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View Poll Results: Will you vote for the administration bet, Gibo?

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    Oct 2008
    gibo may galing at talino

    maganda pa asawa hot na hot

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    Sep 2007
    Quote Originally Posted by tabularasa View Post
    Di pa sigurado yan, speculative lang. The money is yet being counted and unloaded sa Quezon City care of Lakas-CMD, kaya malamang Gibo din yan
    Ganyan ka talaga mag isip ano?

    Sulong G1BO!

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    Mar 2010
    Quote Originally Posted by s_quilicot View Post
    Ganyan ka talaga mag isip ano?

    Sulong G1BO!
    What else can you expect from him? Declaring that he would continue the policies of GMA, diretso nakawan, di ba? Same corrupt people in government. Galing at talino sa corruption at nakawan!

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    Dec 2009
    Quote Originally Posted by tabularasa View Post
    Di pa sigurado yan, speculative lang. The money is yet being counted and unloaded sa Quezon City care of Lakas-CMD, kaya malamang Gibo din yan
    ang sama naman ng isip mo, masama yan mapag isip ng masama sa kapwa.

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    Jun 2006

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    Mar 2010
    Quote Originally Posted by marz View Post
    ang sama naman ng isip mo, masama yan mapag isip ng masama sa kapwa.
    Hindi naman. I'm just taking the cue directly form the horse's mouth. Wala naman syang sinabi na papalitan nya mga tauhan ni GMA di ba? Also, when asked by a reporter of GMA 7 as to whether he'll be using his own money for his own campaign considering that the amount will be more than P1B, he categorically said, HELL NO! This only means that he would entirely rely on Lakas' money which in the first place was taken from the government. Tsk tsk, vicious cycle lang.

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    Nov 2009
    Quote Originally Posted by tidus1203 View Post
    ^^Yes ako lang nagsabi na God sent sya pero the way he talks he likes to portray himself as God sent... Calling votes for other candidates as "NON-THINKING" votes. Kapal muks talaga so he is saying people like me don't think, I say to him just go to hell!

    And speaking of Gibo, Gordon supporters should now really vote for Gibo. Gordon is a waste of time as he has no chance in HELL in winning this election!

    Pastor Quiboloy endorses Gibo and Roxas for Vice Mayor...
    well then thats a foul; as I say to other supporters never down-think an individual on whom he want to vote; my apology if you feel that way....

    I/we still believe on our candidate (Gordon) that he may be able to make it as 15th President of our Republic; we just want to make a difference and vote a candidate that can show great results...

    this is just my idea; if only one of them gave way Gibo & Gordon (ex. Pres-Gordon, VP-Gibo or vice versa) they could be one great political partners, one thing that I do believe has a great possbility to win, but, lets face the fact, it is not, so we may just vote one way or the other.

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    Oct 2007
    Quote Originally Posted by chua_riwap View Post
    Ganun ba? Eh si Noy daw, INC daw ang may dala sa kaniya. Ilan naman ang mga kapatid nating INC?
    INC is always for Erap.

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    Jan 2010
    Withsome time on my hands and a flash of inspiration, I've come up with a personal reflection on the current presidential elections.Sorry for the long post but I do hope you find it interesting. This was originally posted in another forum that I belong to; and I am sharing it here.

    History seems to be repeating itself; and that’s why I finally know to whom to throw my support to.

    For all the negativity prevailing in the Philippine Presidential Elections of 2010 – what with the mudslinging, charges and counter-charges, and various controversies – there is one overlooked aspect that helped me formulate a decision on whom to support: this is the seemingly eerie similarity of this year’s election compared to the elections of 1992. This essay IS NOT the result of a comprehensive research, nor is it an academic work; it is a personal narrative based on my memories of the 1992 elections as well as my observations on the happenings of today. Let me add a disclaimer that the 2010 election is NOT EXACTLY the same as the 1992 elections, but it could be argued that there exists a fair amount of similarities. So to the would-be nitpickers, my humble apologies in advance.

    To start off… we need to transport ourselves almost two decades back… in 1992. At that time, the country was being led by a female president who was swept to power by the collective show of force of people who have had enough of a corrupt predecessor. Though the term of then president Corazon Aquino was riding high on the euphoria of People Power, the latter stages were plagued by a lot of dissension, economic malaise and uncertainties, and a lot of brownouts. When election time came, President Aquino selected her Secretary of National Defense, Fidel V Ramos (FVR), to be the administration’s standard bearer, a move that alienated a lot of her allies.

    The presidential elections of 1992 had a motley crue of candidates: first, a very popular candidate who was highly respected and who captured the public’s imagination because of her clean image… but who was plagued by questions about her mental health and stability; that was then Senator Miriam Santiago. Second, an extremely rich candidate who had a strong party and a vast amount of resources, but who suffered from perceptions of being a traditional politician (trapo) who used his influence to questionably amass his wealth: Danding Cojuangco. Third, there was the long-time presidential ally who was eventually side-stepped in favor of FVR, because he was not deemed winnable: Ramon Mitra. Fourth, there was also the tried-and tested -sentimental favourite of the so-called “intelligent voters” who just didn’t stand a chance because of a lack of machinery: Jovito Salonga. Finally, there’s also a candidate who used to be in power, was booted the incumbent, and wanted to restore the family back to the presidency by appealing to the masses: Imelda Marcos.

    Though FVR was well-known, he started off trailing Miriam Santiago. Miriam was very popular and colourful, and a lot of people seemingly supported her. She had a reputation of being un-besmirched by corruption; she also had a well-known temper. She also often tried to pre-condition the voting populace by repeatedly saying that if she didn’t win, it was only because her opponents cheated her. Her allegations were never proven or confirmed.

    FVR, who headed the Department of National Defense, had the respect of the men and women in uniform. He was known to be a very good manager, a very intelligent individual, very charismatic, and extremely hard-working. His campaign ran on a platform of a positive message of hope, anchored on the contributions of the citizenry. Though he was very good (and probably knew it too), his message was not about himself but was about the people via the message “The Filipino Can.” FVR also promoted a campaign of unity, and worked to build consensus. One other thing that made me strongly admire the man? Though he was Cory’s choice, he remained independent of her.

    So fast forward today…. We have Gloria Macapagal Arroyo who was swept to the presidency via People Power. Her rule is marked by dissension... and brownouts have become rampant leading to the elections. Her choice to run for the presidency is… Secretary of National Defense Gilbert “Gibo” Teodoro (GT). And GT is running against a motley crue of: Noynoy Aquino (very popular, but questions about his mental health persist), Manny Villar (his Nacionalista Party is very strong, he has loads of cash, but there are questions on how he acquired his wealth); Dick Gordon, sentimental favourite of the intelligent voters, but just doesn’t have the national machinery to help him get the votes. And we also have Joseph “Erap” Estrada who was booted out by the incumbent GMA, and who is trying to redeem his image by appealing to the masses. Mitra’s equivalent? I think that would be Bayani Fernando, though instead of running for the presidency, decided to be Gordon’s VP instead.

    So what is this all about? In the end, FVR won… and he was the oldest candidate (at that time) to have captured the presidency. He espoused hard work, gave importance to intelligent action, and promoted cooperation and unity. And guess what? During his term, the Philippines experienced massive economic growth. The brownouts were solved. People became optimistic. The 1997 Asian economic hiccup hardly affected the Philippines.

    And today, the 3rd of May 2010, I make my decision. I think that of all the candidates running today, the one who represents my sentiments, and who is smart and hardworking, and who promotes a positive message of hope, goodwill, and can-do attitude, is no other than Gilberto “Gibo” Teodoro. And if he wins the election? He will be the youngest candidate to capture the presidency, which seems to be a great counterpoint to what FVR achieved.

    Surveys or no surveys, my mind believes that Gibo, with his positive and hopeful message, is the right candidate. And a lot of people I have talked to, students, professionals, even blue-collars, have attested that they will vote for Gibo because they have been impressed by his charisma, his simple but no-nonsense approach to things. I feel that there is a groundswell of support for him leading to election day, and that his volunteer-driven campaign, led by the Green Army, can bring about victory on May 10. I’ve heard of a lot of fence-sitters who, after hearing of what Gibo had to say, became convinced with his message and promised to vote Galing and Talino.

    My appeal is for the voters to strongly consider their choices and vote for the most qualified candidate. DO NOT vote because of fears that a “bad” candidate will win. DO NOT vote for whom the bandwagoneers go for, especially if they do not share your sentiments, because you would have done a great disservice to yourself. And DO NOT just vote for a lesser evil because at the end of the day, it is still an evil that we will need to confront.

    Vote because you believe in the vision and programs espoused by the man. If you can state with all confidence that there is a better candidate than Gibo, then feel free to vote for that candidate. Otherwise, vote for Gibo, because a vote for Gibo is saying that you believe in his belief that the future of the Philippines lies on our very own hands.

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    Sep 2003
    Quote Originally Posted by tidus1203 View Post
    Now hinihintay na lang natin si Bro. Mike...

    Wala na....nag-back out na si Velarde sa pag-endorse ng any presidential candidate. Pangatlo na lang kasi yung manok nya.........

So why Gibo?