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    Dec 2004
    Quote Originally Posted by squala View Post
    Fault of the pork: Tastes delicious to many but it's capital trans-fat, cholesterol and many impurities. Scientific claims showed that some bacteria present in pork cannot be eliminated through boiling point or any other purification process. The finding, however, received split opinions, likely religion-biased ones, but the scientists were not necessarily Muslims, Jews or of faith forbidding pork intake.
    OT: No! No! No! The pork has no fault! *continues eating huge pieces of pork*

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    Aug 2005
    pork is good

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    May 2006
    one word for her: Hipocrasy.

    Nakakahiya ang ginawa nya. Whatever your religion is, it doesn't teach/give you the right to hurt another person.

    You can do atonement or whatever to remedy the situation w/0 hurting a person. My lola is a strict vegetarian (religon din), our maid sometimes makes mistakes adding garlic to some of her food, pero di naman nya pinapatay yun maid, di rin nya sinisigawan. Sasabihan lng, next time wag. Then atone na sya for eating garlic, PRIVATELY.

    Congresswoman, dapat kang tanggalin sa pwesto. You got elected to your post now, because people believe that your gonna be their protector and savior (yes, OA), but I believe you failed in your job, first and foremost pa lang, la na. If I were the president, I'll kick you out of Congress.

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    Aug 2006
    Quote Originally Posted by Isuzoom View Post
    Bruha talaga mukha ni tongresswoman...parang pork n beans.

    hindi naman mukhang de lata close resemblance nga kay madam auring...or are my eyes just deceiving me?

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    Nov 2006
    she cant reach paradise because she ate pork tapos dinagdagan pa ng another sin... inflicting harm! nilubos ung kasalan nya! hahaha! comedy na nga ang maging pulitiko, nilubos lubos pa ulit ung patawa nya sa character nya! hahaha! mapapailing ka na lng sa mga binoboto ng mga tao... madadagdagan pa yan! madaming tatakbong trapo at artista eh! hahaha!

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    May 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by istan View Post
    one word for her: Hipocrasy.

    Nakakahiya ang ginawa nya. Whatever your religion is, it doesn't teach/give you the right to hurt another person.
    nice one, bro istan

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    May 2006
    "An intentional consumption of such meat would hinder me from gaining entrance to paradise. Beyond dietary concerns, this is a matter of faith, Dumarpa said"

    A sin is only commited when there is intent. Unintentional naman, so it shouldn't matter, regardless of the emotional trauma.

    In the end....parepareho sila may kasalanan. So why don't both parties just forgive and forget, instead of acting like a bunch of a$$holes?


    BTW, being raised a Catholic, we were taught that "it's not what goes in that makes us sin, but rather what goes out". This simply means, it's not the food, but rather our actions.

    May apologies to non-Catholics for preaching this. I couldn't resist

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    Oct 2002
    Quote Originally Posted by GasJunkie View Post
    What an insightful post we should now lock the thread, the ultimate christian has spoken.


    Edit one day you will just wake up and realize that the world owns you and not the other way.

    Edit2 people like you give religion a bad name.

    yeah?,how about you telling that to your muslim brothers? isn't that exactly what your muslim brothers are doing, feeling that they own the world?

    muslims will always be muslims....

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    Jan 2005
    oh my.. :faint:

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    Sep 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by chua_riwap View Post
    Pork is a no-no with muslims. We have to understand that. Para bang napakalaking kasalanan nyan pag nakakain sila nyan. Dapat din kasi, sinigurado na nu'ng food attendant na wala talagang halong pork yung pansit nila.
    I don't beleive what you said sir, kc madami ako bisita na Muslim from other countries and they eat pork. Yung iba tinanong ko nung simula paano kung mapakain sila ng pork ng di sinasadya... sabi nila sorry na lang... masarap naman raw. tapos ung iba kahit ramadan kain ng kain sa tanghali...

    Ewan ko ba dito sa tongresswoman na ito...

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Congresswoman, nanampal!