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    May 2004
    In practical terms the vehicle in front of you will not be able to come to a complete stop suddenly unless he runs into a solid wall. Likewise as a good driver you do not look only at the vehicle in front, but rather as far ahead of him as practical or possible depending on the complications of the situation, so 40 meters is far from necessary in most situations even when driving at speed.

    No rules are fixed but all are slightly modified by situation, the quality of the car you are driving and the condition of the driver. 5 car lengths or more is normally enough for me at speed, but I may add to that if I think the car in front, or one of them, is driving recklessly, or I'll just slow down enough to let them get away.

    BTW, I try to give plenty of room to commercial truck drivers. Their trucks are too often poorly maintained and the drivers themselves are too often too long on the road to be safe.

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    Oct 2002
    Well for me I'm more concerned with the vehicle at my back hehehehehehehe......... a meralco pickup hit me while i was driving at aguinaldo hway bacoor. the pickup was 10 meters away from me when i stopped at the end of the traffic line. i just saw the pickup from my rear view mirror come rushing (well nagaaway yung driver at asawa nya kaya di nya napansin na tumigil na ako). buti na lang di ko binibitawan ang brake kahit naka-stop na ako (kahit naka-engage ang hand-brake)or else i wud have hit the car in front of me (1 meter). My jeep only had scratches, thanks to my thick-gauged body hehehehe. the pickup well lubog ang harap at di na nya maisara ang hood nya (kawawa naman hehehehe).

    We should be alert. I think the universally accepted method of 1 vehicle length per 10 kph is good enough. Pag mabigat ang sasakyan natin well adjust na lang. Basta ang importante wag makipag-away sa asawa habang nagda-drive!!! and keep our vehicles in tip top shape.(kung meron lang back-firing na busina it would help hehehehehe)

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