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    Quote Originally Posted by Monseratto View Post
    Isasauli lang ni Mallas yung Dibidi sa stall tapos papahuli niya yung tindahan...end of story.
    lusot! :hysterical:

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    Quote Originally Posted by chua_riwap View Post
    lusot! :hysterical:
    Apir :gayfight:

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    Quote Originally Posted by vinj View Post
    He was misinformed daw. Kala niya original daw lahat.

    WTF!? Kamag-anak ni CL? :hysterical:

    makabili nga ng dibidi....

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    bakit pag KKK ni PNoy parang deadma lang siya?

    Ayon naman kay Pangulong Noynoy Aquino, hahayaan muna niyang magpaliwanag si Llamas sa bagong kontrobersiyang kinasangkutan.

    “May dadaanan tayong proseso. Tatanungin ko muna si Llamas, ‘Ito ang accusations mo, ano ang masasabi mo?’ Pasensya na ho hindi po ito ang number 1 sa priority ko,” aniya.
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    untouchable talaga mga dabarkads ni PNoy.....absuwelto agad!
    sa picture ng INQ, dumadaan lang daw si llamas sa mall......tangna talaga, PNoy oh........

    The Daily Tribune - Without Fear or Favor

    Aquino on Llamas: Pirated DVD issue ‘not a priority'

    That cop out clause “not a priority” was again used by President Aquino on an embarrassing incident where Presidential Adviser on Political Affairs Ronald Llamas was caught on camera patronizing a pirated digital video discs (DVD) shop in a Quezon City mall.

    Aquino had used the term in the past frequently to dodge questions about his allies and associates who figure in questionable acts and how his refusal to make them accountable hardly jibes with his straight path mantra.

    Llamas was recently photographed in front of the illegal DVD store apparently buying pirated movies.

    The Philippines was in the past several years was placed in the blacklist of developed economies including the United States as a result of blatant violations of intellectual property rights.

    Aquino, however, categorically said yesterday that the “DVD issue on Secretray Llamas” is the least of his priorities amid what he described as a season that is filled with other concerns requiring government attention.

    “Sorry if the DVD issue would come as the least of my priorities today. We have other problems like that of the Makati blast, the killing of the 15 fishermen in Basilan plus that of the adverse effects of the escalating situation at the Strait of Hormuz”.

    He however said that he would ask Llamas regarding his purpose for being at the Quezon City mall.

    “The pictures that I saw in the newspaper seemed to show that Sec. Llamas was passing along an alley where what appears to be DVDs (can be found). We have to give Secretary Llamas his right to due process. Part of the due process that I am referring to is to ask for his side of the story and eventually make him issue a statement on it,” Aquino said.

    Sometime last year, Llamas likewise took center stage when his SUV, being driven by an aide, yielded high-powered assault rifles at the height of a vehicular accident investigation.

    The report, which was published in a national daily, detailed how the former labor advocate Llamas purchased some P 2,000 worth of pirated DVDs in one of the stalls at Circle C mall on Congressional Avenue, Quezon City, on Monday night.

    Optical Media Board chairman Ronnie Ricketts expressed disappointment over the report. He said that the OMB may find it a lot more difficult to contain the piracy in the movie industry now that even a Palace official has been caught on camera while patronizing pirated DVDs — an act which the OMB chief said as violation of the country’s antipiracy law.

    He however admits there isn’t a provision that penalizes those buying pirated DVD copies, for personal use.

    Llamas’ Mistubishi Montero, then being used by two of his security aides, figured in an accident on Commonwealth Avenue in Quezon City-and yielded a Czech-made CZ-858 Tactical semiautomatic assault rifle in the ensuing police investigation.

    Llamas had just left the country to attend a United Nations conference abroad when the accident took place. He later admitted having licenses for three handguns and two long firearms, but maintained that he had strictly instructed his aides not to take the guns outside his house while he was abroad.

    Llamas,who is a shooting range buddy of the President, got Malacañang to help him explain as to the logic on the need to have those high-powered firearms. He cited security risks surrounding the nature of his Palace job.

    Police cleared Llamas of any criminal liability but charged his security escorts with illegal possession of firearms.

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Palace wants clarifications on PNoy adviser's 'abuse of authority'