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    Sipag, tiyaga at mag-asawa ng mayaman. Yan ang sikreto.

    OT: Does anyone of you find that MV song irritating??

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    ano ibig sabihin nung line ng song

    "Si Villar ang may kakayahan na gumawa ng sariling pangalan..."

    So bobotohin sya dahil na-i-angat nya at naging sikat ang pangalan Manny Villar?


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    Quote Originally Posted by XTO View Post
    basta, nakaka-awa 'tong bansa na toh!
    sa totoo lang

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    bagay na bagay yan shadow!

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    [SIZE="3"]‘Her’ man[/SIZE]
    ‘Her real man for the May elections is Manny Villar. God save this country.’


    THE last reputable surveys done after the filing of certificates of candidacy show three presidential candidates at the top: Noynoy Aquino in the mid to high forties, Manny Villar and Erap Estrada in a virtual tie at 20 or 19 percentage points. And Gilbert Teodoro, the man anointed by the once humongous Partido Lakas-Kampi founded by Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, incumbent and long-staying president of the benighted republic, at low single-digit numbers. The rest are also-rans, at 1 percentage point or even lower.

    Why the regime’s anointed is languishing at bottom lows, despite the vaunted party machinery, the well-placed ads projecting competence and intelligence ("galing at talino"), and despite inarguably better speaking and debating skills than the competition, is attributable to the public belief that he is "Gloria’s man", the chosen "one", the person she deems most fit to succeed and most acceptable to her. Unfortunately for him, the person who chose him above all else happens to be most distrusted by the population. That distrust for his patroness drags Gibo down, never mind his personal qualities. It carries over to his persona, reinforced in no small measure by his having expressed not only the usual paeans of gratitude, but a public admiration for her "many achievements," something clearly the people do not share. To do a volte face at this time will no longer be credible. Gilbert Teodoro’s chances are virtually nil. Even Ronaldo Puno’s vaunted skills cannot resurrect flagging hopes. Nor Virgilio Garcillano’s magic do the trick. Perhaps if Norberto Gonzales succeeds in discombobulating everything and upsetting the applecart of elections… perhaps, but that’s a big if, and assuming the guy and his patroness can pull it through, will the people ever be so supine as to take such adventurism lying down?

    It does not help Teodoro one whit that his patroness has filed her certificate of candidacy for the second congressional district of Pampanga. The undisguised attempt to pull strings even beyond her wished-for political demise, ruling beyond the grave as it were, makes Teodoro look all the more the puppet that he is unfairly made to be.

    Yesterday, the papers carried Speaker Prospero Nograles’ inclusion of the call for a constitutional convention, as if to further stress the GMA plan so obvious. But because Gibo’s presidential ambition is singularly anchored on the support of her party and its minions across the archipelago, he cannot publicly balk. In fact, he is on record as supporting a change in the Constitution. While amending the fundamental law is right, espousing it at the moment when people so clearly distrust the sincerity of the incumbent is off-key. Gilbert cannot even publicly state that if elected president, he will wield his influence to ensure that GMA does not become his Speaker of the House. So whether for better, or predictably for worse, Gloria’s distrust rating will be the albatross around Gilbert’s neck. His goose is cooked, never mind how often Prospero Pichay and Mitos Magsaysay whistle in the dark.

    Which brings me to this story: A few days before Manny Pacquiao knocked down Ricky Hatton in early May, the spouses Cynthia and Manuel Villar flew to Spain. Likewise, Gloria flew to Egypt and Syria for official visits. Why she had to go to these North African countries the public was never clear at, but in any case, they took it as just one of her usual flights of fancy. The Villars were waiting in Spain for cues from a well-placed Gloria crony, who was supposed to arrange a rendezvous with her in some warm Mediterranean coast.

    Fortunately, this writer found out about the Villar travel plans. And so, just as Doña Gloria landed in Egypt, the cat was out of the bag. Expectedly, Malacañang made denials. Senadora Jamby Madrigal got into the act, and denounced Villar for desperately seeking La Gloria’s support in his attempt to derail the Senate ethics probe. This, after all, was Villar’s immediate problem. The attempted rendezvous panned out.

    But then, and here our travel facts jibe with the veracity of highly reliable sources, a top-level meeting was supposed to have yet pushed through here in the country. And GMA, wanting for a strong contender her PaLaKa simply could not pull off from its hat, warmed up to the idea of Villar as her "secret" candidate. Classified as opposition, though not an "obstructionist" or a GMA basher as the rest of the presidential pack, Villar qualified as an acceptable alternative bet. Moreover, he was already ahead of her vice-president, Noli de Castro in the May surveys. Better yet, he had wherewithal to the max, the result of "smart" transactions capped by an even "smarter" IPO of his real estate empire the year before. Noli she had to spend fr, but with Manny, she gets a free ride.

    The result of the "transaction" as my source confided is that GMA would endorse a "weak" but credible enough candidate, and not "encourage" Noli to run for president, a prospect that the not-so-ambitious vice-president was not inordinately "lusting" for. And on his part, Villar would keep dangling a "repeat vice-president" string, loaded with generous freebies, to his bosom friend Noli, a "red herring" of an offer. If GMA would have a weak official candidate, Manny with his huge war chest would prevail in the 2010 derby, the ideal surrogate. Neat.

    After all, Lacson had withdrawn; Escudero had no money and would have to rely on Danding and Ramon Ang’s promises; Mar Roxas and Loren Legarda were languishing in single-digit survey static; and Erap would be disqualified. And true enough, when the SWS polled in mid-June 2009, it was a statistical tie among Villar, Chiz and Erap, with Noli behind, Loren and Mar even more so. Teodoro had launched his clumsy disaster preparedness infomercial a month before, its debut timed with Hatton’s early knock-out from the Pacman’s fists, and while everybody shook his head at his "late" entry and doubted his chances, most agreed he had intellectual credentials, credibility as candidate but not enough to win. Gravitas, but not votes.

    And then the Lord writ his providence with sad tidings. On August 1, Corazon Aquino died after a long bout with cancer, and the political stage shook underneath. Forty days later, a game changer came in with Noynoy on the presidential trail. All previous assumptions changed, including the fortunes of Gloria’s pre-arranged surrogate. Likely unstoppable winner became a distant second, despite tons and tons of creative advertising and a bevy of turncoats. From September till December of the year past, Noynoy kept his commanding lead. Escudero withdrew, Erap persists, but Gibo continues to languish in the political netherworld.

    And that is where the woman of the decade finds immediate political dilemma at this point in time. Her anointed has not risen, and her alternate, though far from victory, presents the single most "possible" threat to the front-runner she could not accept because he is the least likely to "transact."

    If creative advertising and a well-run because well-funded campaign pulls Villar up in the next three months, and a demolition job somehow pushes down Noynoy’s lead considerably (or so the evil are planning), then it’s game for Manny and goodbye for Gibo. Garci and the "operators" should be able to do the trick, with Smartmatic laying the predicate.

    But would Manny the new president be faithful to his "no me impune" assurances? Why not?

    They would need each other most after a certifiably controversial "election". She with her residual powers as "commander-in-chief" between May 10 and June 30 just might be able to quell the tumult of the rabble. That’s why Del Bangit and the Class of ’78 are in the "proper" places. And he would at least be able to recover his billions, while stopping prosecution for "smart" deals made as congressman, Speaker, senator and Senate President, charges with enough documentary evidence to prosecute, but parried successfully by "smart" propaganda so far. Never mind if he has to deal with "her" congressmen with her (misma!) as Speaker. If he is off to wobbly start, he would not get his bearings composed, and she, as "Speaker" and alternate "power center", just might be able to pull off her parliamentary dreams of becoming the prime minister.

    There you are – "her" real man for the May elections. God save this country.

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    a book entitled Credit Derivative Strategies by Rohan Douglas which was released by Bloomberg mentioned Manny Villar in page 30...

    Senator Villar uses position to stymie creditors

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    so I guess that's how he plans to bail out the country

    Damn, son! Where'd you find this?

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    [SIZE="3"]Villar faces censure over road mess[/SIZE]

    By Christine Avendaño
    Philippine Daily Inquirer
    First Posted 21:05:00 01/17/2010

    MANILA, Philippines – (UPDATE) Senator Manny Villar is facing censure at the Senate after he was found guilty for allegedly engaging in improper and unethical conduct in connection with the C5 road extension project, according to a draft report by the Senate committee of the whole.

    At the same time, the draft report, a copy of which was furnished to the Philippine Daily Inquire by an official of a political party, asked Villar to return to the public coffers the total amount of P6.22 billion that ``he has or his companies have illegally gained or obtained as a result of unlawful acts and improper and unethical conduct.”

    Villar’s involvement in the C5 project in Parañaque and Las Piñas, the report said, ``made the Filipino suffer (a loss) in the total amount of P6.22 billion.’’

    The money came from the cost for the realigned P4.28 billion for the extension project, the P1.8 billion spent for the original project but was wasted due to the realignment and the P141.1 million in allegedly overpriced right-of way-payments for Villar’s real estate.

    The report recommended that Villar be censured for violating the provisions of the Constitution and the Code of Conduct of Ethical Standards for Public Officials and Employees, and for engaging in improper and unethical conduct that damaged the integrity of the Senate.

    The report said Villar violated Section 14, Article VI of the Constitution for intervening in the project of the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) for his ``pecuniary benefit’’

    It noted that Villar had proposed that the extension project ``pass through properties of his corporations, which in turn benefited from the use of such road, from the compensation for road right of way, and from the resultant economic development in and increased market value of the vicinity.’’

    The report said the senator also violated the conflict-of- interest rule by not divesting himself of his interests in Adelfa Properties, Golden Haven Memorial Park and Azalea Real Estate Corp. (now Brittany Corp.) when it was apparent to him that these corporations had contract with the DPWH for right-of-way acquisition.

    Villar was a substantial stockholder of Adelfa Properties, which owns Golden Haven Memorial Park and Azalea Real Estate Corp. and whose properties benefited from right-of-way payments from the diversion of the road project. The companies still have unpaid claims, the report added.

    It said Villar violated Sec. 12, Article VI of the Constitution by failing to notify the Senate of a ``potential conflict of interest’’ when he proposed an amendment to the 2008 national budget by appropriating P400 million . . . for a project that would benefit his corporations and which amount may be used to pay the claims of his corporations for unpaid road right-of-way compensation.’’

    Other findings of the committee included:

    * Villar was the proponent of the Las Pinas-Parañaque Link Road Project and the DPWH C5 road extension project which were made to pass through the properties of his corporations ``following a curved, instead of a straight alignment.’’

    • The alignment of the C5 segment of the Manila-Cavite Toll Expressway Project of the Toll Regulatory Board was changed to accommodate the two road projects.

    • The properties of Villar’s corporations that were acquired for the Las Piñas-Parañaque link project and the C5 extension project were given zonal valuation for different areas (not the zonal valuation of the area where they were located), jacking up the compensation due them.

    But while there was no evidence that Villar had directly participated in the overpricing of his properties, the report said, it was safe to assume that Villar knew about the overpricing.

    The report said Villar must have known about it because his corporations stood to gain from the transactions with the government and because of his closeness to Anastacio Adriano Jr., an official of Adelfa Properties, who was directly involved in the transactions.

    The committee also found out that Villar had allowed Adriano to propose an amendment to the 2008 national budget.

    The report stated that Villar had pushed for the appropriation of P400 million for the C5 road project, when there was no specific program of work for the project and despite the fact that there was already an allocation for the same amount for the project.

    The committee learned that the reason for such an amendment was to make available an appropriation for the payment of an outstanding right of way compensation claims of about P200 million.

    ``As admitted by Adriano, it was in the interest of the corporations of Senator Villar to be paid for such road right of way. This interest may be opposed to or affected by the faithful performance of official duty on the part of Senator Villar who has the power to appropriate public funds by proposing amendments to the national budget,’’ the report said, adding:

    ``As it happened, Senator Villar used that power to satisfy the interest of his corporations. He did not therefore only violate the conflict of interest rule, thus violating Section 9 in relation to Section 3 of RA 6713 but Senator Villar also became directly or indirectly interested financially in such contracts between his corporations and the DPWH, hence violating Section 14, Article VI of the Constitution.’’

    Noting that Villar had proposed the C5 project when he was still a member of the House of Representatives, he ``continued to fund’’ the project when he was already a senator, or chair of the finance committee or Senate president and ``yet did not disclose his pecuniary interest as so required by the Constitution."

    The committee found the senator funded the two projects chargeable against ``various infrastructure, including local projects --nationwide’’ or against the Priority Development Assistance Fund authorized by the national budget from 2001 to 2008.

    The report said the committee ``takes official notice’’ of Senate resolution no. 1472, which was filed on Nov. 16, 2009, by 12 senators, which intended to express the sense of the Senate to dismiss the complaint against Villar.

    The resolution was signed by Villar, Senate President Pro Tempore Jinggoy Estrada, Senate Minority Leader Aquilino Pimentel Jr., and Senators Alan Peter Cayetano, Pia Cayetano, Lito Lapid, Gregorio Honasan II, Joker Arroyo, Miriam Defensor Santiago, Ramon Revilla Jr., Loren Legarda, and Francis Pangilinan.

    But Estrada had said he would withdraw his signature from the resolution because it was released before the committee report.

    A source in the Senate confirmed on Sunday night that the Philippine Daily Inquirer’s copy of the draft report was authentic.

    But in a radio interview on Sunday over dzBB, Senate President Juan Ponce-Enrile said 12 senators would have to sign the draft committee report for it to be brought to the plenary.

    Villar was investigated by the committee in June 2009 on allegations that he was behind the double funding of the P200-million extension project in the 2008 national budget and the diversion of the road so as to benefit his real estate business.

    The report was released before Congress took its holiday break last month so as to get the signature of senators. It needs the signature of the majority of senators or 12 for it to be reported out in the plenary.

    Otherwise, Enrile said, there will be no report on the issue.

    ``But it will be part of the records of the Senate,’’ he told dzBB radio. ``If someone wants a copy, he could make a formal request.’’

    He shrugged off the Senate resolution that was filed in November last year that saw initially 12 senators saying that Villar was innocent of the charges filed against him by Sen. Ana Consuelo ``Jamby’’ Madrigal .

    The Senate president asked why senators signed the resolution when the committee report on the matter had not yet been released at that time.

    Enrile had the committee report circulated for signature when Congress took its holiday break in December 2009.

    Speaking for Villar, Sen. Alan Peter Cayetano declined to discuss the content of the draft report as he stressed that Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile had instructed senators not to discuss the report to the media.

    ``Until the report is signed by majority of the senators, it’s nothing but a piece of paper,’’ Cayetano said in a phone interview.

    He asked why the report was leaked to the media when he stressed it was not an official document.

    But he said that generally, the release of the report for signature of the senators was questionable.

    Cayetano said it came at a time ``when the survey period is coming out.’’

    ``The report was released when the numbers of Sen. Benigno Aquino III and Sen. Villar are close together,’’ he said.

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