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    Oct 2002
    lahat na lang tayo maging presidente hehehehehe

    if she plans to rule this country for the next 20 years, ayaw ko na rito sa Pinas. mage-exile na rin ako sa ibang bansa. sana may magbayad din ng mga gagastusin ko.
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    Oct 2002
    De Castro willing to cut term if people will say so.

    First posted 11:16am (Mla time) Oct 21, 2005
    By Cynthia D. Balana
    Inquirer News Service

    VICE President Noli de Castro said on Friday that he was willing to cut his term if that would be what people wanted.

    De Castro said that if majority of those who voted for him wanted an immediate shift from the presidential to parliamentary form of government, and if this would be expressed in a plebiscite, then he was willing to cut his term.

    De Castro however stressed that it should be the people, not politicians, who must decide on the matter. He was reacting to a statement by his lawyer, Romulo Macalintal, who had reminded those talking about cutting President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo's term by 2007 to check if De Castro and other politicians would agree to shorten theirs.
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    Sep 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by docpete
    shooting ourselves in the foot thats what we are good at.It is as if politics has ever helped us in our busineses
    You nailed it docpete. Let's put it this way, sino ba ang naupo at nakaupong pulitiko ang naghihirap? Our country ends up in slumber but these politicians get richer each day!

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    Oct 2002
    Arroyo to cut term if...
    If people will approve in plebiscite, says Bunye

    First posted 00:26am (Mla time) Oct 22, 2005
    By Gil C. Cabacungan Jr., Cynthia D. Balana, Juliet Labog-Javellana
    Inquirer News Service

    PRESIDENT Macapagal-Arroyo will cut her term short if that is what the majority of Filipinos will say in a plebiscite on her continued stay in power, according to her spokesperson, Press Secretary Ignacio Bunye.

    "Whatever the proposal will be subject to a plebiscite, and whatever the result, will be accepted by the President," Bunye said in a transcript of a radio interview yesterday.

    He was replying to a question of whether Ms Arroyo would comply if Congress adopts a transitory provision in the planned constitutional amendments to reduce her six-year term to three, and this is approved in a plebiscite.

    But Bunye maintained that "in the absence of any legal mandate to cut short her term, the President has a constitutional mandate to serve up to 2010."

    Even Vice President Noli de Castro is willing to cut his term and support a shift to a parliamentary form of government, if the people who voted for him will also approve of it.

    De Castro told the Inquirer that he would not be an obstacle to positive change. But he said he would only consider cutting his term after the true will of the people shall have been determined either through a plebiscite or a constitutional convention.

    The Vice President was reacting to the statement of his election lawyer, Romulo Macalintal, who reminded former President Fidel V. Ramos that the Vice President and other senators should also be considered in any discussions on Charter change.

    Ramos said Thursday that the President should make a sacrifice and cut her term short to end the current political crisis.

    Rivals and allies

    The abbreviation of Ms Arroyo's term as the solution to the crisis caused by lingering doubts on the result of the 2004 presidential election has been espoused not only by her political rivals but also by her allies, notably Ramos, Speaker Jose de Venecia and El Shaddai leader Bro. Mike Velarde.

    Both Ramos and De Venecia want what they called the President's "graceful exit" to be included in the ongoing efforts to amend the Constitution.

    They have proposed that Congress finalize the amendments within a year and present these in a referendum for approval by the public. Under the proposal, the public would be ready to elect a new leader by 2007.

    Velarde has suggested the holding of a referendum, possibly during the 2007 elections, that would determine whether the electorate wants the President to serve her term up to 2010.

    In his view, Ms Arroyo should step down by May 20, 2007, because she would have served a full six years in office by that time.

    But Malaca¤ang insists that any talk of term abbreviations even before Congress formally moves to amend the Constitution is premature.

    "To speak of term limits at this time would be like putting the cart before the horse. With all due respect to former President Ramos, the move to amend the Constitution is not about term limits," Bunye said.

    He suggested that discussions focus on fundamental reforms in politics, economy and society.


    According to Lito Monico Lorenzana, secretary general of the Consultative Commission (ConCom) on Charter change, Ms Arroyo can leave her fate to Congress or work out an arrangement to stay until 2010 either as a strong or a ceremonial President.

    But "either way," he said in a phone interview with the Inquirer, Charter change would affect the rest of her term.

    "Personally, I think it's her call because she is not only the President [but] also the leader of Lakas, and Charter change has to have the backing of the majority in Congress. That is realpolitik," Lorenzana said.

    But if Ms Arroyo chooses to stay up to 2010, Congress-assuming it will sit as the body to amend the Constitution-will have the say on how much power she will wield as President, he said, adding:

    "Her position has to be protected, but how strong that position will be is the call of the constituent assembly."

    Lorenzana said that depending on the model of the parliamentary government that would eventually be adopted, Ms Arroyo could be a powerful or a ceremonial President.

    He said that if Congress would elect to have a strong prime minister, "that will erode the prestige and power of the President."

    No position yet

    But Lorenzana stressed that the ConCom had "no position" yet on Ms Arroyo's term.

    He said the 49-member consultative body, of which Ramos is one of the four advisers, would deal with the issue only in the last three weeks of its work.

    The ConCom, created to recommend amendments to the President, principally the shift from the presidential-unitary system, has until Dec. 15 to come up with its report. So far, it has approved the shift to the parliamentary form of government with a unicameral legislature.

    According to Lorenzana, the issue of whether Ms Arroyo should step down or not to pave the way for the proposed shift by 2007 is expected to come up in the nationwide consultations that the ConCom will hold starting Monday.

    As for Ramos' statement that Ms Arroyo should "give up part of [her] elected term of office," Lorenzana said: "He is a person of high intellect and experience, so we'll take his opinion in context."

    Lorenzana said he was "not surprised" by Ramos' statement because it was a "consistent" stand of the ex-President.

    "You know FVR-he is good in positioning," Lorenzana said.

    Fidelity to the people

    De Castro said he could "always sacrifice for the benefit of the people."

    "I am open to any public discussion on the issue of Charter change, but there must be a mechanism by which the people will be allowed to express their sentiments," he said.

    De Castro said that he owed "utmost fidelity" to the people, and that he would abide by their decision.

    He also said neither he nor other politicians, not even Ramos or Ms Arroyo, could decide on the matter.

    The Vice President pointed out that under the Constitution, his term of office is fixed until 2010.

    He said he would not renege on his duties on the basis of "malicious insinuations and political innuendos."

    Asked about the wisdom of Ramos' suggestion to Ms Arroyo, De Castro said the matter was yet unclear. "Let us first inform and educate the people about it and see if they will accept it," he said.

    ConCom member Gerry Espina had said the Vice President could be retained as a member of the new Parliament, probably as its Speaker, up to 2010.

    But he said that position would have been abolished by the time the first election under the parliamentary-federal system is held on that year.

    Espina had proposed to the ConCom the automatic extension of the terms of all officials-from the presidency down to the barangay-up to 2010.

    But Macalintal said: "If [Ms Arroyo] agrees to cut her term, what if Vice President De Castro, or any of the 12 senators whose term expires in 2010, does not likewise agree?"

    No room for Noli

    De Venecia admitted that there would be no room for De Castro in the new system.

    But he said there was likelihood that De Castro would be allowed to serve up to the end of his term.

    "He has a contract with the people to serve them up to 2010," De Venecia said, adding, however, that this proposal was "subject to the final decision of the framers of the new Constitution, which will be the Senate and the House acting as a constituent assembly."

    House committee report No. 1065-written by Cagayan de Oro Rep. Constantino Jaraula, chair of the House panel on constitutional amendments-makes no mention of the constitutional successor of the President except for Section 10 of Article 19 of the proposed Charter, which says: "The incumbent President shall preside in the convening of the national assembly on June 30, 2007, for the election of the Speaker, who shall immediately thereafter assume his office."

    The report is silent on whether he has some duties to fulfill after that.

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    Mar 2005
    mas ok nga siguro yan parliamentary form, at least d na lang isang tao i-bblame or aasahan ng P'nas. may check & balance, may PM tapos may President kung susundin natin yun sinabi ni Ramos na hatiin na lang yun powers.

    syempre, kokontra dito yun affected parties like Senators & supporters, militants & opposition.

    it's a change ... welcome na lang natin.

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    Oct 2002
    uh... a parliamentary form for government won't do anything. it's the same sinking ship painted a different color.

    strategizing lang ni de venecia yan para makaupo siyang PM. sus.

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    Mar 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by mbt
    uh... a parliamentary form for government won't do anything. it's the same sinking ship painted a different color.

    strategizing lang ni de venecia yan para makaupo siyang PM. sus.
    if it'll throw away some weight like the burden of raising tax funds for the entire senatorial system, the ship will sink slower ... buy more time to think of other solutions.

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    Nov 2002
    GMA to cut term if the people say so? Horsesh!t! It's contradictory to her statement against the negative survey ratings. She said she didn't care about the statistics, and now she states she'll step down if the public wants?

    She doesn't give a damn to what her countrymen want. Her presidency is only rooted towards self-interest. She didn't win the elections and she knows it. All rallies against her are stopped. Police and/or military keep blocking the protesters, hitting them, splashing water even to former and current politicians. Her administration shows no respect to democracy.

    Ibang klase talaga siya. Other leaders would have immediately stepped down to avoid shame, especially during the outbreak of things such as that Garci CD, while she holds on pretending to have clean hands. The disc says it all - murderer, thief, kidnapper, you name it.

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    Oct 2002
    Quote Originally Posted by mbt
    uh... a parliamentary form for government won't do anything. it's the same sinking ship painted a different color.

    strategizing lang ni de venecia yan para makaupo siyang PM. sus.
    exactly, just imagine your congressmen who voted againts the impeachment of GMA will vote for our prime minister.

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    Nov 2002
    No to parliamentary. Just replace all the old farts with young idealistic HUMANS to run our country.

    Nah. Won't happen. Never.

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