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    Quote Originally Posted by Altis6453 View Post
    A mere court interpreter has been dismissed outright by the SC on account of non-declaration of a small business in the SALN. It wasn't the amount or value of the business which was at issue but that of DISHONESTY in the (preparation of the) SALN.
    I have the same sentiments here. At the very least, to me its an issue of the CJ not having the moral right to be seated at the pinnacle of our courts because of these findings of non-disclosure in his SALN.

    Even from the beginning, if the guy had delicadeza (whether tama or mali yung appointment niya), if he had the best interest to serve the country then he would have heeded the call to not take the appointment of GMA to the position of CJ as the timing is just quite suspect. Or perhaps he could have voluntarily resigned soon after the new administration steps in and concerns on his being a midnight appointee were raised.

    At the end of the day, you can never take your riches and power to the grave but the a tarnish on your name and reputation will always linger on like a bad aftertaste that refuses to go away and may be a burden to your family. Unless, they have equally thick skin and skulls like a lot of the progeny we know... which is rather unfortunate.

    My take: guilty verdict

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    BTW, on the Suburban of CJ, they said it was "rented" from Auto Trend. The tsismis i got from some people is that its silent partners are... Mikey Arroyo and Bong Pineda.

    Did SC rent a 'hot car' for P12,000 a day for Chief Justice Corona?
    27-May-12, 12:21 PM | Abigail Kwok,

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    The online news portal of TV5

    MANILA, Philippines – Did the Supreme Court rent, for P12,000 daily, a service vehicle for Chief Justice Renato Corona’s use which turned out to be a possible “hot car”? Police investigators from the Highway Patrol Group (HPG) are looking at this possible angle after it was discovered that the Chevrolet Suburban that transported Corona to The Medical City and the Senate last week was using a license plate registered to another vehicle.

    The Suburban's plate number, ZEE 868, was found to be registered to an L-300 van owned by Nutripharm in Cebu City. A complaint from the company's owner last week prompted the HPG to conduct an investigation. On verification with the Land Transportation Office, the HPG learned that the SUV was indeed using another vehicle's license plate.

    But aside from this violation, the Suburban also has another problem: it has not been registered with the LTO.

    Interior and Local Government Secretary Jesse Robredo revealed that the owner of the Suburban, a certain Logie Santos, managing partner of the Viking Haulers and Auto Trend, approached the HPG office last Saturday to submit to queries surrounding the vehicle.

    Santos told investigators that the 2005-model Suburban was imported from California, United States back in 2009. Santos, however, could not show any LTO documents, including the car's OR/CR. Santos claimed the application for registration papers was with a certain Danny Castillo, but the latter died two months ago.

    Castillo was also not an employee of Viking Haulers. "He (Santos) gave no explanation why this has remained unregistered for the past three years," Robredo said, quoting HPG.

    Authorities are also checking the relationship of Castillo to a certain Susan Castillo, purportedly the first owner of the L-300 van with the original plate number ZEE-868 but who had executed an affidavit of loss in 2008.

    Santos said a certain Mark Lopez was the contact person of the Supreme Court in the lease of the Suburban. It was leased for P12,000 a day.

    The investigation started after the CEO of Nutripharm saw on television that the same plate number was attached to the Suburban used by the Chief Justice during his trips to the Senate for his appearance before the impeachment court.

    Despite all the questions surrounding the vehicle, what is certain is that the Chief Justice does not own the vehicle in question, police said.
    The plate number is obviously wrong. If it was imported in 2009 then it's plates would not have been ZEE-868 anymore. That Logie Santos person has been with Auto Trend from waay before. I encountered his calling card we wanted to buy a really nice EUDM-look Toyota Corona (no relation to the CJ :D) that Auto Trend was selling back when i was in highschool. That was the first time i saw ARD GT Spoke mags (still one of my favorite mags).
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    Quote Originally Posted by istan View Post
    Guilty sya, pero ayaw ko mahatawan na guilty. Magiging kontrolado na ni Aquino ang SC. Pwede ba yon?
    CJ sya, pero bat di nya alam batas. Kung di nya alam yun batas, eh di, alis na lng sya di ba.
    Like I've said even from the start... doesn't matter. A majority of the justices are still PGMA appointees.

    Ang pagbalik ng comeback...

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    eto nakakainis........

    Defense: We can still run to SC | ABS-CBN News

    Defense: We can still run to SC

    MANILA, Philippines – A spokesman of Chief Justice Renato Corona’s defense team said they can still run to the Supreme Court if the Senate impeachment court convicts Corona in his impeachment trial.

    Lawyer Ramon Esguerra said seeking relief from the Supreme Court is still possible if they feel that there was grave abuse of discretion on the part of the Senate during the trial. He also said the Constitution is silent on whether or not the Senate verdict would be final and executory.

    “Alam mo, quiet and silent na naman ang ating Saligang Batas kung final and executory and judgment diyan eh. 'Yun ang kabigatan sa usaping ito dahil hindi mo na naman alam kung saan mo huhugutin 'yung pagbabatayan ng argumento ng bawat panig,” he told radio dzMM.

    He said that under the rules of the Senate impeachment court, what is disallowed is the filing of a motion for reconsideration.

    "Kung wala na bang motion for reconsideration ay hindi ka na ba pwedeng pumunta sa Korte Suprema?” he asked.

    He added: “Kung mayron lamang pagbabatayan of course and that is as fundamentally as grave abuse of discretion. Pero kung walang pagbabatayan ay bakit pa kami pupunta doon?"

    The defense spokesman said the option to go to the Supreme Court has not been discussed by the defense team in the past two weeks.

    He said: “Yung posibilidad is there, that's why we are raising it but we are not as focused on it. But we would rather have a fair and credible trial as it ends now at magkaroon din ng isang fair judgement, yun lang naman ang inaasahan namin dito.”

    Corona, through his defense team, earlier filed a petition for certiorari and prohibition with prayer for immediate issuance of temporary restraining order (TRO) and writ of preliminary injunction against the impeachment trial. He said the impeachment court committed grave abuse of discretion in issuing subpoenas for his bank accounts as requested by the prosecution.

    Last week, Supreme Court spokesman Jose Midas Marquez said the High Court is unlikely to rule on Corona’s petition before his impeachment trial reaches a verdict. He said the High Court is on recess and will resume sessions in June.

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    Quote Originally Posted by xninjax View Post
    I voted guilty but read what brenda has to say:

    SENATOR MIRIAM: "Not reporting those deposits in his SALN is NOT an impeachable offense...."

    “An impeachable offense means that there has been such grave violation of the Constitution that the public official should not stay one minute longer in his post since he would have been proved to be a liar, a thief, or a fraud. In the present case, there are genuine issues of law involved. Since there are pending issues there is no behavioral ethic to guide the public officer. It’s the duty of Congress to amend either the SALN law or the Foreign Currency Deposits Act. So these doubts could be raised, but the ambiguity of the law should not be held against any person affected by it. It’s only natural that a person will choose an interpretation most favorable to him.”

    Besides, in determining if an official who omitted some items in the SALN committed an impeachable offense, “motive and intent are crucial,” Santiago said.

    “If there was no motive, no intent and no crime has been committed, and no impeachable crime has been committed, so you wait for the prosecution to disprove all these legal presumptions,” she said.
    For someone who styles herself as an expert in Constitutional Law, Brenda has a weird and twisted view of what constitutes an impeachable offense. There's absolutely no way you can justify non-disclosure in the SALN because the Constitution itself mandates that all public officers should disclose their assets, liabilities and net worth. Ambiguity? The only ambiguity here is why these public officials are insisting on absolute confidentiality when they know full well that joining government would require their ownership of property open to scrutiny.

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    guilty. pero mukhang 60-40 na maa-acquit siya...

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    Unfortunately for Mirian, there is already a precedent in which people choosing "favorable interpretations" to get out of registering assets to the SALN got removed from office. So there is a precedent.

    Ang pagbalik ng comeback...

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    Quote Originally Posted by ecneret View Post
    guilty. pero mukhang 60-40 na maa-acquit siya...
    pag naging ganyan ang resulta, baka biglang gumaling ci cj.

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    malamang... pero sana guilty!

Impeachment against CJ Corona..