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    Apr 2008
    Around 1:30pm, while we were in the car, we were tuned in DZMM and Julius Babao was interviewing Sgt. at arms Jose Balajadia and asked what happened.

    He said when Corona suddenly stood from the witness stand and headed for the door and heard the order of JPE, he tried to stop him. He noticed that Corona was heading towards the EXIT where VIP's and Senator's go out. He said he even allowed Corona's car to be parked in his own parking spot. He didn't see any heated arguments between the Senate guards and the bodyguards of Corona. I forgot what he said in between but I heard Balajadia saying "Please." When he caught up with Corona, Corona asked him "Am I being arrested?" Balajadia said, "Sir, in any court, the judge has the final say and the order is to bring you back to the witness stand." Then Balajadia said Mrs. Corona talked and asked "Is this Martial Law?" He didn't reply anymore. The next thing he heard was that people are saying give him a chair. He didn't know what happened next and when he saw CJ, he was already on a wheelchair.

    Julius Babao also asked if he noticed anything unusual with CJ, either pale or looked dizzy, during their talk, he said CJ looked normal and he didn't notice anything unusual. Julius asked how long does he think their conversation was, he said not more than 2 mins. He even shared that later he learned that before the order of closing of the gates, CJ's car was "unti unti ng lumalabas."

    I don't know but the way we see it, CJ was really trying to get out and when he got cornered, he suddenly got "sick" or felt ill.

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    Oct 2011

    pang best actor nga ang performance.

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    May 2006
    kopal to the max talaga!

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    Oct 2011
    Any resident doctor tsikoter here? Is it possible to fake an illness? I remember Erap was always sick before when he undergo house arrest nung na abswelto na eh mas malakas pa sa kalabaw.

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    Oct 2002
    Quote Originally Posted by Retz
    Any resident doctor tsikoter here? Is it possible to fake an illness? I remember Erap was always sick before when he undergo house arrest nung na abswelto na eh mas malakas pa sa kalabaw.
    First erap was never acquitted he was in fact convicted and was just pardoned by GMA, secondly the only health issue he was complaining was his knees and totoo naman na naoperahan eh...

    Now to answer if sickness can be fake, definitely Kung bata tayo pwede tayo magsakitsakitan dati eh so corona pa kaya

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    Oct 2011

    commercial muna.

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    Sep 2003
    ^ magsama na sila sa veterans.......

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    Oct 2011
    AMLC being used to persecute Palace ‘enemies’ – Joker

    SEN. Joker Arroyo on Tuesday belittled the Anti-Money Laundering Council (AMLC) as an “obnoxious” government agency being used to persecute people who oppose the government, adding that its record is “very pathetic.”

    Arroyo aired his disgust with the AMLC following reports that the agency is only being used for political agenda and that the Anti-Money Laundering Act (AMLA)—the basis of the Council’s existence—is being invoked in purposes that it was not mandated for.

    Of the 97 cases filed, only two involved terrorism, 10 were drug-related cases and less than 80 others involved other cases, which irked Arroyo.

    AMLC being used to persecute Palace

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    Sep 2003
    lord....kunin mo na si corona. pls. lang.........

    Cuevas: If Senate 'abuses discretion', we go to SC | GMA News Online | The Go-To Site for Filipinos Everywhere

    Cuevas: If Senate 'abuses discretion', we go to SC

    Lead defense counsel Serafin Cuevas on Wednesday confirmed senators' speculation that Chief Justice Renato Corona might again bring his case impeachment case before the Supreme Court.

    In a chance interview with reporters at the Senate, Cuevas said the defense panel would only seek high court intervention if they find that the Senate impeachment court committed grave abuse of discretion..

    "When it amounts to what is known as grave abuse of discretion, then we will avail of it as a ground for a petition for review," Cuevas said.

    Sen. Pangilinan's 'sense'

    In Day 41 of the impeachment trial, Senator Francis Pangilinan raised the possibility that Corona's "walkout" was just a prelude to his plan to seek the help from the Supreme Court in case the Senate votes to convict him.

    "My sense is that in the event of an unfavorable ruling, he will bring the matter to the Supreme Court despite the clear constitutional provision that says the Senate has the sole power to try and decide the case," said Pangilinan.

    "He tried it before, he will try it again. He will insist on the SC having the power to overturn a decision of the impeachment court," he added.

    Corona’s defense team had earlier gained from the SC a ruling barring the Senate from compelling SC justices and personnel from testifying on confidential court deliberations.

    ‘No jurisprudence’

    Cuevas said that even if the Senate impeachment court has insisted that it has exclusive jurisdiction on Corona's case, "there is no jurisprudence to that effect."

    He explained that would ask the SC to nullify “the proceedings that attended to the decision of the case... (but) not the decision itself."

    Asked if he thinks allowing the Supreme Court to step in the impeachment trial would result in a constitutional crisis, Cuevas replied: "Allergic na ako diyan [sa issue na iyan]."

    Cuevas assured the public that the defense will study all options first petitioning the high court.

    "We will exhaust all legal resources constitutional at that…[Pero] Hindi naman lahat ng error ng court ay grave abuse of discretion sufficient to raise the issue of mistrial," the former SC justice said. — ELR, GMA News

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    Oct 2011

    Corona should redeem himself come friday kung may delikadeza pa siya.

Impeachment against CJ Corona..