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    Aug 2006
    Restaurant suspends services at House over row with solon

    By Maila Ager
    Last updated 06:21pm (Mla time) 11/22/2006

    INSTEAD of firing the restaurant crew allegedly involved in an altercation with a lawmaker at the House of Representatives who had demanded their termination, the concessionaire that owns the restaurant chose to suspend its catering services with the House of Representatives.

    In a letter to House Secretary-General Roberto Nazareno, Ma. Teresa Moreno, assistant president of the Developers Group of Companies Inc, said all their services as concessionaire of the House would be suspended starting last Tuesday.

    The Developers Group of Companies is a corporate owner of the Shangri-La Finest Chinese Cuisine in Quezon City in which one of its waiters had been accosted by Lanao del Norte Representative Faysah Dumarpa after she was served noodles that had contained pork.

    Dumarpa, a Muslim, was angered by what she described as an “act of betrayal” by the restaurant crew whom she alleged had failed to inform her about the presence of pork in her food.

    The Muslim religion Islam bars believers from eating pork.

    Dumarpa had admitted pushing the waitress, identified as Virginia Altamirano, and throwing a glass of water on the floor but could not remember slapping or pointing a knife at her, which reports have claimed she had done.

    “Regardless of the provocation, or alleged provocation, however, it is our position that no such physical violence against our personnel can be justified,” Moreno said in the letter.

    “Considering, moreover, that the threats to physical well-being of our personnel continue to remain, and are, in fact, imminent, we thought it prudent to immediately suspend all services to the House of Representatives, if only to protect our personnel from further harm,” she said.

    By suspending its services with the House, corporation has rejected Dumarpa's request to fire staff who had been involved in the incident.

    In a separate letter to the House, Ramon Sy Hunliong, president of Shangri-la Chinese Cuisine, said that while he offered his “humble and sincere apologies” to Dumarpa for what had happened, he also condemned what he called the “unjust and unjustifiable attack” on Altamirano.

    “You will no doubt agree with us that physical violence and even the threats of the same have no place in our civilized society, most especially in the hallowed premises of Congress,” Sy Hunliong said.

    “It is for this reason, among others, that we are constrained to express our own condemnation of and outrage at the otherwise unjust and unjustifiable attack on the person of our own, Virginia Altamirano, last Nov. 20, 2006,” he said.

    Responding to Dumarpa’s accusation that the crew had failed to inform her about the pork in her noodles, Sy said that the food was “invariably and completely sourced from and prepared” by a Japanese restaurant.

    He added that they did not confirm whether the food had contained pork.

    Anakpawis Representative Mujiv Hataman, another Muslim lawmaker, viewed the management's move as a gesture of “sincere apologies and an admission of the grave error committed by its personnel.”

    “The voluntary suspension should be taken as a gesture of hotel management to convey its sincere apologies and admission of the grave error committed by its personnel, albeit unintentionally,” Hataman said in a text message.

    “While the damage has been done already, it behooves us to move on from the question of who got hurt and by how much, to what we can do from hereon, so that no such incident will ever happen again,” he said.

    Hataman reiterated his call to the House leadership “to observe religious and cultural sensitivities” by having a separate lounge and food for Muslim lawmakers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GasJunkie View Post
    Real christian only goes to church on sunday....... :rofl01:

    Uhh, does that mean no ticket to Rome for me? Bu...but I go to mass on Saturday evenings, someti... err... occasionally!

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    Oct 2004
    *using priest voice*

    My son you are going to heaven in pieces........ :rofl01:


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    Nov 2002
    sorry i miss that one gas junkie, if she did asked, and the server replied no, then 95% of the mistake burden the server, she shouldnt aswered yes if she were not sure, she should had asked a higher authority or the cook for verification, if a straight no is answered then she was sure that no pork was included in cooking the dish.

    i would side with the congresswoman now=) minus the face slapping and cursing of course

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    Aug 2005
    paano naman ang ibang mag reklamo na walang pork ang kanilang pancit?

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    Aug 2006
    Quote Originally Posted by Isuzoom View Post
    paano naman ang ibang mag reklamo na walang pork ang kanilang pancit?
    sampalin nila si congresswoman...

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    Jun 2006
    nakakahiya ginawa nya at mas lalo sya hindi mapupunta sa heaven dahil sa ginawa nya. kapal din nung isa congreswoman na nagttangl...ilan kayang tao ang nawala nananman ng trabaho dahil sa isang babae?

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    Nov 2002
    Fault of the slapped staff: Must have ascertained whether or not the food contained pork when asked by a person with a special diet.

    Fault of the congresswoman: Should have specified beforehand her strict no-pork intake. It was also inhumane to slap a lay person especially since she's a public servant.

    Fault of the pork: Tastes delicious to many but it's capital trans-fat, cholesterol and many impurities. Scientific claims showed that some bacteria present in pork cannot be eliminated through boiling point or any other purification process. The finding, however, received split opinions, likely religion-biased ones, but the scientists were not necessarily Muslims, Jews or of faith forbidding pork intake.

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    Aug 2005
    Bruha talaga mukha ni tongresswoman...parang pork n beans.

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Congresswoman, nanampal!