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    Sep 2003
    Quote Originally Posted by jasonub
    just shoot them tapos ang laban. just like sadam. then the US will take over. tapos ayos US state na lang tayo
    P're, seryoso ka ba sa sinasabi mo? Gusto mo bang mangyari sa Pinas ito?

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    Oct 2005
    sabi nga sa interview ni LOREN kay Mahathir ng Malaysia

    we in Malaysia, we have democracy also, but it is not absolute, we do not allow rally evryday because it disrupts work and affects our economy. you in the Philippines always have really

    mukhang napakalayo pa sa martial law mga igan, kahit wala ng ginawa ang mga ibang igan natin kung hindi mag rally araw araw. sana naman sa mga nasa kapangyarihan ay disiplinahin naman nila PILIPINO. masyado tayong malaya, paano naman ang mga nagbabayad ng buwis na tahimik na nagtratrabaho lamang, paano naman kalayaan nila. tignan ninyo lang si BF

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    Mar 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by explorer
    RP now under ‘undeclared martial law,’ says opposition solon

    First posted 06:54pm (Mla time) Oct 05, 2005
    By Edson C. Tandoc Jr.
    Inquirer News Service

    THE COUNTRY is already under an undeclared martial rule, an opposition congressman said on Wednesday, citing recent moves of the administration as his proof.

    “We in the opposition think we have already gone past the boundary of creeping martial law. We are already under an undeclared martial law,” Iloilo Representative Rolex Suplico said.

    Suplico said the undeclared martial law could be seen through the “no permit, no rally” policy followed by the calibrated preemptive response policy, both aimed at regulating street rallies; the drafting of an emergency declaration by the Department of Justice for the possible government takeover of key companies; the issuance of the Executive Order 464, which forbids government officials from appearing in congressional inquiries without the Preisdent's prior consent; and the alleged assassination plot against Arroyo and the “harassment” of prominent Anti-Arroyo leaders.
    tsk tsk another irresponsible media article ... na-harass lang sila kahapon ng todo ng mga pulis, close to martial law na. kasalanan nila kasi nag-rally sila ng wala permit. pag wala ka sa lugar, d ka talaga papatawarin ng mga pulis. pag nahulihan ka nga ng wala driver's license sa kalsada, lagot ka nga lalo sa mga pulis. buti nga sila d kelangan mag-lagay or under the table

    learn the lesson of history. the only way to have martial law is to have congress approve of it. noon panahon ni marcos, kontrolado nya talaga congress noon. pero sa sitwasyun, natin ngaun, I doubt it ... coz some members of congress have business interests in this so-called companies na ma-take over.

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    Oct 2002
    Stray bullet injured 2 near anti-Arroyo rally

    Oct 07, 2005
    Updated 04:22pm (Mla time)
    Joel Francis Guinto

    (2ND UPDATE) TWO bystanders were hurt by a stray bullet after a man fired a pistol in downtown Manila, a stone's throw away from an opposition-led rally, on Friday.

    The unidentified suspect escaped on foot after he let loose a single round from a commercial building close to the protest site in Plaza Miranda at around 4 p.m., said Senior Superintendent Romulo Sapitula, the area police chief.

    The bullet hit the building's façade then ricocheted to the street and hit two bystanders in the leg. The victims, a woman and a man, were taken to hospital, Sapitula added.

    "The suspect escaped. We are checking if he is a security guard of the building," he said.

    It was not known if the shooting was linked to the 300-strong demonstration, which went ahead as planned despite the incident.

    At around 4:30 p.m., Sapitula estimated the crowd at Plaza Miranda at around 300. He said the protesters secured a permit to hold a rally in the area only until 6 p.m.

    The United Opposition (UNO) and the Partido ng Masang Pilipino (PMP) spearheaded the protest, pressing for the ouster of President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, who is accused of rigging the 2004 vote.

    Metro Manila police have been placed on full alert for the protest and for possible terror attacks in the wake of the renewed threats of terrorist attacks.

    "This rally complied with the law. We expect this to be peaceful," Metro Manila police chief Director Vidal Querol said.

    Since Tuesday, three illegal rallies led by leftist militants were either violently dispersed or blocked from marching to the Mendiola district in Manila, which is at the doorstep of Malacañang.

    Police are implementing the tough calibrated preemptive response (CPR) policy, wherein illegal protests will be dispersed while unruly protesters will be arrested.
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    Jan 2003
    walang ngipin ang martial law sa pinas. sobrang pag-hype ng media yan - napakairesponsable...

    We are given too much freedom but we lack discipline.

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