang gagawin, nag ka economic crisis..

    compare niyo experience ang qualification ni ERAP wala panaman lahat iyan sa list mo
    A oo, convicted Plunderer.

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    Jun 2009
    I honestly think he can be a good president mainly on the basis that he can produce a better change that will benefit the Filipino people compared to anyone else. Let us face it... all of them have one goal... that is to get even richer... so at this point... I will have to go and vote someone who can definitely produce something good despite the anticipated bad things he'll do.

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    Jan 2006
    there will always be rewards for those who will win whatever race he entered.... and losers will always lose something

    Like what? pride? ego? not unless kamag anak mo o employer mo yung mananalo? Bigyan mo ako example na mapapalanunan mo pag nanalo ang napipisil mo na incompetent na kandidato?.

    You win a free supply of coup d etat for six years!
    May corruption, rebelde at matching brown outs. Sir Badsekktor have you experienced this three problems happen for six years?
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    Quote Originally Posted by crave View Post
    ^^ di na dapat isama yung mga na-impeach na. nuisance lang yun. at saka dapat di na binibigyan ng chance yun.

    peace bro.
    but he is now statistically tied with a candidate that has spent the most in this campaign.

    nuisance? mas mukhang nuisance pa si Gordon kesa kay Erap.

    Erap has Senatorial line up, meron running mate. many local candidates are looking forward to be endorse by him.

    eh si Gordon, walang pumapansin na local candidates pati running mate niya di siya pinapansin...

    Eddie Gil in the making si Gordon.

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    Oct 2002
    Quote Originally Posted by kanamu View Post
    A oo, convicted Plunderer.
    convicted, jailed, pardoned, clean slate and now statistically second for the highest position of the land.

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    Oct 2002
    actually, i read somewhere na Dick was a number 1 patron of survey companies when he was in private sector (head of marketing dept of consumer product company). i'll look for that discussion and post it here...



    [SIZE="3"]People call me Dick[/SIZE]

    Method To Madness
    By Patricia Evangelista
    Philippine Daily Inquirer
    First Posted 21:38:00 05/01/2010

    THERE ARE MANY AND VARIED REASONS WHY RICHARD Gordon is not number one in the presidential race. It is because the public is made up of fools who idolize candidates by virtue of a free T-shirt. It is because of survey companies that are “stealing the people’s minds” by publishing false ratings to a conditioned public. It is because the media are biased. It is because the public mind is unable to understand he is better than those Aquinos, or that Villlar. It’s because of the oligarchies and monopolies and the sad state of Philippine democracy.

    That Gordon is not leading the charge to the Palace cannot possibly be because of Gordon himself. In the wonderful world of the man called Dick, the flowers bloom red, the sky is papered with his posters, and crowds of ballot-clutching jingle-singing voters reach out to touch his hand.

    “Name me another candidate that has become Con-Con [Constitutional Convention] delegate at a very young age, who’s a lawyer that became a mayor, that became chairman of Subic Bay, that improved our economy dramatically and took out the yoke of American presence here, that became secretary of tourism against a sea of negativism, then became senator of the Republic, did all those laws, and at the same time, spent 43 years fighting disasters.”

    That the senator has an impressive resumé has never been in doubt, a list that includes class president, he reminds Karen Davila on ANC. Perhaps he forgets that leadership is not just a function of achievement, it is also one of character.

    This is Richard Gordon, presidential candidate, who spent his RockEd radio interview insulting the Cojuangcos of Tarlac, insinuating all manner of foul deeds. This is Gordon, straight shooter, offended at a caller’s curious question asking him if he thought the Cojuangcos were really corrupt. This is Gordon, presidential candidate, howling at his interviewer for calling him a coward for answering the question with an angry question. And so the best man for the job ripped into Erwin Romulo, UNO editor, RockEd member and Free Press publisher. “You’re just the son of Bert Romulo,” said the red-faced little man, forgetting the live webcam. “You’re nobody.”

    It may not be the most advisable act to call a presidential candidate “chickensh-t,” even if it’s true. Then again, the MILF members toting stolen Kalashnikov rifles may not be so careful with their language on the peace-negotiating table, and I sincerely doubt the sight of the president of the Philippines screeching chickensh-t to leftists burning his effigy will result in anything less than a bloody revolution outside Malacañang. It is odd for me to write this, as temperamental writers should be the last people to judge temperaments, but neither am I aspiring for the leadership of over 80 million Filipinos.

    “I’m frank,” he says in an interview, after he finished a tangent on the idiocy of everyone but Gordon. “I don’t give a damn what anyone thinks.”

    There is a difference between being frank and being a downright jackass, a difference that seems to have been blurring the closer we get to May 10. The sniping online and on air is reaching mammoth proportions, everyone and their mother accused of suddenly either being a whore or a moron. There is no concept of opinion or democracy, only right and wrong, color-coded by baller band. Gordon is on another level altogether—a presidential candidate who throws national tantrums, tosses ***ual innuendoes at female reporters, and goes ballistic at the suggestion Dick Gordon is not the most popular boy in class. “You people,” is how he refers to everyone on his rants, “you people are the problem.” For this man, a ballot that does not circle Dick Gordon is a result of some conspiracy against him or a failure in intelligence. It is odd for a man so contemptuous of people to claim he is a man who will represent them best.

    He has sued survey companies for brainwashing the public, says the problem of this country is that people do not think. He is contemptuous of the running mate who has had nothing but praise for him. Ask him about Bayani Fernando, and the tandem that took the country by surprise. Ask him why he decided on Fernando. “I did not choose him, he was the one who came to me.” And then he will laugh at his own wit.

    Not that this isn’t true. Fernando admits it when asked why he chose Gordon. “He was the only one left.”

    Gordon admires many things about Fernando. “In spite of his visage, he’s very humble.”

    He says he admires the man’s forthright and straightforward manner. He says he admires what Fernando has done for Marikina. Most of all, Gordon admires Fernando’s admiration for Dick Gordon.

    “You know, I’ve heard him say, ‘I learned this from Dick Gordon.’ He would say that on TV and radio. That impressed me.”

    “After I am president, after that exposure, Bayani can be president. Then we’ll have to look for somebody else who will continue.”

    I never met Gordon before the election season. Whether this is who he really is, or whether the ranting and raving is a reaction to stress and pressure and the survey numbers he swears he cares nothing for, this is not what I want from my president. Presidents are not exempt from humility, and those who think they are end up tyrants and dictators. It is a waste of what would have made a good leader; perhaps a long time ago Gordon knew how to inspire. That Gordon now spends most of his interviews complaining about his opponents, blaming the survey companies and harassing his interviewers explains much about the personality of this man.

    “I knew I could have won easily,” he says about running for senator. “I have a pretty good track record. I’m pretty good at what I do. I would be turning my own back on the country if I didn’t run for president.”

    There are many and varied reasons why I will not vote for Richard Gordon, and it is not because Noynoy Aquino’s parents were allied 20 years ago with the TV station I write for today, or because Gilbert Teodoro’s people gave me a free T-shirt. Neither is it because the surveys have stolen my mind, or because of oligarchies and monopolies and the sad state of Philippine democracy, or because of any bias for any particular candidate. I would like to put it on the record: I will not vote for Richard Gordon because he is Richard Gordon.
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    Nov 2009
    It is almost ELECTION
    campaign is on a stretch period nowadays doubling up to win
    May all the Pinoy's choose a better candidate to lead our nation
    Whoever wins this coming election, may be the best of the best candidate from President to Councilors.
    Let us please kindly STOP on commenting and battling each one of us regarding our replies on these section, whoever wins, may we just cross our fingers tight that he will be leading the nation correctly

    Kasi napapansin ko lang eh, puro tayo bangayan sa mga kandidato natin, eh ano naman kung manalo ang kandidato mo or manalo ang kandidato ko, yayaman ka ba or yayaman ba ako? diba hindi naman at an instant. Let us just VOTE who you want to WIN and who you want to LEAD our Nation.
    These threads were opened up to have a watchful eye, and to choose the better candidate for President, not for tsikoteers to have something to debate, quarrel, and to battle with one another of.

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    Nov 2009

    [ame=""]YouTube- 2 of 4 Richard Gordon on Probe Profiles[/ame]

    [ame=""]YouTube- 3 of 4 Richard Gordon on Probe Profiles[/ame]

    [ame=""]YouTube- 4 of 4 Richard Gordon on Probe Profiles[/ame]

Will you VOTE for Dick Gordon as RP President?