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    What's your thoughts of the new chief justice after CJ Corona?

    Sereno vows to be faithful to oath

    MANILA, Philippines - New Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno on Friday thanked President Benigno Aquino for appointing her as the country's top magistrate.

    Sereno also vowed reforms in the judiciary.

    "I would like to assure our countrymen that I will keep my oath of office faithfully until the end of my term. That is something that we can rely on," Sereno told media at the Supreme Court after the Palace announced her appointment.

    "I would like to thank the president for the trust that he has reposed in me," she said.

    She replaces deposed Chief Justice Renato Corona, who was impeached by the House and found guilty by the Senate last May for guilty of betrayal of public trust and culpable violation of the Constitution.

    Aquino, in appointing Sereno, broke tradition by naming Sereno as the first female Chief Justice.

    He first broke tradition in 2010 when, instead of then Chief Justice Corona, he took his oath before an associate justice now the Ombudsman, Conchita Carpio-Morales.

    During the search for Corona's replacement, Aquino was prepared to break another tradition, when he said he could appoint someone from outside the Supreme Court.

    But Aquino appointed an insider and still made history.

    Sereno, 52, will serve as top judge until she reaches the mandatory retirement age of 70.

    Presidential spokesperson Edwin Lacierda said Aquino believes that Sereno is the best choice to implement reforms in the nation's justice system.

    "He had an opportunity to interview the nominees for position of Chief Justice, and in assessment, and in his evaulation, Associate Justice Sereno was the best person to institute reforms in the judiciary," Lacierda told ANC Friday afternoon.

    "She will have a full 18 years to implement reforms in the judiciary, and we are hoping those reforms will trickle as the years go by," he added.

    Sereno, as associate justice, was also the first appointee of Aquino to the Supreme Court.

    During the public interviews of chief justice nominees, Sereno told the Judicial and Bar Council how she intends to lead the judiciary.

    "Yung leadership ko po will be marked by a willingness to create a generation of justices who will commit themselves to lives of uprightness and excellence," she said.

    Sereno also said, being a female justice should not be a problem and in fact, has its advantages.

    "Yung instinct po at intuition ng babae, matindi po iyun," she said. "Yung ability of women to take in so much work, so much burdens, nandun po iyan."

    "These abilities are actually very strong leadership abilities," she added.

    Sereno's appointment was issued while the nation still mourns Interior Secretary Jesse Robredo.

    Sereno vows to be faithful to oath | ABS-CBN News

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    why do i sense another impeachment case in the coming years

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    Quote Originally Posted by 111prez View Post
    why do i sense another impeachment case in the coming years

    Ang galing! di pa nga nakikita ang gawa ng tao sinisintensiyahan na. Mga pinoy talaga........

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    Why another impeachment? Is she guilty of misdeclaring her SALN? On another matter, the IBP President lauding the pick of Sereno is hypocritical after using the name of the organization to support Corona. Roan Libarios is a pompous prick. Baka meron nakasalang na kaso sa SC ang kliyente niya.

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    painit muna sya ng CJ chair. after 1 year, kung meron man, lalabas mga multo nya

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    Quote Originally Posted by 111prez View Post
    why do i sense another impeachment case in the coming years

    18 years syang magiging CJ. 4 na presidents. most likely nga may impeachment yan.

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    malalaman natin in a few months kung independent nga sya. i'm hoping...

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    Anti-Pnoy forces are making too much of her voting for the higher valuation of HL land in the SC case. She actually voted for distribution, but argued that valuation should be based on current prices. Which I guess is only fair. If you force someone to sell land, dapat fair market value talaga.

    She also voted against the protest against the misnight appointments.

    It will be very interesting to see how she works out over the following years...
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    ^^ yep. tingnan natin especially yung HL isssue kung matatapos sa termino ni Pnoy.

    yung comment ni 111prez ay di dahil sa mga anti Pnoy. baka lang magaya kay Corona na inahas ng kapwa nya Justice. lets see. madami nagagawa ang pera sa siraan.

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    first test nya, disallow foreign travel ni CGMA

    btw, paano na yung mga nadesisyonan nung time ni CJ Corona? i-reverse lahat? so meron pang chance is M. Visconde?

    kumusta na si SC spokesperson M. Marquez?

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