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    Feb 2009
    ang lupit naman ninyo, bigyan nyo na lang ng 10% respiration for 1 week

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    Sep 2003
    Buhay pa ba?

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    Jan 2010
    sana makasama nya si madame president at mahirapan din katumbas ng pagpahirap nila

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    May 2006

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    Nov 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by chua_riwap View Post
    Lord........kunin mo na.

    brader, wrong petition ka. di tatanggapin sa langit yang talipandas na yan. dapat.... Taning....kunin mo na numero unong disipulo mo

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    Aug 2008
    tsk tsk how can you people wish him dead?

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    Apr 2009
    ano pusta nyo?

    Ako ang tantya ko, di na aabot ng April 11, 2010

    :burp: palamigin na ang mga inumin...!!!

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    Nov 2008
    Ano ba kayo..!
    [SIZE=1]Mga mababait lang kinukuha ni Lord! [/SIZE]

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    Jul 2008
    alam nila Arroyo madami matutuwa pag kinuha ni Lord si FG
    Isa na si Nani?

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    Sep 2003
    Bukas na ang gate sa impiyerno.........:evillaugh:evillaugh

    FG heart condition 'could be catastrophic'

    Dr. Jose Gonzales, a renowned heart surgeon and medical director of the Philippine General Hospital, said Arroyo's latest ailment is serious. He said redissection of the thoracic aorta cannot be avoided in a patient that has had several episodes of heart ailments.

    "When the blood pressure shoots up, it can't be contained by the aorta. Kumbaga magkakaroon na ng leak, at pag nag-break na iyong mga walls, wala nang supply ng dugo," he said.

    Gonzales said people at "high risk" from redissection of the thoracic aorta are usually overweight, diabetic, have high cholesterol and like to eat meat.

    He said patients with these risk factors are usually instructed to monitor their diet since the threat could remain for life.

    "Catastrophic ito. Pag sinabi nating catastrophic hindi ibig sabihin mamatay ka. Pero pag inoperahan ka, at any moment, pwede kang mamatay," he said.

    Dr. Ludgerio Torres, director of the Philippine Heart Center, said Arroyo was diagnosed with dissecting aneurysm a few years back.

    The dissection, he said, is caused by an increase in the blood pressure that destroys the fragility of the wall of the aorta. “When your blood pressure elevates than the usual normal, it will tear apart, it will try to release the attachment of inner layer from the rest of the wall of the aorta,” he said.

    He said that the redissection or tear will not be occurring in the previous operated area.

    “If the pain starts at the back, that part of the back might have the new site of dissection or tearing or separation of that inner layer,” he said.

    Gonzales said a weakened aorta could affect blood flow to other organs of the body including the kidneys, lungs and even nerves of the feet.

    He said any patient who does not undergo treatment for the weakened aortic wall could die at any time

    "It's a walking time bomb. The operation is not a complete cure. You have to change lifestyle and food habits," he said.

    He said those who undergo a heart bypass should avoid stressful sports such as golf and avoid eating red meat.

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