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    Quote Originally Posted by tabularasa View Post
    To Take A Stand -- By Oscar P. Lagman, Jr. Business World 4/20/2010

    The person who gets my vote

    "Richard Gordon had demonstrated during his stint in various government positions that he is the kind of politician spawned during the martial rule of Marcos, to whom he remained loyal up to the end.

    "He was one of the rah-rah boys of the 1973 constitution dictated by Marcos, but he campaigned all over the country against the 1987 Constitution drafted by men and women of probity and independence.

    "He governed Olongapo City the way Imelda Marcos governed Metro Manila, highlighting only the good and the beautiful, hiding the bad and the ugly. When Father Shay Cullen, a Columban missionary, exposed the presence in Olongapo City of a child prostitution syndicate that offered children to US Navy personnel, Mayor Gordon dismissed the exposure as a mere publicity stunt of the priest.

    "If there is an expert on publicity stunts, it is Gordon. He was not an Ateneo cheerleader and Procter & Gamble brand manager for nothing. To gain the sympathy of the people after President Estrada had dismissed him as Subic Bay administrator, he staged a melodramatic meeting of the marches he and his wife led separately, in obvious imitation of the Easter Sunday Catholic rite Salubong.

    "Ngayon lang! Napa WOW Philippines ang buong mundo," crowed the Department of Tourism ad when Gordon was the secretary. Among those cited in the ad as having wowed the whole world were the placement of the WOW Philippines advertisements in CNN and BBC; the installation of a system that facilitates identification and apprehension of taxi drivers guilty of crime against tourists; the awards the country won in a tourism fair in Berlin such as "Best Booth," "Best Marketing Effort," and "Best TV/Video Advertising Campaign"; and Gordon’s election as chair of PATA and chair of the Commission for East Asia of the World Tourism Organization.

    "When you compare what a previous secretary of Tourism and his undersecretaries had done in Corregidor with what Gordon had done in Intramuros, you would be convinced that Gordon is just all hype. His campaign symbol of beating his breast with his fist is most appropriate for him.

    "His overbearing posture in televised forums gives us a glimpse of the kind of president he would be. And he complains when his campaign sorties are not covered by media. His patronizing stance toward media people turns them away. He blew his top at the Iloilo airport when the public address system announcing the arrival and departure of flights drowned his voice.

    "His releasing the Blue Ribbon Committee’s final report on the Fertilizer Scam only after it became known he was not Lakas-KAMPI’s presidential candidate smacked of Machiavellian moves. Gordon has vowed to go after GMA if he becomes president. I am sure he would for having been passed over by GMA, but he cannot because his persona will prevent him from ever becoming president."
    vs. Luisita Massacre?

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    Of course the columnist is biased. He is for the Yellow Puppet.
    Add to the fact that PLDT has stakes in Business World and PLDT is pro-Aquino.

    Get the real score at the link below:

    The person who gets my vote
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    Very easy to accuse. One should at least offer a better critique than baseless affiliation of a person.

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    I do not need to critique. I just based my argument on facts

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    Salawikain ulit tayo: Ang langaw na dumapo sa kalabaw, mataas pa sa kalabaw ang pakiramdam.

    Facts? Kwentong kutsero. Basis?

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    Just tell us if these are all fiction

    Columnist = Businessworld = PLDT owned = Cojuangco = Meralco = Lopezes = ABS-CBN = Aquino

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    Only shows the shallow analysis. Little knowledge is truly a dangerous thing..tsk tsk. Pre, pldt is no longer in the hands of Cojuangco for a long time. It's Manny Pangilinan's Metro Pacific that controls PLDT. Also, you might be mistaking the side of Danding from those of Cory.

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    I have read somewhere.. that combining Manny Villar and Noynoy Aquino's acomplishments cannot supersede Gordon's activities.

    Im not sure if its true or whatnot...

    But I believe that everybody that is running has their own vision for the Philippines...

    Hoping the winner will not be bought by greed and power..

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    May Video po ba ito? kung meron ano po ang links?


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    Quote Originally Posted by olidotcom View Post
    Hoping the winner will not be bought by greed and power..
    absolutely .. the question is who could that possibly be .. i guess a good measure would be kung sino ba ang ironically, mas yumaman pa habang siya ay supposedly publiic servant ...

Will you VOTE for Dick Gordon as RP President?